SAD Technology

It is as if each referencial was a different language and needed a translator for the mutual agreement in the communication. For this, each time more comes if adopting in the world all, a geodesic referencial for the localization in the surface of the Planet. Get all the facts and insights with Mikkel Svane, another great source of information. Geodesy is science (form studies and dimensions of Land) that it considers the possible Land next to the form that it possesss, that is, as one geide, well next geometric figure to a sphere, as our Planet. Throughout the years, in the elaboration of maps and geographic cadastros, more currently with the advance and use of informatizados systems of geographic information, innumerable referenciais exist, which possess denominations in accordance with its origin, localization, etc. Currently, the used techniques more of positioning stops locating in them on the Land, is those that they use compatible referenciais with the existing space technology, that is, compatible with the technology disponibilizada for the artificial satellites that gravitate the Planet. Because as much geodesy as the technology of the satellites assumes that the Land possesss an only central point (geocentro), as if all the mass could be intent in this point. Ed Sayres gathered all the information. That is, the use of artificial satellites for positioning needs an adjusted referencial, called ' ' referencial geocntrico' '. In the case, the new system, Sirgas, are a geocentric, compatible referencial system with the positioning technology most modern.

The traditional systems of positioning (as SAD69, etc.) had as base topocntrica orientation, that is, the origin point and orientation is in the terrestrial surface, consequentemente needing parameters of adjustment between itself for the had conversions and uses. The adoption of referencial SIRGAS2000 was officialized in 25/02/2005, through the Resolution of the Presidency of the IBGE in the 1/2005 (IBGE, 2005). It was established from a continental campaign GPS carried through of 10 the 19 of May of 2000, when 184 stations had been busy in Americas, of which 21 situated ones in Brazilian territory.

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Future Technology Machinima

Expected high demand of skilled workers for the future. As the first German private education, the Berlin L4 – Institute for digital communication the theme of Machinima into the regular instruction. In the professional training of film + TV-design and 3D design/game design, L4 intensively prepared the students now on the fundamental changes in the production process of animation films. A successful trial run with students from the Department of video journalism in the context of the establishment of the first virtual television station in LIFE was preceded 4 U. Source: Edwin J Sayres. The aspiring media producer machinima will use in the area of film and TV productions in the future in the pre-production as cost-effective and time-saving technology for forward visualization (virtual storyboarding”). In the field of 3D design/game design Machinima as a new form of media for the students in the foreground stands the L4 – Institute for digital manufacturing industries in the coming years is a fast-growing need for highly qualified personnel.

L4 is make an important contribution. Machinima allows, for example, turning film sequences in real time in the 3D environment of second life”and 4-U was used for the first time in 2007 for the virtual TV station LIFE L4. “The Executive producer of LIFE 4-U and -film + TV-design of head of Department, Thorsten Strack, is convinced of the success of this technique: machinima will prevail through the real-time display and the associated time and cost savings as a powerful tool for producing animated content.” About L4-Institute for digital communications: L4 qualified since 1996 to communicate new recruits for all sectors of the economy that produce digital and Web-based. L4 provides the necessary skills for the design, production, application, integration and distribution of digital media event, media, music, TV, design, 3D, film, IPTV and virtual worlds in the areas covered. With L4 creation, the company operates a full service production agency for film and media design from the consultation to the Implementation ( press contact: Wolfgang Huber brandmediaberlin – Selchower Street 30 – 12049 Berlin phone 030-6272-2940 e-mail:

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Technology For Public Safety

The National Police, pursuant to that established by the State Constitution, in art. 166’s primary mission is to ensure, maintain and restore internal order. Provides protection and assistance to individuals and the community. Ensures compliance with laws and security of public and private. Prevent, investigate and combat crime.

