Communist Party

All you have is due to Chavez and will do what it tells you. It is unreasonable to think that the Bolivarian stunted cope you United States and its allies. But if Russia and Iran will adhere to the Venezuelan, the issue takes on another dimension. Surely Russia, enjoying the best moment of prosperity of contemporary life, will continue selling him weapons, as it did until now, and finally will be aside. But Venezuela with Iran can ruin the weekend either. United States Army, just like in Israel, is not to hurt innocent people, he comes fighting in Afghanistan since 2001, with approximately 200,000 soldiers.

It has the best trained and the most advanced military technology. Its counterpart, the Taliban, are less than 30,000, carry outdated, cheap, but effective AK-47 rifles, rocket launchers and howitzers, and not end up being killed because they are hiding among villagers, in a desert and mountainous area that should not be difficult to trace. The AK-47 (Automat Kalashnikov-47) was designed in 1947, hence its name. With the AK-103 machine guns much more modern, which Chavez bought 100,000 units, and wants to set up a factory in Venezuela to provide to their minions. The guerrillas Latin Americans can cause havoc from incalculable time. The FARC, the military arm of the Communist Party of Colombia, armed in the dense Amazon jungle, come to haunt his countrymen since 1964. 45 Years ago. The concept best exploited by modern despots, is political correctness in the war.

With military equipment of last generation, Americans fail to impose on the enemy, because progressive media propaganda accuses democratic genocidal States if any parishioner dies, but it says the same terrorists who deliberately attack civilians. This moral distortion is the cause of the dilemma that becomes vulnerable those who handled in decency and want to live in peace, against Muslim and leftist extremists who want to enslave the world under his poisoned ideas. End to belligerency in the Middle East is difficult, because they are millions who blindly follow a maliciously fundamentalist conviction. In South America, the solution is very simple, just that Hugo Chavez stop being President.

Talent Management Index Of Transformation ManagementAG International

Is the professionalism in talent management measurable? St. Gallen, in July 2011 – is the professionalism in talent management to measure? And can the various practiced today talent management concepts in companies be compared meaningfully understand each other? Definite yes! “This proves the transformation Management AG with the talent management index, which they in their international research project talent policy on the test” as meter has developed and now internationally protect. The index includes a total of 15 individual criteria and forms as a normative framework, with the four maturity levels of professionalism in the talent management (ad hoc/situational standardized managed/integrated future-oriented/strategic) of each company captured and evaluated can be. With our index we admit a highly effective and at the same time pragmatic tool, the quality of their talent company for the first time management with their industry and partly also their direct competitors compare. At the same time it is possible to put the finger on the wounds of the different concepts of the company and to determine the areas that offer the greatest benefit in the development of their talent management us”, Martin Sonnert, Member of the Board of Directors of TMAG makes it clear. More than 110 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including large corporations and medium-sized companies, have already management index to review their concepts with the help of the talent. Due to the high level of acceptance and success in the application of the index in the world of business, the TMAG has moved over, to compare now the talent concepts of sports organisations, to analyse countries, such as the German Football Federation or the D/A/CH ski associations and with the results of economic enterprises.

The first very interesting findings of this comparison will be posted shortly. Short portrait transformation management Aktiengesellschaft ( the joint-stock company headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland, was created in the year 2009 from the German-Swiss transformation consulting group GmbH. She advises companies in dealing with highly complex and difficult processes of change. Based on long-term consulting and management experience, coupled with in-depth specialist and methodological competence in change management, the TMAG accents again remarkable; such as through future mind, the behavior-based business Simulator to determine of the leadership competence, or through the new research focus of neuro-science and change management”. A further focus the task complex includes professionalization of the talent management”.

On the basis of the newly developed talent management index examined the transformation Management AG in cooperation with the Institute for organization and learning of the University of Innsbruck in their current international research project talent policy to the test”methods and professional talent management practices. The study includes currently has approximately 110 companies from Austria, Germany and of Switzerland, of which 70% of the DAX30, 80% the ATX and 50% SMI listed publicly traded companies. The customers include top companies in energy, transport, IT & telecommunications, chemistry, trade, education, health/medicine, services and contracting. Transformation Management AG business impact in change

Mobiline Service

Repair of cellular phones – a service that is very popular with the advent of the first mobile device. Cell phone quite a fragile thing, which in falls and blows most often comes from system. That is why the repair of cellular phones and selected number of companies as the main activity. Our service center Mobiline Service carries out not only repair cellular phones (including the expensive brands), but also repair cameras. For us the priority is to repair a camera, as well as repairs were carried out on the iPhone high and as soon as possible. By using the most modern diagnostic equipment we can most accurately identify the nodes that are out of order. The experience of our employees makes it possible to repair the iPhone and other expensive brands phones. In addition, our service center will repair cameras of different brands.

Through camera repair broken items or mobile phones (including the carrying out repairs iPhone), we use only new and original spare parts which are purchased directly from the manufacturers. Repair iPhone, cell phones, cameras and repair is accompanied by a warranty period. Duration of warranty depends on how complex a cell phone repair or maintenance cameras. Our warehouse has a huge range of spare parts for mobile phones from all manufacturers, allowing for repairs much faster than the competition. Repair of cellular phones in our Service Center Mobiline Service allows you to restore (or replace) damaged after a blow or fall of the screen, keyboard, casing. This type of work done in half an hour. Other works, regardless of complexity, carried out for proved to be only the good side. Many customers have been convinced that cell phone repair is performed at a very decent level.

