Ice Cream Machines

The global economic crisis is already a widely discussed topic in all areas of life, but especially between business people from all the circles, who are particularly anxious that there is a strong enough market to ensure their sales to medium and long term. While talking about the economic crisis is also essential business supplies of inputs, labor, etc. In this article we will focus on retail sales. In this sense, the primary idea is related to maintaining a market of sufficient size to ensure that production and sales cycle is completed successfully, otherwise the company would be forced to lay off personnel, and produce less extreme cases, close. If one of the elements in an economic crisis is related to the declining purchasing power of consumers, and thus decreasing the size of the market, the company must find ways to re-expand, either within the same line or additional money. It is precisely here where they offer a very good example of how to enlarge the market that already has a business without excessive costs, common to the vast majority of new initiatives, let’s see why.

The product offered is soft ice cream, which is well known to the general public and also widely accepted, as they observed McDonnalds marketers. Now you know well (and without having to spend millions of dollars in it!). This network allows us to understand another important point, which is the complementarity of products, where the hot food (hamburger) is perfectly accompanied by a cold dessert, any fast food is likely to allow this marriage too. Ice machines have a relatively simple design, so that its proper operation and maintenance do not require a long learning curve. This means that the time invested in training their employees will be reduced, which in turns is especially important where there is high staff turnover. A machine designed with the end user mind also means that, where necessary repairs, they will not necessarily require a long time, or buying expensive parts. A third point to consider is space. You have a main line that deserves most of their attention, both administrative and in trade, and the visible face of their products can not be eliminated with a complementary product. The ice machines have a reasonable size, can easily adjust and even adorn without implying that you had forgotten to do for a living! A machine suitable proportions fit well in that corner that has not yet tapped, so that those engaged in business to maximize every inch of space, will be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of these ice cream machines. If you want to know more about, visit our site, we specialize in and we will answer with pleasure.

Professional Email

Your website must be carefully designed to capture the attention of visitors at first glance and drive through the content to the registration form, that is our goal. So forget you Flash presentations and web pages too spectacular entries, because only you have 10 seconds or less to capture the attention of visitors and this is accomplished with a good content. An effective formula is to give something in return for registration, an e-book, a course or a tool they can use. The autoresponder The autoresponder is a system that stores the data in the form of your website and allow shipments scheduled emails with the information you have entered previously. This tool is essential because it saves you the dirty work of keeping track of your prospects.

You can program 8 or 10 cards with all the information about your business and you just have to dedicate yourself to resolve any questions that you raise your prospects. – Advertising System Advertising is indispensable today, because what good is having a website, an autoresponder and a good business if no one finds you? To find us we must invest in online advertising, currently the most widely used and effective is Google Adwords, it is these small text ads that appear on thousands of pages. General average about 50 invested, we generate about 200 visitors to your site, these are part about 30/50. Once registered, it’s time to work with the autoresponder. – Professional Email Like you need your domain and your website, which is your image in internet also need an email for your business is not properly communicate with someone and the email address appears very least I recommend using GMAIL to communicate by email because it has a recognized authority and has 7 gigs of storage.

If you’re a little hands can configure your domain to work with GMAIL through GOOGLE APPS, the most knowledgeable you will know what I mean. Well this is a short summary of what we need to work on the Internet.


The ERP are widely working in all types of modern companies. All functional departments that are involved in operation or production are integrated into a single system. In addition to the manufacturing or production, storage, logistics and information technology, include also the accounting, and usually include a system of management of human resources, and marketing tools and strategic management ERP systems typically handle the production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoices and accounting of the company. However, planning enterprise resources or ERP software can intervene in the control of many business activities such as sales, deliveries, payments, production, inventory management, quality management and human resource management. Adds us, that ERP systems are integral management systems for the company. They are characterized by being composed of different parts integrated in a single application.

These parts are of different use, for example: production, sales, purchasing, logistics, accounting (of various types), project management, GIS (geographical information system), inventories and control of warehouses, orders, payroll, etc. We can only define an ERP as the integration of all these parts. Otherwise it would be like considering a simple billing program as an ERP for the simple fact that a company integrates only that part. This is the fundamental difference between an ERP system and other management application. ERP integrates all the necessary for the operation of the business processes of the company. We cannot speak of ERP at the time that just integrates one or a small part of the business processes.

ERP definition indicates the need for availability of information for everyone all the time. The main objectives of ERP systems son:1. Optimization of empresariales.2 processes. Access to reliable, accurate information and oportuna.3. The possibility of sharing information between all the components of the organizacion.4. Elimination of data and operations innecesarias.5. Reduction of time and costs of processes. In terms of the processes that have opportunities for improvement, in any process where there are exchanges of information, the impact of new technologies will be very important, so much that it totally redefined the process. It is because the information may be digitalizable and therefore managed automatically using information systems and can be communicated at zero cost using networks (Intranet, Extranet and Internet). Indicates, that the fundamental purpose of an ERP is to grant support to business clients, fast response times to their problems, as well as an efficient management of information that will allow the timely decision making and total operating costs decreased definitely points out Wikipedia, a manufacturer that does not have an ERP system, depending on your needs, you can find with many software applications closedwhich can not be customized, and are not optimized for your business. Engineering design to improve the product, monitoring of client from acceptance until complete satisfaction, a complex management of interdependencies of bills of materials, structured products in the real world of engineering and review changes and improvement, and the need to develop substitute materials, etc. The advantage of having an ERP is that all this, and more, is integrated..-virtual classroom specialty quality management and productivity, Faces, UC. Chair Management of processes.