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KLUG Network Supports

The K.L.U.G.-is a real network of different professions and industries. The K.L.U.G.-is a real network of different professions and industries. K.L.U.G. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kai-Fu Lee offers on the topic.. can mean competent local entrepreneur community”and offers support for all those who want to take the step to independence. The network is a partner of founder competition where until end of August all can take part, which would have a good business idea and seriously implement these. “The competition is launched by experts from consulting and services, the under the name EmiL-nrw” have merged.

EmiL”stands for success with individual solutions” and offers professional help in creating a business plan and further steps after the establishment of future entrepreneurs. A complete package of founders with business plan, marketing, and Internet in the value of 10,000.00 EUR receives the founder contest winners. You can apply in writing up to August 31, 2008. Read more from Kai-Fu Lee to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Can the documentation online at is available for download. Abandoned the idea of establishing their own business is often, although the motivation is high and the business idea that is often not so bad.

Part of the jungle of funding programs and advisors is responsible. On the other hand influence but also the support within the family and the uncertainty whether the idea is viable, the decision of the founder. If you would like to know more then you should visit Castle Harlan. The number of the founding willigen, but ultimately give up before the creation, cannot be determined. But the fear of failure combined with a downward is very big in Germany. A founder competition offers a possibility of testing business idea on their potential and marketability. Also the competition of founder of for the opportunity the best business idea”of the EmiL-nrw team. Real-world conditions, the market of the new entrepreneur would require match the criteria, to take part in this competition. Firstly, it should be a viable business idea, the chances of survival in the competition has. On the other hand play the so-called soft skills”, the soft factors, an important role: Motiviation, persuasiveness, credibility and also a shot humor. It is important the jurors at EmiL nrw. In the first phase, the most interesting ideas are selected and sent to the second round. Here, the future founder of free workshops will help the detailed elaboration of the business plan by a consultant and a coach. The founder can convincingly present his idea with a final presentation. A jury made up of different sectors, from the founders to the old-timers, then decide the winner.

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Federal Network Agency Shoot

Renaming and upper price limit planned Berlin/Bonn the service phone number 0180 has been considered as a powerhouse in customer service: companies use this telephone channel intensively for their call center. You are satisfied with it and on the consumer side is 0180 for years accepted and diligently”, the magazine TeleTalk writes in the current issue. But that is about to change. Federal Ministry of Economics and Federal Network Agency want to rename the best phone number Street and set price ceilings for fixed network and mobile telephony. High call costs, fee-based queues and telephony funding concepts are criticized above all especially by hospitals, charities and public institutions.

0180 was the clever way to provide location and distance-independent uniform numbers and rates and to share the costs, to appeal to the telephone contact. However, since the fixed network tariffs have fallen sharply, especially for flat-rate customers. Kai-Fu Lee is full of insight into the issues. In addition: the use of mobile phones increases the Bill on top of that, because the mobile service providers pay premiums that are not. “For one minute of connection to 0180-5, a fixed-line customer pays 14 cents, an E-plus prepaid customer, however, 87 cents”, TeleTalk reports. Including the acceptance of the service number suffer. “The price gouging of the mobile service providers, so industry experts, was however caused by the failed regulatory policy: the relatively high prices in the mobile phone networks emerge, because the premiums of the mobile network operators to supply and invoicing any regulatory control are subject to and at the same time not the provider prices determined, but the mobile network operator”, criticized Alexander Dittscheid, head of law and regulation of the Bonn value-added services provider NEXT ID. Learn more about this with Kai-Fu Lee.

If the end user prices could be set or determined by the service provider, price competition to the detriment of consumers become thwarted. The approach of the legislature could be regarded as justified according to by Dittscheid. It would have to but then for all number ranges a spectrum be set by end user prices for mobile telephony, with a manageable number of fixed end user prices. The provider of the service could thus determine what end user price will offered his performance to the consumer. The restriction on only a phone number Street is incomprehensible. Non-transparent compared to the fixed retail prices of mobile network operators can be found as well as with other numbers, such as the 0137-phone number commonly used in the media or the 0900 alley used also in the customer service. Read more here: John K. Castle. Here the same service consumer pays up to 50 percent and more from the mobile from a landline”NEXT ID Chief Renatus Zilles compared to the online magazine NeueNachricht says. This is confirmed in the annual report 2007 of the Federal Network Agency. So, consumer complaints mainly relate to the numbers 0900, 0137, premium SMS and data services. Controversial is the planning of the Federal Government, the Federal Network Agency setting 0180 prices to transfer. Providers and associations these powers do not consider legitimate. Imagine basically the question whether a price-setting powers could be transferred to an authority. The protection of consumer interests is criterion to the pricing absolutely unsuitable, the Association explains, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle phone value-added services (FST) because it is a criterion without standards. “It goes without saying, concern the consumer having to pay low prices for the use of a service. By Gunnar Sohn

