European Sales Manager Dennis

World leader in folding bikes, found together last week with various distribution partners in Cologne, Germany, to take into account that the own growing presence on the European market. Duarte, California the 29 June 2013 DAHON, the world leader in folding bikes, found together last week with various distribution partners in Cologne, Germany, to take into account that the own growing presence on the European market. Curt Davis, Director of product development at DAHON, presented the invited guests of 2014 the planned product range. Also European Sales Manager Dennis presented Hu an improved marketing strategy for retail distribution partners present. As part of his presentation, he folded the innovative Cory with the vertical folding technology in a record-breaking time of 2.2 seconds. Further highlights were the exclusive press event where the entire model range in 2014 could be tested extensively, as well as a folding contest. Jan Teigelhoff, head of merchant services at bike & co, could to win this race with a time of folding at the Cory by 3.8 seconds. About DAHON with the introduction of the DAHON folding fahrrades, the prototype for the present time, most modern folding bikes DAHON triggered 1982 a real folding bicycle revolution.

Today, DAHON is recognized worldwide as the leading brand of folding bicycle. Based on innovation and continuous technological development, DAHON creates high quality folding bikes for people who combine their active lifestyle with environmental awareness for three decades. Based in California, United States, DAHON operates offices, factories and cooperations with Assembly plants and distributors throughout the world.

Skill Shortages In The Catering Kitchen

What to do when the quality suffers, because I find no qualified and motivated cooks as a restaurateur before threatening hospitality soon lack the background of demographic change and thus a battle for qualified employees. Many restaurateurs rely therefore on cheap, untrained staff. However, this strategy can fill certain gaps in the service area. In the kitchen where more expertise is needed, it is already very difficult. Unless one works with a customized time decoupled production system.

For example Cook & chill or sous-vide method. The standardization of processes is much easier with the systematic use of modern kitchen technology. Thus it is possible also in the Inpidualgastronomie, be it fine dining or a snack, to employ untrained support staff. Quality smears are not to be feared. On the contrary, the implementation of a quality management is even promoted. The stable economic situation and the inexorable demographic change to increase the competition qualified personnel. The occupation for more than 3 months (bottleneck analysis of the Federal Agency for work by February 2013) takes more than one-third of the open positions in the hospitality industry. Is to be expected in any case with a worsening of the situation in the future.

Especially in the kitchen area, education figures have fallen dramatically, the profession of the Cook appears attractive compared to other less. The prejudices here also correspond to the real situation. It is physically exhausting, you have to endure a lot of stress, working hours and remuneration are not very motivating. Now, there are all sorts of recommendations on how to react was the bottleneck. Attractive payment and other conditions such as working hours, accommodation and compensatory time off must be made attractive. The DEHOGA 2011 presented a 10-point plan for technical and labour protection. All proposals amount ultimately, that will increase the cost of specialists, equal. The classic items of cuisine served out in the future.

Public Relations

With its 11 500 employees, is one of the world’s leading providers of car chassis technology KYB and supplies automotive customers such as Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota and VW. KYB offers a complete range of shock absorbers for 99 percent of all cars by 78 car brands as comprehensive range with 3450 articles in top quality for retrofitting. The gas pressure shock absorber Excel-G bring greater security and convenience. In addition, KYB has a consolidated programme of springs for nearly 99 percent of all passenger cars by 78 car brands with 2100 articles also for upgrading under the Brand name K-Flex. Around the chassis there is everything from one hand all necessary products, sales documents, consulting and service by KYB, perfectly matched. PR agency Dr.

Falk Kohler PR – successful Public Relations for 25 years for market leader Dr. Falk Kohler PR PR Agency makes successful PR for market leader for 25 years, that sold their products and increases their profit. Agency in Hamburg has excellent references so this Public Relations. The holder of Dr. Falk Kohler is journalist, public relations consultant and MBA, has a 16-year old professional practice at large media and wrote more than 30 success stories of top companies. Through his skills journalist + PR-Berater brings Dr. Kohler products or topics in the media and achieved positive press coverage. For the most profitable company in the automotive industry, he is also the Public Relations.

