Multiplayer Online

Sony playstation 3 – game console of the seventh generation of the account is the third in its family of video game consoles 'playstation'. ps 3 is not just a game system next generation, and powerful media entertainment center. You can use it will be playing in unbelievable by today's standards, games, watch movies, high quality (Blu-ray disk, dvd, CD), listen to music, surf the Internet (WiFi, Ethernet), to communicate and send mail. Furthermore, sony playstation officially supported games from the 'playstation 1' and 'playstation 2'. All game projects for playstation 3 support multichannel audio 5.1 (DTS, lmps and other popular formats). Audio processing is carried out at the software level, thanks to a new generation of cpu – Cell (Developed jointly by ibm, Sony and Toshiba Corp).

The main control center console features a graphical user interface called the Cross Media Bar (XMB), which was developed based on the interface of portable consoles playstation portable. The program is compatible with USB-devices (keyboard, mouse, mp3-player) and lets you view photos, play music and movies from your hard drive. xmb interface uses two types of accounts – the administrator and user through which you can define and limit certain rights to work with different categories of games, folders, files, movies, Internet services and so on. Operating system playstation consoles is Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, which provides players with access to your office computer functionality and thus makes it possible not to buy a normal pc. The system allows you to run OpenOffice, browsers FireFox and ThunderBird, as well as many other media and network applications.

To date, the console is the most affordable and versatile movie player. playstation supports the following disc formats: BLU-RAY, dvd, DVD-R, DVD-RW, cd, CD-R, CD-RW. In addition, the console supports universal voltage, and This means that buying a console, for example, in Japan, it is possible to connect in Europe without a special adapter and other add-ons, which makes the playstation truly mobile and portable system. For disclosure of all multimedia opportunities for the console, Sony has launched a free Internet service – playstation Network Platform. This service allows you to download to your hard drive different content (demos, videos, music, patches), play and communicate with other users through voice and video chat, exchange messages in the game and outside game through text and images, find information about interesting projects, search for game servers and more. Services also . And for fans and fans of games was launched a special online store – psp Store, where you can pay a subscription to mmorpg (Massively Multiplayer Online) and priobritat music, videos and games from the ps, PS2, PS3, psp, demo psp, PS3 and unique content for games. All participants will be available for special playstation tv for information storage, in addition to removable hard disk, you can use a memory card. In addition to cards Memory Stick (Standard / Duo / PRO), playstation 3 can work with maps in sd (Standard and mini size) and CompactFlash (Type I and II).


Netbook (English Netbook) – this small compact laptop, intended it to grant access to the web, actually, so it is well named. In our century, this thing is becoming quite popular. A reason a few: Convenient; Lightweight; Low power consumption; Inexpensive. Almost all notebooks do not exceed the size of a school notebook A5 size and weight of an average of no more than 1 kg. Of course, any portable device should have long-lasting battery raboty.Kak rule while the netbook is dependent on the capacity of batteries and power consumption of all components of ustroystva.

netbook battery power ranges from 2 to 10 hours. This is achieved by using high capacity batteries and components with low power consumption. For netbooks, Intel has made cost-effective line of processor Intel Atom, having small power consumption and low heat. In all netbooks used operating systems based on Linux or Windows xp. To all manufacturers of netbooks, Microsoft has allowed the installation of Windows xp.

But Microsoft has established several restrictions on the hardware: ram – no more than 1 gb. Diagonal screen size not more than 10.2 inches (25.9 cm) Hard disk – no more than 80 gb if using solid-state drive – no more than 16 gb. should be absent functionality of a Tablet pc. Video card with support for DirectX at least version 9 is now the netbook market is booming and constantly emerging new modeli.Ne a netbook is not highly performance. So, if you need a portable workstation, better pay attention to ultra .Oni much more expensive but more powerful than any netbook.

Routers Firm Cisco

This article lists the main guidelines for the management of tcp / ip services in routers Cisco. These commands are valid for the Cisco 800 Series 1, Cisco 1800 Series 2, Cisco 1900 Series 3, Cisco 2900 Series and most other no service tcp-small-servers – Closes access to some services of tcp, which allow hosts on the network to query Chargen, Echo, Daytime and Discard port. By default, all servers in the tcp service Chargen, Echo, Daytime and Discard active. If you turn them off, then, upon request, to port cisco ios in response sends TCP-packet 'RESET' and refuse to handle incoming data packet. no service udp-small-servers – Closes access to some services udp, which allows the network to query uschlam Chargen, Echo, Daytime and Discard port.