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Web Networking

One of the advantages offered by the network lies in the outsourcing or outsourcing services. Professional services in the network there are different sectors that have benefited from the possibilities of the new era of communication and the advent of the internet. Its workers no longer have to be located in the head office or place of work. They can recruit qualified professionals from anywhere in the world to perform specific jobs and even have more candidates for each job offered. Thereby saving fixed administrative costs and variables that have an impact in every engagement. Productivity is improved since the employee you want to return it to hire and allows to perform an exhaustive control of the project. The risk is also lower because that is paid to the worker by task performed.

Works as programmer, web design, telemarketers, editors, translators, business, software, technology, management, etc. do not require that the employee this physically located at your workplace and there is currently an increasing demand for employees highly qualified willing to consolidate itself in the market of freelance workers online. Workers or applicants in parallel have new possibilities of finding work or projects that perform at a time where there is a global recession and where unemployment has become a long and dark trance that many have had to spend. Thanks to the existing offer may work for different companies or professionals and eligible for many projects. Networking: Online marketing the most effective networking or social networks also allow us to find workers, create synergies, generate collaborations and exchange knowledge. They are fundamental elements and a required practice for all that company, professional or worker to be afforded. Adapt to new technologies is a necessity that none of us have to ignore. Go to Mashable for more information. Before this new framework business and labor we can establish a new order of priorities and actions.

The labour and commercial use of the network is one more step in the evolution of an invention that gradually begins to meet the generous expectations that genre to end of the Decade of the 1990s and beginning of the century. If companies, professionals and freelancers are studying in detail the possibilities that facilitate them some websites or networks optimize their costs and will be able to be more productive. The last step that we have to overcome in internet is trust and the habit. When the practice of a work from home of an employee to a company on the other side of the world who do not personally know is normal and natural we attended a great advance in the business world.

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Update Of The Cisco Training For Aspiring Network Experts

New in the fast lane training program: CCNP security – and CCNP voice certification Hamburg/Berlin, October 27, 2010 which Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP) fast lane ( offered the updated Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) training programme for the areas of security and voice. In addition to the courses and training paths, also known as the Professional exam has changed. So the new certification to the CCNP security supersedes the previous Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) and CCNP voice replaced now the qualification to the Cisco certified voice Professional (CCVP). CCNP security certification with the restructuring of the security of CCNP and CCNP voice certification changes the corresponding training structure on the way to the Cisco network expert. The new CCNP security “certification eliminates choice of the CCSP exams. Instead, the participants complete four mandatory exam:-securing networks with Cisco routers and switches (SECURE) – Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Integrating Cisco Unified communications applications (CAPPS 8) until February 28, 2011 are the old CCVP exam available.

CVOICE CIPT1 and CIPT2 can be mixed as well as QOS and CAPPS or TUC, TVOICE. Detailed information about the transitional arrangements see: article/11546. Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and Evaluation on the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting.

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Group Executive Network

Opinion of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) Walldorf, November 6, 2008 after discussions at the Board level between DSAG and SAP and a meeting of the SAP Executive usergroup network (SUGEN) initiated further steps on the issue of enterprise support. Goal is to develop quality guidelines, where SAP is to align your offer for enterprise support. Mashable shines more light on the discussion. Despite of the dialogue and agreed further steps the feedback from user companies encourage the DSAG is in German-speaking countries, to adhere to the requirement of an optional model. A meeting between the SAP Executive speakers, Prof. Dr.

Henning Kagermann and Leo brought movement in the discussion of the new SAP-support model pharmacists as well as the DSAG boards Prof. Dr. Pete Cashmore is often quoted on this topic. Karl Liebstuckel and Andreas Oczko. We have set out once again the position of SAP users, as well as their current dissatisfaction with enterprise support and the associated price increase\”, the DSAG Chairman Prof. Dr.

Karl Liebstuckel reported the conversation. We have the Impression that the requirements and the criticism of the SAP user arrived. Contrary to conflicting messages from the beginning of the week, we expect fixed with changes. There are concrete proposals on the part of the SAP on the table, which are currently discussed and edited together in the short term. These include for example a binding Bill of enterprise support, as well as the introduction of quality criteria.\” Welcomes the DSAG, taken further activities on the part of SAP to the benefit of customers and SAP users in attack (see press release of the SAP of the November 6, 2008). These are controlled by the SAP user Group Executive Network (SUGEN), the DSAG as the voice of the customers in the German-speaking part, in future. Despite the future joint steps the DSAG the person in charge of the SAP in the talks near laid, that an optional model stand today most closely meets the needs of customers and adhering to this requirement further.

