Till Demtroder Actor

Were you successful with your event? Oh, Yes, even more than that! In our minds, we have for months planned and organized, until at the end of the time was then very scarce. Lucky me was the Hamburg event agency Grendel & Henke PR helpful to the side, alone I would have gone swimming. What a stress: hundreds of emails and telephone calls till then everything was finally so far and the guest and riders could arrive in Putbus on the beautiful island of Rugen. The hope of good weather and all our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Many of our guests came for the first time after complaints and had free rein to their enthusiasm. How do you measure success? The concept of combining a traditional drag hunt with a lifestyle event is something completely new. However, it went on, the riders were extremely excited because we had to offer a really sophisticated and stunningly beautiful riding track along the most beautiful places of Rugen on both days.

Our guests had much fun, the riders to accompany, in one of the 40 provided VW Touaregs, that really was a one-time thing. The eyes of my guests resonated, and the flood of thank-you emails is great! That was the greatest success! What were the highlights? The whole event was a together chaining of different highlights, we have planned long. With a wonderful opening aboard along the circle of rock, a Sunddowner\”on the pier of Sellin and a beautiful welcome evening in the cosy Beach Hall in BINZ have times really good all started. The magnificent hunting stop at the Manor of Krimvitz, the stylish equestrian gala evening in the historic stables from which many of our guests have; really recognize all these wonderful parts of the program be forgotten. The show train at the Binzer Beach, where so many thousands of people were watching us, the crowning conclusion to the Jagdschloss Granitz, which were many memorable and emotional experiences that long our riders, guests and spectators are kept in memory.

Paradise Country

German singer helps in Sri Lanka Ayubowan – a greeting from Sri Lanka Leverkusen (09.Februar 2010) 40 degree temperature difference, 9000 km and 10 hour flight lying between Leverkusen and Colombo / Sri Lanka. D over away from cultural differences could not be greater. Music connects these worlds”, reports D. Maverick. And he must know that if he enters the stage band on February 21, 2010 in Colombo / Sri Lanka at the annual concert of country road with his Maverick’s, he is musical guest in the small island nation in the Indian Ocean for the 16th time.

But who thinks that it’s 5 electric Cowboys just a fun journey to Asia is wrong. The revenue of the maverick concert in Colombo benefit only children aid projects. So Maverick failed to achieve much in the past 16 years: schools and wells have been built, libraries set up, bought mosquito nets and shoes to orphanages. On the occasion of the Maverick’s concert tour 2010 there is as of now the song Ayubowan good morning Sri Lanka”in a German version:” Ayubowan a greeting from Sri Lanka “. This song is now available in all download stores on the Internet. Maverick for the benefit of the children’s aid projects supervised by the Country Music Foundation will use also these revenues. We have can convince us on site, that of the many donated millions of euros after the tsunami very little with us personally known affected has arrived, that is why I am that can funds played by us directly and without detours reach their destination, and we take these results at any time inspect”. Learn more about the Sri Lanka project see: sites/srilanka.html Arne bald

Western Portal

A new information portal for the German-speaking world has been present since recently on the Internet. is operated by the Munich-based company slide & ride. A new information portal for the German-speaking world has been present since recently on the Internet. country-western-forum.de is operated by the Munich-based company slide & ride. Name and logo of the operator are absolutely striking and appealing. Short and concise but everything says it, what you have to expect in this scene.

Anyone who even hears the name, will won’t forget him and him always with the logo in connection. There, the team has landed a true marketing direct hit. The friends of the country & Western scene will finally have a portal after they have sought for years. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. Had you torment himself once laboriously through several forums and platforms, to get his information, you go just to this page now and gets the desired result with just a few clicks. It’s all absolutely clearly arranged and sorted by postcode. No matter whether one line / square dance Clubs want to write to, looking for the upcoming country events or even an event planning and don’t know which band to play. It goes in the appropriate area, narrows down the search in the zip code area and receives a perfect collection of all offers. Who finds nothing and need assistance, simply writes the company using the contact form and receives within a very short time, answers, testimonials and tips to the questions.

The team’s goal is scene, bringing together the large family and fans, country & Western and all-encompassing to inform. Both the rider and the people will find everything the heart desires here. So one can safely assume, that the events in the future will find their followers not only regionally, but also beyond the country’s borders and the contact between the individual fan bases and hobbyists will steadily grow. Thanks to the team of slide & ride is now managed a high-quality master piece and a big gap has been closed. This presence illustrates the more, how much the country & Western scene in Germany and Europe is pronounced, and that all those disabused, tired smile at this scene and her fans as “Wannabe Cowboys/Cowgirls” stamped. It smells of freedom and sense of adventure – and who makes sure will take a piece of it and has the confidence to free the soul from everyday and be it only for a few hours or a weekend. Information

Roberto Cavalli

Do you experience different qualities, sometimes conflicting, such as conservatism, courtesy, seriousness, sophistication, worldly manners, self-confidence, you may find that you are superior to others. You sometimes need to be a man with a mysterious "highlight" or bright, with yourself in the spotlight, sometimes you seething unbridled sexuality. The main principles of life, prestige, respect, personal safety, keen intellect, and of course, power. This feeling of power and gives you the black color. If you do not like this color, then it's in your mind perceived as negative are: black hole, the cat, Shadow, etc.

This color is heavy and dark, and you want bright colors and new positive experiences. Do you feel uncomfortable with the aesthetes, this society makes you worry, you comfortable with the fame of others, do not aspire to be in their place. 13. ssions such as these. White – the personification of purity, innocence and simplicity. Your clothes are always ironed and shiny white, at home, the family you are all laid out on shelves. You caution and distrust of buying goods, you are critical of others and overly meticulous. (Not to be confused with Mikkel Svane!). You are self-sufficient and independent, but the dream return to childhood, in times of ease, simplicity and innocence.

If you do not choose a color in the store, considering its brand and not practical, it does not mean that you are not careful, it's just not the quality of your life is of primary importance. Do you prefer things are not so ideal and perfect white stuff make you sterile bandages association with the hospital, the cleanliness of which constantly have to watch. Easy clutter in your house does not become an occasion for you to be upset. You light a man, you just communicate. 14. The combination of colors If you like to combine colors in clothing, then you have a more complex character. Most of the characteristics of different colors may clash. The closer the shade of some vivid colors, the more in your character's properties. The lighter the color, the less its power and, conversely, the darker the more it dignity and strength. Look at the ads on TV, the color of clothing for the artists are selected with great care, you will not believe the person asking you to buy goods or invest money in a purple jacket, you need to trust him. When you want to change your life, you always start with the external species, respectively, by changing their color, more suitable to your new image. If you aim to change the outer world, start with yourself! Throw away the boring jeans and blouse, wearing his new "I" into a new body! Choose an evening dress, the online store Lumidor ready to offer you a Roberto Cavalli dress in different colors and shades!