Its high-quality PR: High quality of PR, PR and online PR guarantee excellent advice, qualified concept with effective Public relations and creative strategy. Very good media contacts, an imaginative press work and interesting reporting events create large press presence. Journalistic news releases with attention-grabbing press photos optimized for good search results with keywords reach high media response. A focus on which Dr. Falk Kohler is PR in the automotive industry, where she supervised the product PR for international market leader already 23 years successfully and information about tyres, shock absorbers and other auto parts also with effective online PR. Bauen & Wohnen form a second focus of the public relations industry, household, kitchen appliances, and Office, after all, already 17 years also for international market leader. Visual PR with strong press photos is an important advantage of the communications agency in Hamburg. Press contact: Dr. Falk Kohler PR odenweg 59 22397 Hamburg Dr. Falk Kohler Tel. + 49 40 54 73 12 12 fax + 49 40 54 73 12 22 E-Mail:

Integrata AG Zettachring

Doodle to the own request dates of Stuttgart, 26.07.2012 – set Integrata offers its customers in the open area of the seminar in the future this service dates themselves. Can suggest an appointment seminar for the favored training about Doodle seminar interested. Acceptance by other participants, the appointment will be realized. Greater flexibility in selecting their preferred dates offered to the customers and interested parties. Thus, Integrata expands the services around the open seminar. Customers can therefore suggest about the seminar Planner, additional preferred dates for your selected seminar. This option is now linked with corresponding seminars of the open seminar offer and can be selected via a designated button.

After selecting the button initiates the prospective buyer on the platform Doodle to the corresponding seminar with alternative dates. Where can the users that select appropriate time periods for it and this link as a recommendation to his colleagues for such voting send. When enough participants for a particular appointment log, Integrata makes available the necessary infrastructure and the seminar is conducted as a guaranteed date. Provisionally, this new feature at selected seminars from the field of information technology available and expanded gradually over the coming months. Thus, Integrata meets the customer and provides additional flexibility when choosing a seminar. There is also an another way to online and flexible appointment wishes to replace the application easy to use and to keep track of the probability for a guaranteed implementation. Integrata AG is Integrata AG in Germany the leading, vendor-independent training partners in the areas of IT/SAP, human resources / organizational development and new media. The approach is focused on the value chain training and ranges from consulting, analysis and strategy, organisation and implementation to ensure the sustainability.

While doing so, she offers Integrata in addition to the presence training all innovative forms of learning. With more than 1,300 topics and the constant development, the Integrata AG is for their customers at the pulse of time. 1,300 Speakers, qualified according to global standards, ensure the success of all measures and 15 locations guarantee short distances. The Integrata-includes the implementation of open and in-house seminars and training projects managed training services at national and international level.

“Twilight. Saga. New Moon “- The Most Anticipated Premiere Of 2009

"New Moon" – a successful film adaptation of the famous second novel, the saga of vampires by Stephenie Meyer. After the overwhelming success of "Twilight", it became clear that the second part will be removed by the same actors – Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Teelor Lautner, or waves of protest among the fans would not be able to avoid. Filming began in March 2009, and the premiere is just around the corner – November 20, 2009. Directed by Chris Weitz, best known for such films as "American Pie", "Golden Compass, "" my mom's boyfriend "reacted to the work seriously. At the audition for the role of Indian werewolf he allowed only those actors who really Native American roots, that certainly should have been recorded in documents. In short, the passports were checked at all. New Moon movie plot more interesting than the story of its creation: Bella Swan Edward Cullen with her boyfriend celebrating its age. The problem is that of Edward, and all its surroundings – the vampires.

Although the breed of these "children of darkness", of course, an aristocratic, but the animal instincts to restrain them sometimes can not. So, Jasper, one of the guests, attacked the Isabella when he saw blood on her hand (Birthday girl cut his hand on the gift paper). To this never happens again, Edward decides to leave his beloved, assuring her that to continue communication with her, he simply does not want. Of course, this was not true, and when Bella started search for her ex-boyfriend, he does his best to avoid meeting her. At this time, Bella Swan befriends a boy-Indian, Jacob Black. He is trying to surround it with care and protection, but even then not all glory to God – so happened that broke up with a vampire, and has made friends with a werewolf …. Among other things, it opens the season of hunting the vampire Victoria, whose fiance was killed by James Cullen in the early history of "Twilight." In general, Victoria wants Justice – Bella's life for the life of James. Werewolves intervene in the conflict and take the side of Bella. And even on that note of passion are just beginning to flare up. The most interesting thing is still to come …

CRM Software

The information is output from a rigidly defined format of the data. Each program, the data can be processed differently and need always a certain form of data processing. A problem which keeps piling this occurs that software of from different manufacturers will be elected, is a loss of data, which can be treated so that they completely may be carried over in the next part of the program. It is highly recommended to use a complete package from a home. Of course, it is not possible in any company by the diversity of the work processes, however, the largest part of the company with a system should be covered to provide a clean and transparent data management.