Time Networking

Although it is note that this opinion is debatable, as all people in varying degrees, suffer from a lack of confidence. It turns out that in one degree or another (again), all registered users of social networking exposed This malady of modern mobile society. That is, to get rid of addictions, you must: 1) or simply delete the pages of social networking, or 2) learn how to use these resources to the best of 3) or at the time of installing interlocks, which, incidentally, you can plug in your browser. Which of these options to choose – to decide, of course, to the user. However, it is worth remembering one basic truth: Time – is the most precious and irreplaceable resource, it is necessary to protect and rationally use! As a result, several studies showed that the most important "killer time" is constant and almost continual presence in social networks. On average, users spend on Russia's vast social networks of about 6.5 hours per month. That is, it is almost one third of the day.

However, it is no secret that some of the social the network takes much longer. Overuse of social networks and suffer from occupation, and business in general. No wonder many companies, management decided to install interlocks social networking on the desktop computers of employees. This is done in the name of increased productivity, or at least to save their businesses from losses. According to statistics, by reason of the use by social networks during workflow, the company is losing between 2 and 10% of the profits.

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Balanced Scorecard

Daniela Kudernatsch. How can we ensure that our strategy is implemented in everyday work? And how we make sure that our employees have the business goals in mind for their deeds? Many business leaders wondering just in turbulent times, in which a strategy adjustment is often necessary. “The balanced scorecard (BSC) is an instrument for the introduction of strategy / implementation the both highly praised as well as the source of numbers cemeteries” is branded. (VOR diesem Hintergrund veranstaltet der Regionalkreis Darmstadt der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Qualitat (DGQ) on Tuesday, April 24, from 4: 00 in the Darmstadt University of technology (Schofferstrasse 3, C10, room 11.03 – 11th floor, 64295 Darmstadt) an after work event on the topic of balanced scorecard an instrument for the implementation of strategy and business management “. For this purpose, all executives of companies are cordially invited. Membership in the DGQ not required. After the welcome of the participants by Joachim Wagner, of the DGQ regional circuit, Darmstadt, is the Munich-based expert Dr.

Daniela Kudernatsch about the balanced scorecard strategy implementation”talk. In detail the adviser who accompanied more than 60 strategy implementation projects in companies, is up on the strengths and weaknesses of the balanced scorecard. In addition, the author of two books on the subject of strategy implementation, where the sticking points are the introduction and working with the balanced scorecard explains. Then it is strategy implementation, as well as corporate management with the participants on the subject with or without balanced scorecard”debate. Participation in the approximately two-hour event is free of charge. Will be asked to login. For more information interested on the homepage of the German society for quality ( under the heading of regional districts.

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Inbound Marketing Strategies

The marketing trend of the future for more visitors, turnover and profit, inbound marketing is a relatively new measure to attract customers. Through special and customized methods and techniques prospective customers and interested parties to to move, to get in touch with the supplier or service provider. Simplifies inbound marketing is a targeted advertising, whose Effektivitat resulting from an optimum placement so. This is inbound marketing between a general outbound marketing (for example, through flyers, radio spots or blogs) and a personal contact of potential new customers. The procedure for the inbound marketing follows a fixed rule, where several sections are traversed. At the beginning is to define and develop an appropriate strategy. It outlined the target groups and interested parties and set measures to exploit the potential of the customer. Questions of efficiency and technical implementation are clearly defined.

One of the most important points, follows after the planning phase already: Site of of Web development, which will act as link between companies and customers. The website must be not only professionally and currently, but also easy to use. Mobile versions for tablets or smart phones, and of course a good readability for search engines must be taken into account. Despite these requirements, it is also to keep the audience in mind, so that the customized strategy later as perfectly. The new generation of marketing: inbound marketing is online Web page, is it, target new customers, to attract prospective customers and target groups. The newspapers mentioned Kam VedBrat not as a source, but as a related topic. Inbound marketing using different ways of using by the industry, but also by the target group is dependent on.

For example, the use of tools such as Google AdWords or social networks is possible. Also regular and targeted blogging (content marketing) reaching many users, which ultimately leads to higher visitor numbers (traffic). Thus from these visitors now also customers be, it makes sense for free and without obligation to offer some services or services, so that every visitor to the quality and integrity of tenders can convince himself. Potential offers can, for example, various downloads of his (guides, newsletters, E-books etc.). A contact form is also a good way to entice the user to act. Also provided this information, brochures, news and downloads decide with, whether from the visitors to the website are ultimately revenue-generating customers. For more information see Pete Cashmore. Successful marketing includes a detailed analysis of the attendance, inquiries, sales and all other relevant data. A resulting statistics show already relatively same weaknesses or gaps that may need to be revised. Inbound marketing thrives so much, that the prospective customers have it easier, find offers, services, or companies in the network. An effective implementation of this strategy requires not only detailed Knowledge of the target groups. Essential keys to success are the textual and graphical elements of the Web page, as well as the accompanying measures (blog, SEO, social media, etc.). Therefore, inbound marketing, the first thought should be communication to the analysis in the hands of professionals like the calor. Rarely, there is a second chance for errors in marketing. In addition, the calor communication provides all necessary measures from the idea to the implementation from a single source, making the entire inbound marketing more effective, cheaper and less time-consuming.

