Xing was founded in June 2003 in Germany under the name of OpenBC (Open Business Club, Business Club open) and has, to December 31, 2009, with 8.75 million users around the world of which 3.8 million are German speaking. Only in Spain the platform has 1.19 million users (December 2009), which ranks as the Spanish market leader in professional-type networks. The purchase and integration of social networking speaking and eConozco neuron involved the addition of more than a million users between the Spanish and Latin. The network for professionals is operated by Xing AG Mainly based in Hamburg, corporation, and has offices in Barcelona and Istanbul, its strategic markets. The shares are publicly traded since December 7, 2006. The turnover increased by 28 in 2009 compared to the previous year and reached 45.1 million euros compared to 35.3 2008 (2007: 19.6 million euros).The gross operating profit (EBITDA) of 11.8 million, reaching similar levels to last year (2008: 12.2 million euros). EBITDA margin stood at 26 . The company in late 2009 with 265 employees of 27 nationalities. About 20 people formed the template of XING in Spain, including a team of developers. From January 1, 2009, the official name is the Spanish subsidiary Networking Xing Spain SL The CEO of XING in Spain Colomar Daniel Perez, who joined the professional network in March 2009. Since 15 January 2009, the CEO is Stefan-Selbecker Gross, who replaces the position of the founder, Lars Hinrichs, after more than five years of activity. The name “Xing” has been chosen for reasons of international marketing, because in Chinese means “possible.” In English it reads like crossing, crossing or exchange business contacts. XING is for the North American platform for business networking called LinkedIn.