By default, udp in terms of services, Echo, Discard, Chargen, and Daytime activate. all the servers for udp services Chargen, Echo, Daytime and Discard active. If you turn them off, then, upon request, to port cisco ios in response sends UDP-package 'RESET' and refuse to handle the incoming data packet. no service finger – Disables requests for finger-protocol (which is defined in rfc 742) by blocking requests remote users to the network. no ip domain-lookup – Prevents transmission of dns names in the perimeter router to a separate IP-address. no ip source-route – Turn off the source of IP-routing. no ip tcp selective-ack – Turns selective (selective) confirmation of tcp (see rfc 2018) no ip bootp server – Disables BOOTP-service (protocol start bootstrap (Bootstrap Protocol)) to the host.

no mop enable – Disables protocol work mop (Maintenance Operation Protocol – the protocol operations support), in addition, applies to a specific interface. no cdp run – Disables Cisco Dicovery Protocol. no ip rsh-enable – Configure the router so that remote users can not execute rsh commands on the device. no ip rcmd rep-enable – Configure the router so that remote users can not copy files in the router and it with the command rcp. no ip identd – Disable support for identification, it blocks the return of information that identifies the TCP-port. no ip proxy-arp – Disable the proxy service arp (Address Resolution Protocol – Address Resolution Protocol) for specified interface. no ip redirects – Disable sending messages with a redirection command, when the funds Cisco ios software this package in the interface on which it was obtained. Limits the data sent by the router for port scanning. no ip tcp path-mtu-dicovery – Turns the service Path mtu Discovery for all future tcp connection to the router on this interface. The absence of such a ban increases the likelihood of successful attacks, coupled with the blocking service. no ip unreachable – Disables the generation of icmp Unreachable messages for that interface. no ip route-cache – disable caching data autonomous switching and / or fast switching for routing ip. no ip mroute-cache – (enabled by default.) Turn off fast switching group ip, sending packets to the process level. Required for processing access lists and save debug messages. no cdp enable – Disables cdp (Cisco Discovery Protocol) for this interface. no ip directed-broadcast – (enabled by default.) Turns managed multicast ip, which provides the prohibition of using the router as a broadcast amplifier for attacks with the purpose to block the service.

Russian Hardware

Prospects of Russian hardware wound the Russian market of metal products in a difficult yet exciting period of development. Metalware production in Russia has a significant steel industry. For recent years the market of metal products has undergone significant changes due to consolidation of the largest companies in the holding companies. To date, this market sector is divided between five major holdings. Due to the saturation of the market before producing the task of finding new ways to attract customers and increase production, in particular – through the development of foreign markets. Today the Russian market of metal products, there are three major players: "Severstal-hardware", OAO "MMK-Metiz" and OJSC "Mechel". Also among the biggest players in the market can distinguish OAO "West-Siberian Metallurgical Combine (ZSMK) "and OAO" Metallurgical Holding ".

Hardware is a standardized hardware diverse range of industrial and general purpose: steel wire rope, wire mesh, electrodes, nails, wire rope slings, fasteners, cold-rolled steel strips, steel wire ropes. Hardware used in a number of industries – from construction to engineering. The basis of the market are wire, nails and steel cable. Experts are of the opinion that the consolidation of the Russian market of metal products in general had a positive impact on manufacturing plants, and the market as a whole. In particular, as a result of vertical integration in producers appeared assured supply of steel and reduced dependence on external suppliers.

One of the main Russian exporters of metalware products is OJSC "MMK-Metiz" and included in its structure of the enterprise. Magnitogorsk Hardware Plants shipped for export 12-13% of its production. Export geography is wide – this is the country of the CIS, many European countries: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, France and others. This year, the export structure of the program works in "MMK-Metiz" provides for a 1.5-fold increase in exports relative to 2006. Characterizing Prospects for the Russian market metalware products, it should be noted that the projected market growth by increasing domestic production will amount to 5-6%. The main prerequisite for market growth is the hardware development consuming industries, which form a growing demand for wire, rope, tape, nails, rope slings and other products. However, according to experts of the association "Prommetiz", in Russia the production of hardware production facilities now slightly ahead of demand. This fact will play a moderating role in relation to the growth of the market of metal products.

Laptop Screens

Laptop long been considered to be routine attribute of modern humans. Therefore, the output of the laptop down, of course, raises many problems of its owner. Repair shops for repair and replacement of notebook screens are ready refurbished laptops are quickly and accurately. The Matrix laptop – otherwise it is called a screen or display. This is probably the most expensive item in the notebook. Replacement Laptop matrix is performed only in extreme cases, when it broken down as a result of physical impact, but in other cases, the laptop screen be repaired. In essence, the replacement of the matrix notebook – a simple process.