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Cordelia Strategy

Readers can download the tools to develop and implement a strategy from a Web page. A hand and working paper on the topic of strategy development titled strategy guide”has published at Weka Business Media AG, Zurich, the Swiss strategy advisor to Ignaz Furger. In the book the owner of David strategy consulting and partner are 360 pages, one Zurich, the staff and decision makers in the companies practical guidance for the development and implementation of corporate strategies. He explains to them how a strategy project is set up, and guides you step by step through the strategy process from analysis to the planning to the implementation. It is the declared aim of Cordelia: the reader or user shall be enabled to do so, to develop own strategies for your company, to submit to the decision and to implement. d all about the problem. Therefore the author has listed instruments and templates instructions, forms, and templates on a separate Web page also made all in the book. From there, the reader can This download, adapt to their needs and use for their projects. The book of strategy guide”is structured as follows.

In the first chapter, David presents the different approaches of strategic management classic military technocrats until to the approaches of Porter, Hamel and Mintzberg. In doing so, he places a focus on the approach of Hans Ulrich, which sees companies as open, productive and social systems. In Chapter 2, David deals with the basics of strategy development, before he sets out in Chapter 3, what are the advantages of integrated strategy development of the employees actively participate in. In Chapter 4 the experienced strategy consultant and developer, explains the many years worked for the Management Centre St. Gallen was overview the different phases of the strategy development process and the roles of those involved. He places a special focus on the decision-making process. After each phase, who represented, how and what must be decided before the next Attack phase is taken. In chapters 5 to 12, Furger enters intensely on the individual phases of the Strategieentwicklungs-and implementation process.

While he is a sort of timetable on the hand readers how they successfully shape this process in their companies. This means that explains amongst them, what are the key challenges in the various stages; Furthermore, which must be given conditions, to meet with success. Also, the tools are presented, which are used in this phase. Also the concrete approach is described in detail. So, the user will receive”among other scripts for the workshops, which take place at the stage in question. In addition, there are templates for the agenda of the working sessions and checklists for tasks to do that. All these tools can download it along with other information from the Web page and adapt to their needs and complement. In chapter 13 the reader of practical tips on the topic of communication in strategic projects that will receive before Furger concludes “once again ten theses formulated, why the employees the best strategists” are and it is worthwhile to integrate these into the strategy development process. “It is a central thesis: the more staff at the strategy development are involved, all the more smoother and faster implementation runs as a man does what he believes, and he is convinced by a realization that he himself has drawn up.

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Health Strategy

When searching to understand the legal disposals around what the laws turn that regulate the right to the services of health of the worker, considering Law n 8,080, of 19 of September of 1990, in its Article 2 ‘ ‘ the health is a basic right of the human being, having the State to provide the indispensable conditions to its full exerccio’ ‘ (BRAZIL, 2005); e, still observing in lcus as if processes this ‘ ‘ direito’ ‘ , it was born the curiosity in if searching the legal grounds, in order to weave in the distance existing opinion on between the law and the form as the health of the worker is processed in the reality. Of this form, it fits in this article to question ‘ ‘ the exclusion of the health of the worker for the Strategy Health of the Famlia’ ‘ , by means of a bibliographical revision, involving the critical analysis of laws that comes being the anchors of all process that involves the health of the worker. To reflect on the absence of one National Politics with purpose to deal with the health of worker, to observe itself what in Gomeses and Lacaz say to them (2005), regarding not the existence of principles norteadores, lines of direction, strategies, goals sucintas and a professional body technician organized, connected and durable politician, who can guarantee the accomplishment of capable actions of the promotion of the health diligent it, that when being interacted with other sectors of the society, they can be in constant process of feedback, relation to the productive sector of one determined space economic partner. For Lacaz (1997), the Health of the Workers presents a historical scene that if it initiates in the end of years 70, with the field of the knowledge of the relations health/illness-work inside of the Social Medicine Latin American, which constructed its theoretical and metodolgica structure since then, emphasizing itself by means of a programmatical source, what it is placed in the interconnection with the Public Health, the Social Medicine and the Collective Health, what it is differentiated of way such of the Occupational Health and the Medicine it Work..

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