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Ghana is a country in West Africa that borders the South Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Guinea,. Ghana has 22,000,000 peopl Ghana is a country in West Africa of the Atlantic Ocean in the South bordering the Gulf of Guinea,. Ghana has 22,000,000 peopl. The Volta Lake is the largest lake in the country and the largest auto. applied artificial lake in the world. Ghana has areas of tropical rain forest. Because of Ghana’s area with tropical rain whale dist a rich fauna un flora available, which on the other hand is also in the economic area through tourism, wood exports of great importance. Learn more at this site: Mikkel Svane.

The capital city of Ghana is Accra with nearly 2,000,000 peopl. Accra is the administrative and economic center van in Ghana. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Koch Industries and gain more knowledge.. Ghana has a flat relief, and is only a few make height of 900 meters. ugefahr that half the country is below an altitude of 150 meters. The coast has a long of 534 kilometers. The country is divided into coastal plain, rainforest, and savanna. Ghana is a tropical country and knows no seasons, but a will between rain and Trokkenzeit.

In the South there is Evergreen and regengrunen. In the North there are tree savanna, shrub Savannah un Grasservanne. In Ghanagibt it 79 different languages and language diversity is very large. The amptssprachen is English. The hauftigsten languages are: AKAN, Ewe, Abron, fare fare, Dagbani and GA. The most Ganaer grow up already multilingual before their school attendance and the locally dominant language AKAN or English tourism in Ghana then learn at school is a sector the Ghana’s increasing importance to the economic future WINS. Ghana tourist attractions are Badestrande, nature parks and wild animal reserves, traditional festivals and the old of Europaeforts.

Continentals Now

Country & Western Portal – “The continental” on nearly 30 years stage looks back: a band and their history! Slide & ride presents – THE CONTINENTALS – a band who can look back on a stage career of nearly 30 years. In the January 1980 in Munich-based continental count without question to the elite bands of the German and European rock ‘ n’ roll scene. Countless appearances on more or less large theatres in clubs, halls or open air concerts took the band to what they are today. The way she traveled to France, Yugoslavia, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Germany… from North to South – East and in the West.

One was always given the enthusiasm of the audience! Live recordings on the radio, appearances in the TV and the participation in feature films were added. The Continentals play handmade rock ‘ n’ roll, the tradition of Rhythm’n ‘ blues, Rockabilly, surf sound, country rock, boogie and swing required. Their performance and show, as well as voice and charisma of front man and founding member Mike Roth make the band a rock ‘ n’ roll Act of a special kind. Real. Exhilarating. Distinctive. Live. Not endendwollende fun at the rock n roll and on the live performances, the band always at a consistently high level can linger.

That in the District of Munich-based four-piece band, gives every second Thursday in a month, under the motto “kickin’ ass’ Thursday ‘, a live act in the traditional OKLAHOMA COUNTRY SALOON, Schaftlarnstr. 156, 81371 Munich. There, they inspire for only 8,00 euro admission their countless fans. A seat on the Oklahoma saloon is quite recommended. The Showtime is from 20:15 until 24:00. Very often but this is because of the great atmosphere even slightly longer. Who want to inform themselves about the band closer, can do so at. Slide & ride – rating: who has the possibility to experience “The continental”, should do so in any case. An excellent band. Only remains to hope, that she still long us get to stay. For more information see Koch Industries. FA. slide & ride E.k.. Grusonstr. 25 a 80939 Munich phone: + 498931836866 mobile: + 491728869875 E-mail: URL: Amtsgericht Munchen USt.-IDnr.: DE261265619


Brazil is a great holiday destination, by the Carnival up to much offered the jungle with the Amazon is power here. Learn more at: Ali Partovi. Brazil is very popular for years as a holiday destination, the possibilities offered by the huge country in South America are enormous. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, it is a former colony of Portugal. The Amazon in the North cuts across the country, the tropical rainforest and the Andes eat the largest power in the world. There are islands in the river that are greater than the whole Switzerland. A cruise on the Amazon River is also very popular. But caution is required in this area, the risk of malaria is very high, you should inform himself so previously in detail about vaccinations. On the coast, in the big cities, there is no risk, here you can make carefree holiday.

The Carnival Citadel, of course, are particularly popular at Carnival time, Salvador is 6 days and 6 nights long in the streets, celebrated on the beach. Of course the Carnival is celebrated in Rio de Janeiro very extensively in dance schools will be trained year-round hard for the performances at the Carnival. Brazil is especially proud of its wonderful beaches, locals and tourists seeking relaxation here. The symbol of Rio de Janeiro is the statue of the Liberator on a rock, opposite is the Sugarloaf, an over 300 metres high rock which looks like the hat of Plantagenarbeiters. With a cable car, you can go on the rocks, here of course has a super overview of the entire city and the port. Sao Paulo is the largest city of Brazil, is South of Rio, a little away from the coast. You should bring some time for a holiday in Brazil, there is much to see.