Ecological Cars

Environmentalist activity worldwide has increased massively in recent years. The need for green vehicles has taken utmost importance. With the increase of global warming and the increase in the price of oil, not to mention the next inevitable scarcity of this resource, alternate energy sources have become a priority. To achieve this goal, automakers are moving in the production of environmentally friendly vehicles much more efficient in terms of the consumption of energy resources. Really efficient vehicles are those that do not produce greenhouse gases or do it in very low proportion. There are alternatives for environmentally friendly vehicles and they are being marketed as a current reality.

However it was thought that automakers were not making the progress necessary to reduce the emission of pollutant gases. This is due to emissions from the same manufacture of vehicles, which were even greater than the emissions obtained from the common use of the same. Until relatively recently full-time hybrid vehicles have highlighted among the various alternatives, that consume hydrogen. More stringent environmentalists think that all the progress made by the automotive industry are still not sufficient, however accept the existence of several automobiles that are friendly to the environment. The most critical point in this process, is out of the hands of own automakers, ecological awareness must be adopted by all users of automotive vehicles.

Google Advertising

But if it’s done advertising in a category that is not very competitive, the cost of the click tends to decrease. Let’s say that campaigns of 5 cents or 10 cents for each visit, depending on the adjusted are the key words can be achieved. For example, if we put flowers in Mexico and people are doing searches for flowers to Mexico or flowers in X city of Mexico, the system we will say: with these keywords to 10 cents can send 30 or 40 visits a day. Your daily advertising budget would be approximately one dollar, two dollars, or three dollars. We have the control, if we want to spend a dollar, two dollars or 100 dollars a day, simply set the campaign so more clicks that we are willing to pay daily are not sent. We can also leave the active campaign indefinitely and if we decide that you are not giving results or wish to make a pause, we simply enter the account and schedule it so that it is at rest.

Another aspect well interesting Google, specifically of this advertising system, is that the people who is going to visit us goes with the mindset biased for the purchase. Why? because if someone is doing a search in our category, i.e., looking to buy flowers to Mexico, and dan click on advertising, it is a client that is not coming out of curiosity to our web site, but that goes with a mentality of purchase. Looking for a solution, a company that currently fill the need to make a purchase of flowers so it is not a casual visitor. This Google AdWords system is very complete, delivery very sophisticated statistical tools of registration: how many people visit by keyword, how much is visiting on the other hand, how much is being paid for each word; calculates the return on investment automatically; in other words, we know if a purchase was made from Google, (obviously if it is integrated with the payment processor). It is very interesting, and is also a platform very friendly. Easy to set up, it has no complicated terms and has a full user manual. Even technology is so complete and so well designed, that if one person makes several clicks on an advertisement during the same session, they will only charge for one. Original author and source of the article

World Conference

Fall is permitted. levantarse globalization is definitely required, has significantly influenced all aspects, commercial, technological, social, cultural, education, to mention a few, its effect has been determinant, which has involved as it is known, more than 2.8 million University students to study outside their countries of origin.! The fact that there is an increase in the preference of many students go to study in other countries, temporarily leaving his country of origin is worrying, because it leads to review, what is more, drives him, when you have national universities which must be organized into pro provide an educational management of excellence, ensuring the training, training of skilled professionals that contribute to the development of their country of origin, showing the world that national universities have guaranteed curriculum of a good scholarship that provides the knowledge and skills demanded by the present agreement to the different professions that are offered. In an analysis about it, Cyntia palaces in the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires, to study away from home review is a trend that is growing: the number of students enrolled in institutions of higher education outside their home countries today amounts to 2.8 million students, which represents an increase of 53 percent over 1999. The data arise from the 2009 Edition of the global compendium of Education published by Unesco, which was unveiled at the World Conference on higher education that the Agency conducted recently in Paris. It is a universe which grew significantly in the past 35 years.

In 1975 only 800. 000 University were studying outside their country, and a decade ago did 1.7 million. Anyway, the report realizes the students ‘ increasing tendency to settle after their studies in their region of origin. In Latin America and the Caribbean, for example, the proportion of students who have studied does study abroad and choose to remain in their region went from 11% in 1999 to 23%, in 2007?, says Unesco.

The Yas Hotel In Abu Dhabi

The Yas Hotel complex of 85,000 square meters has 500 rooms. Asymptote was commissioned to design the buildings and their surroundings from a competition closed two years ago, addressed to an opening date of October 30, 2009 to coincide with the Formula 1 Etihad AirwaysAbu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Yas Hotel is one of the main architectural features of the ambitious investment of $ 36 million in the development of Yas Marina and the Formula 1 circuit. The founders of Asymptote Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture partners have provided an architectural landmark that contains diverse influences and inspirations that range from aesthetics and forms associated with speed, movement and spectacle for art and geometries forming the basis of ancient Islamic art and craft traditions. The main feature of the design are the curvilinear forms of steel and 5,800 diamonds that pivoting shaped glass panels. This grid provides the building of an architecture composed of a veil, as the atmosphere that contains two hotel towers and a bridge built as a monocoque sculpted steel passing above the track in Formula 1 which makes its passage through the building. Structure visually connects and fuses of the entire complex, together at the same time producing optical effects and spectral reflections that play against the surrounding sky, sea and desert landscape. The architecture as a whole performs as a solution both environmentally sensitive, as well as an architecture of spectacle and events.

The jewel of how a whole composition project responds visually and Tectonically to your environment to create a distinct and powerful sense of place, as well as a stunning backdrop to the Formula 1 and other events that celebrate the building. The Yas Hotel is designed to be an important destination on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates in general. Hani Rashid describes the design of the building and its architecture as: a perfect union and harmonious interaction between the elegance and spectacle. The search here was inspired by what you could call the art and Poetics of motor racing, especially Formula one, along with the creation of a place that celebrates Abu Dhabi as a cultural and technological tour de force original author and source of the article