Theoretically, replacement is done in several stages. First thing computer understands, and later the laptop screen turns off the power and Loop video card and its dismantling of fixtures. At this preliminary step is completed. The next step is direct replacement of old screen with new one. However this is only an initial glance, it might seem that the substitution matrix can be yourself. Theoretically, of course you can, but that's almost Quite often, the laptop screen, not being original, not attached to a laptop, and so you have to either completely remodel the system installation, or adapt the old, and this process is quite heavy.

Replacement of the matrix starts with the selection screen, which would fit this model laptop. ion. Original matrix to find the factory production is usually quite difficult, so when replacing the damaged matrix by a new, tend to use, similar to the parameters of the matrix, which would be approached this model laptop. When replacing the screen is the biggest problem is the need to configure the laptop. The laptop in the vios is information attached thereto the original matrix. When you turn on the laptop this information is immediately requested from the matrix. In slechae information screen and the laptop do not match, the screen just nebudet function. Clearly, if unoriginal setup screen will not match the properties, and therefore should make the configuration process. Configuration process requires specialized knowledge to make it able to just professional. Therefore, we should not try to independently are any work to replace the screen. Such attempts may lead to fatal damage to your laptop. Usually in the service center in the presence presented a wide range of screens for different models of computers. Total replacement matrices takes no more than an hour. However, in the case when the display type to be repaired at the moment in the service center is missing, it will be ordered. In this case, substitution matrix notebook will take from 2 to 5 days.

Mobile Atelefonia

Until the moment, resulted of studies epidemiologists they do not supply consistent evidences of a causal relation enters the exposition to the radiofrequncia and any adverse effect to the health, however, these studies have many limitations excluding any association, what it means a subject not depleted, or free of concerns, a time that the OMS in 2012, go to carry through a formal evaluation of the risks the health of the exposition the radiofrequncia fields 4. No risk has been pointed in these last 10 years. Although the use of the cellular telephone to be quickly growing between the children and adolescents do not exist definitive studies on the risk of illnesses related to the use of the devices of mobile telephony, even so they are considered of a potentially vulnerable group, for still being sensible, in formation and citizens the biggest exposition in function of its 5 infantile dimensions . 2,2 Mobile Atelefonia.

The mobile telephony does without emitting antennas distributed in vast areas in order to establish the linkings with the mobile telephones that if they use of the stations next for the communication, and after that with the central offices and that in the process, of course they liberate the not ionizing radiation (RNI) in the 6 environment . The mobile telephony is a technology that if it uses of transmitters receivers operating in the band of microwaves, where each equipment if communicates way electromagnetic wave with a station (antenna) of low power without interferences in excessively, installed in diverse localities, next the users to the telephony services, that they share diverse frequency channels at the same time. To extend the services of communication without the loss of quality means to increase the amount of antennas, and to diminish the power. The system depends on regulating agencies that elaborate norms and recommendations techniques and that they establish levels and limits of 7 exposition, considered safe for the population and users.

Lake Baikal

” The remaining protesters stretched the banner ‘garbage burn and not process’ and have started distributing leaflets to citizens of free and tightly packed samples still clean, no dioxin poisoning the air. Environmentalists chanted ‘Garbage is not burned, and recycle’, ‘No give poison children ‘,’ We want to breathe clean air. ” Recall, Greenpeace Russia and several other environmental organizations are actively opposing the initiative of the Moscow Government to build by 2015 6 incinerators in the city. Problem of disposal of garbage picked up on Friday at the conference ‘Megogoroda’. To partially address the problem of garbage disposal, Moscow Mayor Yuri offered to give up the use of multi-product packaging. According to him, it is necessary to reduce the sources of debris and, above all, to abandon multi-product packaging, as the problem of garbage in large cities now is particularly acute. Investigation of Lake Baikal to resume in June The new stage of the expedition ‘Worlds’ Baikal’ opens in the summer – deep diving manned vehicles will resume June 15.

During the second phase expedition on Lake Baikal in 2009, is scheduled to implement a complete monitoring of Lake Baikal to the decision-making, including legislation, to preserve the unique lake, containing 83% fresh water Russia and 20% of the world. Members the expedition is likely to take part in the work of the Baikal Information Forum, the Baikal Economic Forum and the celebration of the 35 th anniversary of bam. In Seoul hosted the summit of major world cities on a global warming summit of major world cities C40 on climate change ended this week in Seoul, the promise of its members to strengthen measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The summit adopted a declaration which calls on the main capitals of the world to turn them into ‘the city with low carbon dioxide emissions’, which will become an important part of combating the world’s population threatens to global warming. The forum participants committed themselves to actively to seek action at the level of city government to prevent global warming and climate change. Although cities occupy only 2% of the Earth’s surface but account for 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions.