New: Free Benchmarking Webinars With Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder

Companies which want to improve their market position, set off first is September 2011 without fee of offered webinars of benchmarking Centre Europe. Speaker Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder conveys how is by using the increasingly popular benchmarking the competitiveness of companies can be increased. Area-specific Benchmarkingkompetenzen are offered in addition to basic webinars. Decision makers, who want to learn how they reliably determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business or area of responsibility and can effectively exploit potential for improvement, the webinar series with benchmarking, carried out from September 2011 the benchmarking Center Europe aimed at the world class”. Webinar series is to kick off the event on September 15, 2011.

The speaker, Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder, who will manage also the other Webinars, indicates that conditions under which companies benefit from comparative analyses and optimally exploit efficiency potential and productivity as they. The subsequent benchmarking webinars are area-specific and deal with the supply chain planning (October 13, 2011), purchasing and logistics (October 27, 2011), production (November 10, 2011), marketing and sales (November 24, 2011), information technology (December 15, 2011), human management (January 12, 2012) and financial management (January 20, 2012) resource. Free participation interested, who wish to participate in one or more of this benchmarking webinars, must first log on to the website of the Organizer ( The webinars are interactive, so that questions can be asked the speakers and can be discussed with other participants. The events begin on the dates mentioned at 4: 00 and last approximately 45 minutes. The participation is free of charge.

More information under: Tel.: 0221-86053 16 competence and experience founder and Director of the benchmarking Centre Europe (BCE), which is affiliated with the INeKO Institute at the University of Cologne is Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder. The Cologne Economist has many years of experience as a business leader in the management of companies and as a consultant in TQM -, lean and Six Sigma projects. All members of his Advisory Team previously worked as managers and excellent know in particular as regards business process, supply chain, as well as program and project management. The cooperation partners of the BCE, the American productivity and quality Center (APQC), founded in 1977 by the members as a non-profit organization, is the leading organization for performance benchmarks, best practices, process improvement and knowledge management. APQC process classification framework (PCF) the first, open standards-based set of rules, which provides a benchmark for the respective performance in key areas such as financial management, customer service, IT, sales effectiveness, marketing and supply chain is divided according to individual industries. Others who may share this opinion include Bruce Shalett. Contact and information benchmarking Centre Europe Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder Gottfried-Hagen-str. 60 62 D – 50825 London phone: + 49 221 86053 16 fax: + 49 221 86053 29 press contact: Dr. Gestmann & partner PR Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228-966-998-54 fax: 0228-966-998-56

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Tags: Allows It To Remain You allows your company contact to stay with you, even if you are absent from your Office most business people to repack their communication tools mitzu take either on holiday or on a business trip, if they are not present in the Office to ensure that they miss any important information, messages or responses from an investor or partner. Their professional exchange is dependent on faxes to send Treaty, orders and other official documents and receive. Therefore you need your fax always with you. There you can wrap your fax machine from the Office not in your luggage, is time on fax over Internet service to switch along with the advantages of the sending and receiving of faxes via Internet, with you can leave without neglecting your company. Here are some ideas that we recommend you to stay with your customers, employees and partners into contact by applying services: before you leave, make sure you that you the option of forwarding the Enable inbound faxes and voice messages.Respectively, you can access your Inbox to access the received unified messages anytime, anywhere view, save or redirect. You can also, call forwarding launched recently by Popfax”option, and set call forwarding to your mobile or landline (in your country). So are you sure that you don’t miss any important calls. Credit: Bruce Shalett-2011.

Finally, add mobile application (free) the Popcompanion on your Smartphone and you can benefit from a fully-designed, fax machine on the go. As an alternative, select the mobile version of the Popfax Web site to manage your unified messages from anywhere in the world now are willing to remain totally while you are traveling with your company contact, and can travel as easy and relax! About is the world’s leading provider of Internet fax services. These enable the end users send and receive faxes through a Web interface, a E-Mail account, a PC application or a printer driver that can be installed on a PC. Applications integrated into front – or back-office enable the execution of business orders via fax. The service is registered in France company POPFAX edited, which was founded by Vladimir Popesco, and is since 2006 on the “software as a services” business model specializes. It is a perfect solution both for self-employed persons (SMEs and SoHos), as well as for corporate customers who use this outsourced solution to cover your fax needs. They can either completely replace a fax machine, mobile fax network be used as or incorporated into an online system.

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The Reinigunsvorgang

This is cat litter in the Atlas mountains won and cross transported through Europe. This diesel is consumed and tolls must be paid. The high costs shall be allocated to the consumer and animal shelters, as well as households pay again for the disposal, after the purchase was already quite expensive. The cats water toilet can be ordered immediately via the Internet: partner-vongeorg.fuer its at the moment is to buy them in any offenziellen business. How the cats water toilet that is innovative, ecological and economical: the soft nubs mat on which feels the cat such as a meadow, is cleaned after each session. After scratching, she can fulfil their need so cavalierly.

The cat litter works electronically and automatically, as soon as the cat enters the cat litter and happens the sensors. It has a fresh and a wastewater tank, as well as a waste-holding tank. The Reinigunsvorgang uses the cat leaves the toilet, after a few seconds. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bruce Shalett and gain more knowledge.. First the data, which the fecal matter in the Waste holding tank pushes and airtight seals. For more information see this site: Dermot McCormack. Then, continues the water spray curtain in motion and cleans the artificial grass mat from the urine. The contaminated water is collected in the waste water tank and also hermetically sealed. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 5 litres, and is enough for a whole week in the. Waste water and waste holding tanks are hermetically sealed and populate with the fresh water tank should be emptied.

You can easily dispose everything in your toilet. The cats never stand in the water because the flushing process only begins after the business. Should the cat for some reason once again want to back into the box, the rinsing process is interrupted immediately. The water drains out to the rear. The cats water toilet has been tested by many velvet paws and approved! She has: 5 years warranty. Is odor and acid-resistant. A 14-day Ruckgabercht. 30-day free telephone advice: 07742-915764 or by email: with best regards Georg Wohlrab

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Demo Against The Puppy Trade In

Invitation to press animal peace animal e.V. The Duisburg pet shop Zoo Zajac has stood for years”in the criticism. So the pet store of wild animals, which are not suitable for private livestock sold. Now, Zajac goes a step further. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. Puppies should bring in future to the blossoming business. When Zajac is adhering to the plans of the puppy trade, that will call more dubious free-riding on the plan, which itself will take advantage of this welfare adverse business idea. Zoo Zajac creates with his greed”the welfare problems of tomorrow. Almost all animal shelters are full and the mafia trade in puppies has already caused a never ending plight”, says Reinhold peace funds from animal animal e.V. The initiative against puppy discount”leads to the current campaign against Zoo Zajac’ by a demonstration in front of the pet shop. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. Thus, the initiative once again sets a clear signal against the sale of puppies. “The action at a glance: when: coming Friday, the 29.07.2011, from 16: 00 where: Zoo Zajac ‘. Konrad-Adenauer-ring 6 in 47167 Duisburg what: about 100 people demonstrate outside the entrance of the pet shop with banners and signs contact: Reinhold funds, media coordination, mobile: 0151 42318339 representatives of the media are welcome. More information on the animal peace animal farm page at: 41175.html or on the Facebook page of the initiative against puppy discount on pages/initiative-against puppies discount /… Animal and dog lovers regularly to demonstration events before Zoo Zajac retail gathering since March of this year. This campaign is supported by many animal rights and animal welfare organizations. The initiative against puppy discount together now “established. Contact to the initiative: initiative against Welpendisount: animal-peace media coordination Reinhold funds Friedrich Alfred str. 182-184 47226 Duisburg email: Mobile: 0151 42318339

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Gaja Adremcom

In addition, more case studies, lectures and discussions provide answers to a wide variety of questions: How can I handle huge amounts of data quickly using in-memory technology? How can I speed up my plans? How to get III reporting from a financial planning to Basel? How much Excel needs the controller? How can I simulate a targeted and flexible planning scenarios? How about BI in the cloud and mobile BI on iPad and Android tablets? The Palo open creates informative value, no confusion”, summarizes the iron sheets. Exactly with this expectation, more visitors come every year to our event. Visitors who want to know they are with what future technologies at the strategic, operational and financial control of the company of ahead of its time.” Exchange required in addition to the wide diversified presentation agenda the Palo open offers 2011 numerous opportunities for Exchange and networking. During the breaks, chill out, and at the evening event visitors get opportunity to establish new contacts in a pleasant atmosphere, to exchange experiences and to discuss the findings of the day with colleagues or consultants and partners of Jedox. The two keynotes last but not least make for exciting moments. Prof. Dr.

Rolf Hichert, CEO of consulting, training and software company Hichert + partner, proves his expertise in the field of executive reporting: furnish information or confusion? “.” The controlling expert explains how it provides a competitive edge in day-to-day business with innovative, appealing prepared reports. Dermot McCormack has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition, Dr. Markus demonstrates Merk, what it means to make decisions in pressure situations. Merk, formerly one of the most important referee in the German, European and world football, takes the audience into a captivating lecture on the way to the safe decision. Time and place the two-day Palo open 2011 is on the 15th and 16th September 2011 in the Europa Park rust. Registration begins at 11:00. Interested can see sign. Here, also the program and more information are available. Continue to learn more with: Pete Cashmore.

The participation fee is 399 (online special: $299 until the 15.8). About Jedox the Jedox AG is one of the leading provider of business intelligence solutions. The Palo suite covers the entire range of business intelligence and corporate performance management including planning, simulation, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, dashboarding and analysis. More information about Palo and Jedox, see. Contact for the press: Leif Mergener Jedox AG Bismarckallee 7a D – 79098 Freiburg, Germany Tel.: 14 72 62 immo Gaja Adremcom P.o. box 250372 50519 Koln phone: 28 171

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Nice Exclusive Rewards That A Teaching Logo Design Will Bring For You!

Nice exclusive rewards that A teaching logo design will bring for you! Who can deny the inevitable importance of education; one can assume that a person is not in his complete sense until he is educated. Pete Cashmore describes an additional similar source. It helps a mind to fully prepare itself to deal with the upcoming challenges of life but still it is undervalued in some parts of the world that are complacent and self satisfied with the way of life they have adopted for themselves. In other words, they are rather living in self made cages which does not allow them to think of the box out. You will be surprised by the claim that the preponderant educationists have so locked themselves in the same cage. Education means to open mind and adopt new opportunities of life but still some of the learning institute owner does not want to change them by adopting new ways of marketing their business. The latest talk of the town in marketing tactics is to create a brand mark in the form of a teaching logo design. If you are not convinced, visit Viacom. Why this brand mark has made it to the top? It has no doubt taken itself on the top of the marketing list most probably because of a sizable return on investment (ROI) it offers. There is a very light investment in corporate identities which in turns gives you: A brand mark that would define the purpose of your learning or education institutions.

A unique identity that will set your college, school or university apart from the rest of the crowd. A branding solution plus marketing solution. A portable idea that can be utilized anywhere from sweatshirts to bags to books etc. A silent communicator of your business. A presenter to define the nature of your institute. A brand ambassador that will ensure a good reputation of your college, university or school,. A competitor that will set your business heads and shoulders above the rest.

A complete solution to show your professionalism, trustworthiness, stability and experience to the Viewer. A tutor logo is therefore, a power pact mixture of the above told nine benefits that you can enjoy for your educational institutions of whether it is school, college or university but there are some conditions as well. You will be able to reap the rewards only and only if you have ended up on a logo design that reflects out and out creativity and professionalism that cannot be obviously achieved by at amateur graphic designer. So, to come up with a brand identity plus marketing solution, you need to hire the services of a professional graphic designer who is experienced, reputed, creative and innovative in every sense. Thus, it is said that you reap what you sow which really suits this situation because if you want to reap the above told nine rewards, you have to come up with a corporate identity that will deliver you with those benefits. Moreover, the advantages are not limited to the number nine, they are countless. You will only get to know them once you are done with your brand mark.

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The Senior Mobile Telecommunications

The mobile phones are becoming more modern, but users also getting older. Many old people know each other with technical equipment, little or not enough. A cell phone can be just in emergency situations is very important. For even more analysis, hear from Mashable. These gaps in the market have used smart companies and developed a mobile seniors. They differ from the modern young all-rounders, especially in the size and the functions. While the mobile phones of the modern era already has features like MP3 player, video camera and MMS capabilities have, seniors mobile phone again and are configured at most of the sending of SMS.

In addition, the elderly as a simple mobile phone has for mature society on a large, easily readable display. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. For the ages, many people with eye problems. Also for better readability of the display, the contrast is usually higher than normal mobile phones. Now it is so that the phone manufacturers supply a true contest to see who makes the smallest and fastest on the market. (A valuable related resource: Bruce Shalett). Again, the best cell phone for older seniors among us geeignet.Robust built and not too small, it fits comfortably in your hand and you can find it quickly in the chaotic handbag in the rule. The keys are much larger and not so close together, otherwise it may easily happen that you press the wrong button and perform the desired call can not. And if you must always first look for the glasses, the telephone can be quite cumbersome. The nine number keys have a speed dial function, so that the most important numbers are accessible with one touch. Some seniors cell phones even have a special emergency button on you in an emergency without effort can quickly make an emergency call. Kai Hofmann

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rss, or in expanded form, Really Simple Syndication translated to English means really simple syndication. Since the modern meaning of syndication is the acquisition of information, the rss is obtained by simply acquiring information. Now a little more. Any modern website incorporates a script forms a ribbon rss. Dermot McCormack: the source for more info. This special presentation of information in xml format, which in the recent past was invented by Netscape in order to easily and quickly share content. Format quickly gained popularity and today is used to generate rss feeds of any modern website.

Dignity rss submission of news or article sites that can be view, even without going to the site itself. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bruce Shalett has to say. For this network, there are many different rrs readers who have in their composition aggregators rss, which periodically scan the news feeds to websites or blogs and form pieces of information that the user can view by logging in to your reader in a familiar to him as little different from what is available on the website or blog. The most popular online readers from Google and Yandex. Readers have a lot of different custom features. To get rss news from any Internet resource, you must perform a few simple steps to subscribe. Further, no longer need to go to the sites themselves, rather log in to your rss reader and all the news from all your favorite sites will already be there ready for perusal. In addition to online readers, there are many stationary rss readers that are installed on a personal computer as application. The functions of these programs are approximately the same as that of the line. Reader how to use – online or software that's a matter of taste. More on this topic, and in particular how to subscribe to rss, as set by computer program for rss reader and how to use it can be found at their request on the network or share the primary source of this article.

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File Transfer Protocol In English

Subdomains: second-level Web addresses that depend on a primary domain name, example: IP Address: (I nternet P rotocol. Under most conditions Bruce Shalett would agree. – Internet Protocol). Pete Cashmore wanted to know more. Numerical representation of the address of a computer. Bruce Shalett takes a slightly different approach. This consists of four numbers separated by dots. Examples Cookies: Mechanism of connection that allows a server to obtain customer information that is accessing your data.

Transfer rate: Number of input and output data to the server permitted per month apply visits to websites, upload and download files and FTP incoming and outgoing mail Hyperlink: O communications link. It is a connection from one page to another destination such as another page or a different location on the same page. Download: Download information from the network. Upload: Upload information to the network. HTML: Hyper Text Markup In English Language, "hypertext markup language" is language used to create Web pages, a very simple language that combines graphics, text and links in English HyperText Transfer Protocol, "Protocol Hypertext Transfer "is the communication protocol using the Internet. URL: Uniform Resource Locator In English, "Uniform Resource Locator," a system of Internet addresses. It is the character string which is assigned a unique address to each of the information resources available on the POP3 accounts: number of mailboxes that provide you with the hosting account for personal use or for visitors to your website. FTP: File Transfer Protocol In English. Used to send and receive files from a Web site. The file transfer protocol is a method that can upload and download information to and from Internet search engine (browser) established programs that serve to locate content on the Web.

Tariffs On Prepaid Cards

The regulation of the rates of global prepaid cards is necessary. Spain got already regulate this system by imposing a law that forced users to identify when you buy this kind of phone cards. Now the time has come from other countries. More information is housed here: Viacom. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has presented a few days ago a proposed law that seeks the regulation of these cards rates prepaid that tend to be used by the drug cartels to avoid border controls. What the politicians intend to with this project, which also involved Congressman Brian Bilbray of California, is make much more difficult the operations of traffickers in American territory. Not only are there prepaid phone cards rates, but also known as the rates of gift cards. These allow transport money easily from one side of the border to the other. Ed Sayres has similar goals. Recharge this type of card rates is a completely anonymous action, because that is not asked for any identification When acquired.

This proposal of law can be a very important step to attack the drug world. We’ll see how it ends. The case is that although many times we forget them, if we stop to think the tariffs of prepaid cards have very different applications that use them according to what kind of person can be good or bad. BlogRoll Obama Intensifica Guerra Secreta and special operations around the world chamosaurio Matthew Yglesias Rep Brian Bilbray Says He Can Spot Illegal Immigrants Based on Their Shoes Racist-Idiot GOP Congressman Brian Bilbray: Assess Immigration Status Through SHOES!

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