To facilitate a digital and effective solution for the optimal care and the work at the customer’s site, in the progress of the technical possibilities and the target mobile optimized the artisan program customer service. This module will be on the mobile device installed and communicates directly with the headquarters. A fitter continues his work at the customer who selects the performed work and the used materials in the software, asks digital work is and sends back the entire course with appropriate working hours at the company’s headquarters. Also, did he have access to additional documents such as checklists, illustrations and instructions and can send with your own attachments (images, scanned documents) to the company. These data serve as a very good basis for the invoice creation or maintenance in the CRM. An invoice can be created immediately after the operation and sent to the client. Automatically ends up this initial calculation in Dunning and payment. Where the payment is controlled and if necessary a payment reminder.

Another advantage is that there are no timesheets with this mobile software solution more urges and the loss or the illegibility of the proof of time is fixed. The plug-in can on laptops, Tablet-PC’S and even as an APP on the Smartphone will be used. The craftsman software pds abacus is specifically designed for small businesses. The Software House PDS program + data service operates approximately 40 years of experience in this industry sets new standards with the new pds abacus ERP solution.

Artisans Software

Exchange formats simplify tendering, purchasing, customer service, article work with craftsman software – the use of interfaces has entered interfaces in the craft in the craft for many years. Namely, the advantages are obvious. The craftsman with his artisan software, as well as the Party on the other side (issuing, wholesale…) have a reduced cost in the acquisition and processing of data. Eliminates double entry and control. It creates a transparency in the so-called workflow through the Unified Exchange. The tender with GAEB GAEB is the standard for the tender and planners and architects can write award of Bauleistungen.Mit of this interface services. The craftsmen simply electronically read the tender with the interface and provide their services to perform with prices.

Then, the deals are passed back with prices to the tenderers. This compares the prices now and placed the order. GAEB can continue by the craftsman with his craftsman software to order as well as used for the writing of subcontractor services. Artikelverwalrtung represents a standard for providing article data with DATANORM and SHK connect DATANORM. The craftsman can be the Artikeldatend read it each wholesaler in his craftsman software with a DATANORM file. The article can contain data such as short text, long text, order number, item number, unit, packaging units or similar. With a so-called Preisdat, which the handyman receives from the vendor, you can store additional individual awards to the article.

SHK connect represents an additional service of DATANORM. The DATANORM article data are provided by via an online portal. UGL and IDS for purchasing and orders on the purchasing side support the craftsmen UGL and IDS in his work. The interfaces enable the digital exchange of price requests and orders. This eliminates long comparisons and duplication. In addition, IDS establishes a connection to the online-shop of Wholesale here. This up-to-the-minute product data and prices from the wholesaler can be queried and passed in the event of an order directly for the order in the online shop.

Premium Software Without Cost

Berliner freemium GmbH rolls with an innovative business model, the German software market around Berlin August 2012 – while the international game industry Free2Play celebrates as the next big thing, software company still hesitating to move away from the traditional business model with the full price versus freeware distribution. The Berliner freemium GmbH now dares step, offering high-quality, user-oriented software for free. Monetization is carried out by integrating optional partner offers and feature sales micropayment-based. The company is already celebrating first successes with the download and converter software TubeBox, freemium system utilities and driver utilities portfolio tools expand in the next few months. Conclusion with limited trials Free2Use for all games and apps in rough quantities for free stand, PC users increasingly wondering why they should spend still exorbitant sums of money for software.

The needs of the functional range of freeware or trial versions the user that is rare and a high payment pressures. The freemium GmbH has approached with a completely different model: Free2Use. All tools of the Berlin based company are available immediately and in full use for free. Who wants extraordinary additional features, this rises for small prices, so-called Mircopayments, in the optional feature shop. In addition, the freemium GmbH whenever their software offerings offers advertising for selected, appropriate to the product partner tools. If users install these tools, leaving them.

