What is the Competition

To begin let’s define who is the competition, it is important to understand that is what we will analyze. Competentie comes from the Latin and refers to the opposition or rivalry between two or more who aspire to the same thing in our case the situation of companies that compete in a market or demand by offering the same product or service to the person or group rival.Can be considered competition to all companies that sell what you do and have the look the same customers as you. Jurisdiction is important to know: Where are you located How many How many are depending on the size What products do you offer Who are yourcustomers Why did you buy What customers think of your products What are their tactics and forms of advertising What are its forms of distribution What are their tactics and / or forms of advertising Well now that we are clear what thecompetition can start to talk about the ANALYSIS OF COMPETITION

What about the Minister of Culture ‘… Jose Roberto Cea

‘SUPPORTING CEA’. ‘During the last twenty years, inept and corrupt governments ARENA never paid attention to America’s source this proposal, to establish for movie information a ministry as rector of programs and projects that address the cultural development of the country, we will never give priority to culture and its problems . Rather used the term culture with a demagogic and giving meaning to a lot of hype outside a false image of our country. Those who understand these problems of the National Culture and the underdevelopment of their current situation, we see Salvadoran society has been the victim of alien and alienating consumerism ‘. “Counterpoint sensationalist”, so the middle name would I try to pluck no reason to Mr. Jose Roberto Cea, whom I define as someone who has never sought to be an opportunist and always has been against injustice, a tireless worker of culture researcher of literature, renowned poet giving merit to the motherland internationally. Art and culture are fundamental pillars that should not be left ignored. The Dominica forum of intellectuals that was formed before the proclamation as the candidate Funes FMLN, these scholars proposed the creation of a ministry of culture no matter it comes into power the tickets. left or right, ie the culture would work regardless of who was our president, the proposal is the most serious in proposing also to Roberto Cea as Minister of Culture, Who better than Roberto Cea ‘I’ve seen him laugh and maybe even what we have seen screaming without fear that many silent always working for rescue culture in the Thumb of America, has many positive ideas and belongs to a generation that has been very patient and from years been dragging with the mediocrity of thought held by some who claim to be called “Makers of art ‘but as Cea says we’re in ‘The Time of the tickets sold’ by that I respect and I’m sure is better than the other candidates. Other names mentioned for the post Visit Movie of Poet is Manlio Argueta, Rolando Rodriguez and Silvia Elena Regalado, Argueta and has belonged Kings and one still belongs to the old administration of Concultura. Reyes to the period of Galicia, Herodias and Hernandez. Manlio Argueta Hernandez in the period. So who directs this ‘ministry’ should be a person who understands and resolve, issues and problems of culture in all its artistic expressions, such as CEA. Anyway if Cea fails showtimes to hold the position, the artistic community should be aware that there will have to give the new owner, in principle, the benefit of the doubt or the most cordial welcome to take the reservoir to enhance our culture and art . And most importantly, we must seek mechanisms for evaluation of our staff as well as ongoing dialogue to influence continuous step on those things that we feel do not leave, do not exist or support those which do well. After a week of the new government, we remain continue to expect the new culture minister or president of Concultura. My greatest wish the admired ‘Pichon Cea’. CEA JOSE ROBERTO BIOGRAPHY: Born in Izalco, Sonsonate department on 10 April 1939. He was the son of Isabel Cea. In 1958, radio YSKL released the news and previews reviews Noon program, led by Dr. Oswaldo “Pipo” Veiled Escobar, who had reporters and writers also Cea and Roque Dalton and Jorge Campos.

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reason to talk about it today Lic GERMAN LOPEZ SUAREZ First, insurance let me thank the Bogotana Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as the Health With Prevention Association and in particular to Dr. Gabriel Acuna, the honor of sharing with you some reflections on contraception in adolescence. an innovative health insurance service company offers health coverage to families across the United States We could argue that today, it is clear to everyone the fact the need to talk, to accept and provide the means for teenage girls and boys of our country have access to knowledge and use of contraceptive methods, even before their first -coital sex. But the reality is different, because the diversity of adult conceptions about sexuality and health, is responsible for creating real barriers that hinder or prevent access to contraception by young people. I will try to present arguments in favor of contraception in adolescence, taking into account the main arguments that have served to defend the cause of teenage girls and boys. From the Demographic: From the demographic standpoint, the logical effect of a life-coital unprotected sex in the young, will result in an increase in the number of teenage pregnancies, and their subsequent contribution to growth of population . It says’ and the statistics show “that early pregnancy tends to lead the young to breed a larger number of children and a smaller spacing between them, which helps hospital to raise the general fertility rate of population growth . Although its impact on population growth can not be seen immediately and the proportion of births to adolescents do not have to mean magnitude needed alarming increases. The high growth Health insurance in both absolute and relative terms, the group of teenagers in the last decades, has become more evident, and has meant that, even at the lower fertility in the country, the number of children of adolescent women is very large . A fact that more easily perceive who are working in delivery rooms in clinics and hospitals. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Colombia is one of the third world countries with the greatest advances in population and has reduced fertility rates. So for example we went from a total fertility rate (number of children per woman throughout her reproductive life) of 7 children per woman in 1965 to 2.6 in 2000. But the best indicator that shows the status of the population between 15 and 19 years of age is the age specific fertility rate (number of annual births per 1,000 women in different age groups). This indicator has dropped the last 15 years for the age groups of adult women, but in adolescents has increased by 12 , according to data from the last ENDS-2000, the results will be presented soon by PROFAMILIA. Likewise, contrasts the fact that at present, adolescents and young women have greater access to education, school retention rates have also increased progressively as well as access to health services, which are factors that are truly protective against pregnancy and early motherhood. But the reality is contrary and reflected in the NSDS-2000 that the percentage of pregnant teens who have ever been mothers increased in the period 1995 to 2000 going from 17.4 to 19.1 . From the Economy: It’s true that the event of a few pregnancies may not represent a significant economic cost to an institution or for the State.