Catering Equipment Select

“The choice between catering equipment is not always easy when you open a new catering company, such as a restaurant, a bar or Club, the question is how quickly I set up my business properly catering equipment an and what I actually need?” You must first know that the facilities and also the various gastronomy units strongly influence the business and are therefore very important. In a kitchen, which complies with the latest standards, where all catering equipment are made of stainless steel and the machines function properly without having to go broke (quite possible States in bad companies) after a week there is also a kitchen or staff personnel working happy. Also the right catering equipment can not only the performance, but at a restaurant such as the taste of the food greatly improve. Logically you get everything on residues in food, when frying with a frying pan or on a large hearth and they were never cleaned. A Another important point is the quality of catering equipment, to which you should observe. Because the facilities reflects the company and ultimately, which one restores the products. So, you should not save on the reasonable facilities and catering equipment. The latest catering equipment are A.

not only very easy to clean and high quality, but as also still very stable and therefore durable. In other words, they have several years function guarantee. There are now whole gastronomy of planning services “.” They take over the complete organization and pay attention to all the important factors. You plan the existing budget according to the entire company. Location, staff, equipment including the catering equipment everything is matched professionally. Alexander Lanew

Skill Shortages In The Catering Kitchen

What to do when the quality suffers, because I find no qualified and motivated cooks as a restaurateur before threatening hospitality soon lack the background of demographic change and thus a battle for qualified employees. Many restaurateurs rely therefore on cheap, untrained staff. However, this strategy can fill certain gaps in the service area. In the kitchen where more expertise is needed, it is already very difficult. Unless one works with a customized time decoupled production system.

For example Cook & chill or sous-vide method. The standardization of processes is much easier with the systematic use of modern kitchen technology. Thus it is possible also in the Inpidualgastronomie, be it fine dining or a snack, to employ untrained support staff. Quality smears are not to be feared. On the contrary, the implementation of a quality management is even promoted. The stable economic situation and the inexorable demographic change to increase the competition qualified personnel. The occupation for more than 3 months (bottleneck analysis of the Federal Agency for work by February 2013) takes more than one-third of the open positions in the hospitality industry. Is to be expected in any case with a worsening of the situation in the future.

Especially in the kitchen area, education figures have fallen dramatically, the profession of the Cook appears attractive compared to other less. The prejudices here also correspond to the real situation. It is physically exhausting, you have to endure a lot of stress, working hours and remuneration are not very motivating. Now, there are all sorts of recommendations on how to react was the bottleneck. Attractive payment and other conditions such as working hours, accommodation and compensatory time off must be made attractive. The DEHOGA 2011 presented a 10-point plan for technical and labour protection. All proposals amount ultimately, that will increase the cost of specialists, equal. The classic items of cuisine served out in the future.