CRM Software

The information is output from a rigidly defined format of the data. Each program, the data can be processed differently and need always a certain form of data processing. A problem which keeps piling this occurs that software of from different manufacturers will be elected, is a loss of data, which can be treated so that they completely may be carried over in the next part of the program. It is highly recommended to use a complete package from a home. Of course, it is not possible in any company by the diversity of the work processes, however, the largest part of the company with a system should be covered to provide a clean and transparent data management.

To facilitate a digital and effective solution for the optimal care and the work at the customer’s site, in the progress of the technical possibilities and the target mobile optimized the artisan program customer service. This module will be on the mobile device installed and communicates directly with the headquarters. A fitter continues his work at the customer who selects the performed work and the used materials in the software, asks digital work is and sends back the entire course with appropriate working hours at the company’s headquarters. Also, did he have access to additional documents such as checklists, illustrations and instructions and can send with your own attachments (images, scanned documents) to the company. These data serve as a very good basis for the invoice creation or maintenance in the CRM. An invoice can be created immediately after the operation and sent to the client. Automatically ends up this initial calculation in Dunning and payment. Where the payment is controlled and if necessary a payment reminder.

Another advantage is that there are no timesheets with this mobile software solution more urges and the loss or the illegibility of the proof of time is fixed. The plug-in can on laptops, Tablet-PC’S and even as an APP on the Smartphone will be used. The craftsman software pds abacus is specifically designed for small businesses. The Software House PDS program + data service operates approximately 40 years of experience in this industry sets new standards with the new pds abacus ERP solution.