Premium Software Without Cost

Berliner freemium GmbH rolls with an innovative business model, the German software market around Berlin August 2012 – while the international game industry Free2Play celebrates as the next big thing, software company still hesitating to move away from the traditional business model with the full price versus freeware distribution. The Berliner freemium GmbH now dares step, offering high-quality, user-oriented software for free. Monetization is carried out by integrating optional partner offers and feature sales micropayment-based. The company is already celebrating first successes with the download and converter software TubeBox, freemium system utilities and driver utilities portfolio tools expand in the next few months. Conclusion with limited trials Free2Use for all games and apps in rough quantities for free stand, PC users increasingly wondering why they should spend still exorbitant sums of money for software.

The needs of the functional range of freeware or trial versions the user that is rare and a high payment pressures. The freemium GmbH has approached with a completely different model: Free2Use. All tools of the Berlin based company are available immediately and in full use for free. Who wants extraordinary additional features, this rises for small prices, so-called Mircopayments, in the optional feature shop. In addition, the freemium GmbH whenever their software offerings offers advertising for selected, appropriate to the product partner tools. If users install these tools, leaving them.

The freeware model established in the software market so far went not far enough us,”explains Markus Malti, CEO of freemium GmbH, the business model. In the field of games, user very well accept the Free2Play model because it exactly meets their needs. We apply this model to the freeware software market or trial system without support and updates no longer meets today’s requirements. With Free2Use we close this gap.” Orientates the user the portfolio Freemium GmbH the Berlin startup provides a range of demand-oriented programs in the fields of system utilities, multimedia tools, photo – and -video tools, as well as in the future also social media tools for free.