The freeware model established in the software market so far went not far enough us,”explains Markus Malti, CEO of freemium GmbH, the business model. In the field of games, user very well accept the Free2Play model because it exactly meets their needs. We apply this model to the freeware software market or trial system without support and updates no longer meets today’s requirements. With Free2Use we close this gap.” Orientates the user the portfolio Freemium GmbH the Berlin startup provides a range of demand-oriented programs in the fields of system utilities, multimedia tools, photo – and -video tools, as well as in the future also social media tools for free.

Software Solution

MaS360 Fiberlink’s software solution ensures the privacy of employees, own iPhones, iPads or Android insert devices in the profession MaS360 by Fiberlink with new privacy settings to protect of private data on mobile devices, Frankfurt am Main, 14 June 2012 iPads, iPhones and Android Smartphones have a trend initiated in the jargon with BYOD, (bring-your-own-device) is called. For many reasons, respect many companies want of their employees (or at least tolerate), to use their own Smartphones or tablets also for professional purposes. Some people however also wonders how far this employer has access to personal data stored on the device, including contact details, movement profiles, private messages or apps installed by the user. The future development depends so BYOD and thus mobile productivity to a considerable extent of, as strictly private and proprietary data on Smartphones can be separated. IT is intended to secure corporate data only on the professional area can access, while private data and apps remain accessible only to the user. Fiberlink, the leading provider of SaS solutions for a secure mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), now offers a feature that protects the personal data on a Smartphone also construed against access by the company’s IT the BYOD privacy settings feature. The MDM stalemate form of the manufacturer’s MaS360 has a simple, but very effective means to make personal information (personally identifiable information PII) on Smartphones and tablets for the IT inaccessible. The administrator selects only the desired “privacy settings”, MaS360 takes care of the rest. Thus, the long-overdue separation in proprietary and private data space is carried out. When dealing with personal information, corporate security policies and regulations for the protection of privacy can cause conflicts. That’s why many see Take the need to remove PII on both professionally and privately used devices accessing IT.

Distributor Software

Many years of partnerships with manufacturers, customers, and employees bear a large part of this success. Augsburg, 02.07.2012: SOS software service celebrates beginning of July the 25th anniversary with a big corporate event and many special offers. Within the last years, the SOS software service GmbH has developed the largest purebred software distributor in the German-speaking countries. SOS software service GmbH is the leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 25 years successfully on the market, dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 manufacturers are supported. Marc Gloning, Managing Director of SOS software service, remembers: we have always the market conditions adapted. Influences from outside and goals that we had set ourselves moderation, have driven then us, where we are now after 25 years. I like to look back on the beginnings of our company and remember the way we have taken so far.” A software supplier all manufacturers the SOS software service is currently working with over 60,000 articles from approx.

700 software manufacturers. The portfolio is updated daily, so that current prices, new releases, price fluctuations, etc. for customers are optimally balanced and maintained. The portfolio is expanding to other articles and manufacturer. The reason for this unusually high diversity lies in the understanding of the self: SOS software service that specialises in obtaining any software. The range does not end when certain products or manufacturers, but evolves daily. A customer asks for a software, which is still not enabled by default, procured these SOS software service, she delivers and picks it up at the same time in the range.

The next request is then served from the standard program pursuant to this article. We are the supplier when it comes to the subject of software procurement and licensing. Hardly a company still cares for expensive software raising themselves. The cost of which is much too expensive. Here we come into play. With 25 years of experience, we can obtain any software and take care of the legally proper licensing.”Mr Joaquim Moreira says dos Santos, CEO, SOS software service GmbH. manufacturer development for producers who want to enter or expand their market share in the German-speaking market is SOS software service as a reliable distributor of software available. With a huge range of resellers SOS can fully cover the market software services, to place new technologies or new products in the market. Where the trained and certified sales team available, which sits close to the customer is first and foremost. Any sales activities are supported by specifically planned and professionally implemented marketing campaigns. In addition SOS customers are connected, software service via various interfaces to the ERP of the Distributor which allows a close and easy collaboration. Figures, data, facts today is the SOS software service as a pure Software distributor in the German-speaking countries set up and a proper balance: 35 employees, distributed at three locations delivery of the entire German-speaking IT channel 700 clean manufacturer 60,000 maintained article software procurement of over 2,000 manufacturers per year online shop with ESD immediately delivery first online product configurator on the market individual delivery and payment agreements, project financing, leasing, etc. Around the anniversary, the SOS software service offered attractive special offers of various manufacturers.