Artisans Software

Exchange formats simplify tendering, purchasing, customer service, article work with craftsman software – the use of interfaces has entered interfaces in the craft in the craft for many years. Namely, the advantages are obvious. The craftsman with his artisan software, as well as the Party on the other side (issuing, wholesale…) have a reduced cost in the acquisition and processing of data. Eliminates double entry and control. It creates a transparency in the so-called workflow through the Unified Exchange. The tender with GAEB GAEB is the standard for the tender and planners and architects can write award of Bauleistungen.Mit of this interface services. The craftsmen simply electronically read the tender with the interface and provide their services to perform with prices.

Then, the deals are passed back with prices to the tenderers. This compares the prices now and placed the order. GAEB can continue by the craftsman with his craftsman software to order as well as used for the writing of subcontractor services. Artikelverwalrtung represents a standard for providing article data with DATANORM and SHK connect DATANORM. The craftsman can be the Artikeldatend read it each wholesaler in his craftsman software with a DATANORM file. The article can contain data such as short text, long text, order number, item number, unit, packaging units or similar. With a so-called Preisdat, which the handyman receives from the vendor, you can store additional individual awards to the article.

SHK connect represents an additional service of DATANORM. The DATANORM article data are provided by via an online portal. UGL and IDS for purchasing and orders on the purchasing side support the craftsmen UGL and IDS in his work. The interfaces enable the digital exchange of price requests and orders. This eliminates long comparisons and duplication. In addition, IDS establishes a connection to the online-shop of Wholesale here. This up-to-the-minute product data and prices from the wholesaler can be queried and passed in the event of an order directly for the order in the online shop.