And this goes for expensive brands. Therefore, repair iphone, they are in increasing popularity is not a problem for us. In the state of the service center Mobiline Service the best craftsmen who can carry out repairs cell phones regardless of the complexity and of the manufacturer. Turning to our service center, you guaranteed to receive a quality repair cameras, a high level of service, individual approach to each client. We are always ready to help and make repairs to your cell phone or repair cameras of different models and years of release.


The focus of the diseases of the joints should be given kapillyaroterapii. Having mastered recovery technology using capillary Polimedel, you get rid of the blind, inhuman "achievements" of modern therapy in the form of endless antibiotics, ultrasound, laser, intravenous injection, the most dangerous alters the composition of blood. Cellular aging is not possible with the full flow of a full blood capillaries and complete with timely removal of metabolic products of cells. Half-dead cells resume work, they are exempt from the toxic waste exchange, and only after that they can again receive nutrients. Resumes action of cellular enzymes. Starting from 40-45 years is always observed progressive decrease in the number of open capillaries. It is a progressive desiccation of anatomical and physiological basis of aging and disease. It's time for rheumatic diseases, neuritis, angina, atherosclerosis, Hypertension.

With all the joint diseases, especially rheumatic, one must take into account the capillary congestion, as without it there is no arthritis or osteoarthritis, or arteritis, or deformation of bones, joints, tendons, or muscle strain. Capillary congestion is detected after a brain hemorrhage during the period of stabilization after infantile paralysis, after an injury, angina, noise in the heart, with Raynaud's disease, in scleroderma, with elephantiasis and any swelling. Therefore, every part of the body should receive a course Polimedel applications. Hematoma of any origin, including chronic, resolve by improving blood circulation. If Polimedel attach to the place Bruised at least 10-15 minutes, will not bruise.

When renal colic Polimedel reduces the intensity of seizure frequency, pre-overlay film can be completely rid of their appearance. Intracranial pressure reduced by overlaying Polimedel on the cervical vertebrae. Fractures Polimedel promotes rapid bone concretionary, even fragmented. Passes osteoporosis. Arthritis and arthrosis Polimedel recovers film coating of the joints, spine softening, joint mobility is restored even in deforming arthritis. In the herniated soft tissue between the disks spine, due to violation of kapillyarosnabzheniya atrophies, dies, is filled with lymph.


In the modern world around will not in fact exist without a means of telecommunication. While the need is often not only conventional cellular telephones, but also the specific device, the best way functioning not only in the field of signal transmission is not mobile cellular stations or space satellites. Because that so many of us are able to conduct an intensive lifestyle, interconnected with the constant movement. AND opportunity to be in constant communication is not as capricious as vitally important aspect. For those who want people in every form there is likely to buy an appropriate time for them as device for communication. This is the radio or Icom, or radio Kenwood.

Significantly select the device to communicate not only by the manufacturer as correlative to the needs and potential customers. That's one thing if, for example, a yacht club buys large assembly of radios in order to equip their own ships. Another thing is – if someone gets the radio in the retail sale for personal use. But, of course, will have real value and the distance at which the selected radio station to work, and many other features. Here, for example, hiking in mountainous terrain need to find a more effective device than for other tasks, because mountainous terrain can be a bond is not particularly high quality, it means that radio can be a medium-sized, so it was easy to carry, yet strong. Similarly, all with an interest card with no difficulty will be able to to find the appropriate sentence. For example, queries such as Motorola radios at the moment really common. It is important to find the only really solid supplier that would guarantee the quality purchased devices for communication.

In particular, it is important for professionals who are seriously engaged in the adrenal choice of sport. Because even for the same rock climbers or boaters directly the ability to instantly connect with the sports base and, say, a call for help, able to be really decisive and able to save lives and health and to prevent harm. May be, any person whose life and health in the forward meaning able to be completely dependent on the quality of the device for communication, will be very careful approach to their selection. That is why masters often make the final choice – Kenwood radio with support for design permission for the involvement of some frequencies for radio. The essential quality, reasonable prices, a range of accessories including a stylish and functional clothing for that – it ensure true prosperity. And in campaigns, and in flight, and in all kinds of swims, and in any other expeditions.

The Roof

One of the most common multilayer structures – sandwich wall panels. This is reinforced shell filled with various insulators, such as mineral wool, cellular concrete, gas or foam concrete, penokeramzit, Styrofoam. The service life of such walls is calculated in decades. roof roof is called an upper membrane roof which protects the house from negative outside influences. The materials used for roofing slate, roofing, tiles, decking, etc. It should be remembered that in the case of roof damage from external penetrating impacts may be affected and other elements of the building. Therefore, when choosing material for the roof should pay special attention to the parameters of longevity. For example, manufacturers warranty on materials for pitched roofs are as follows: for metal – 5-15 years old, on a soft shingles – 15-25 years, natural tile – 20-50 years.

It is assumed that the real life of a soft metal and at least 2-3 times greater than the warranty, and durability natural tile may reach 100 years. However, despite the fact that the roof is an essential element of the building are often faced with the fact that even during the construction process there are leakages, as, for example, flat roof made of asphalt and bitumen-polymeric materials may be unsuitable for use for only 3-5 years. Meanwhile, practice shows that the roll of bitumen-polymer materials with negniyuschey basis able to provide real life of the roof up to 20-30 years. Cause the same rapid failure of the soft roll roofing are errors encountered in the design solutions, as well as poor quality of roofing work builders.