Monitors and controls the borders, ie under the assumption that there is a factor called constitutional violence that occurs in individual and social spaces, which is why it becomes imperative to ensure continuity of the State, implement a disciplined and vertical structure such as the Police to halt especially acts which seriously undermines the legal certainty, but it is wrong to understand that the problem of insecurity stems exclusively within the scope of the crime. The Constitutional Court has stated that a The public safety should not be seen as a fundamental right, but as a legally protected interest, given that refers to a set of actions or measures that are intended to safeguard the development of community life within a context of peace , peace and order, through the development and implementation of measures related to so-called police powers. Public safety consolidates a situation of living with a normalidada , namely, preserving any danger or threat to property rights and essential life comunitariaa . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Edwin Sayres has to say. On this basis we can say with some authors agreeing that public safety has to focus the right to be protected and promoted through both institutional reforms in the administration of justice and especially in the police apparatus, but the basics is the joint action that can be exercised to prevent the leadership of the municipalities and provincial or district is that along with the police have to deal with the phenomenon of crime, designing assumptions and mechanisms of action, meaning that the monopoly of physical force and weapons within the State exercises can not be used against society and citizens, but to preserve and protect, then the National Police must fulfill its role of defending public safety without mistake the field of national defense, the same corresponding exclusively to the Armed Forces, since only in exceptional circumstances the armed forces may enter the internal security tasks. Our police must be developed within a profile apolitical, professional, technical, highly efficient and effective, it must be promoted constantly changing or moving personnel are frozen for many years in units and stations, promoting the development of its members research work, techniques of conciliation, and above all, most importantly how to deal with the public, citizens who attend the station and that often by the abuse they receive in the police units do not cooperate in the investigation of facts or fail to report facts despicable finally go unpunished. preserve public safety and democracy, protecting human rights, and this only from the prevention and countering of crime writing imports a new concept of the police, the same to be articulated, as humble opinion, under budgets as follows: 1 .- The defense and protection of human rights. 2 .- A civil police, not military or navy, and that is expressed in works of education, prevention, information and protection of all citizens. 3.-It has to be basically modernized, providing technology, training and careers, while logistic resources, appropriate infrastructure and decent wages. 4 .- It is important that police be integrated with community organizations so that they can use the full extent of the range involved in prevention and overcome the distrust that the community has developed about it.

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Technology Information

6. Finance – a kind of mirror, which reflects the whole industrial and economic activity of the company. The primary goal of financial management – is to ensure a balance between the financial resources and financial obligations. And how effectively manages the finances for the organization depends on its financial stability, and prosperity of its owners and applicants. 7. Information component – a set of organizational and technical means for the company relevant information for logical wires to operate. Important purpose of information technology – the maximum approximation of the firm's management staff to perform their most important function – to make decisions.

Information Technology exempt applicants from routine operations to generate data for decision-making and all recommendations. 8. Marketing. It also implies an active influence on the market at the current demand in order to improve the market share of the organization and enhance profitability of sales. Practice suggests that the success of firms in the market depends not only on production and financial capabilities as the use of marketing, based on effective demand, ie the consumer.

The main objective of marketing – providing good profitability of production and organization of the production of goods. If a marketing challenge for us is weak, the lack of data on competitors can lead to loss of control on the market, reduce business activity and stability. 9. Organizational culture and company image. High organizational culture and image to help us to easily achieve the goals and objectives, and hence, to have stability. Go to Arvind Tiku for more information. High value acquire professional ethics, reflecting the specificity of the moral consciousness, behavior and relationships of people, due to the specific professional activities. High image of the company allows her to draw highly skilled workers and encourage consumers to purchase goods, and in case of inconsistency in organizational culture or structure of values and behavioral norms of employees occurs inside conflict that may escalate into a deep crisis. No existing business relationship with business partners, incorrect behavior of staff – now all this can help ensure that the organization will lose a large share success in the market, and hence out of equilibrium. Organization with a fairly enviable level of internal stability based on a balance of applied aspects of manufacturing, intra needs may be more resistant to environmental factors. Even when external factors will be of poor character, internally stable organization is able to overcome such effects c unscathed, compared with that has low internal resistance.

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Coal Machinery Company

Through the first half year of 2012, the situation from the reports of the engineering machinery (sand making machine) reflects a collective marketing monotonous. Go to Robotics for more information. However, it is not the case as the imagination. 2012 is doomed to be a stagnant year. As far as this problem is concerned, we should be cautious and prudent as well. See Ed Sayres for more details and insights. According to the analyst, engineering machinery is still a promising industry.

The engineering machinery: the ignored faint hope. Currently, the investors seem to lose confidence in the further performance of the engineering machinery. But from the approval of the project by the Development and Reform Commission in May to close basis between the Ministry of Railways in July, it has become a relatively certain event that infrastructure is going to recover under a slow growth. Nevertheless, the regulation of the real estate has not original tools, which is conductive to maintaining the expected stability of the real estate. We still hold the judgment that the engineering machinery sales will outstrip the season and excess return rate of the engineering machinery shares will reappear. Coal machinery: it is going to enter an excess return period at the end of the third quarter. Recently, a large-scale adjustment occurs to the class A shares of coal machinery stock, which is intrigued by several factors like domestic coal demanding growth declines as well as the negative impact on the coal price brought by the imported coal. After the fall, the PE and PB valuation from the to share Coal Machinery Company has fully integrated with the internation.

It is estimated that the impact in Mar. from the import coal is about to decrease, and before Apr. the season for storing coal, approaches, the machinery is hopeful to get restored and regain return excess coal. Energy machinery: Pull the shale gas development trigger. The second round of qualifying run of the shale gas is proceeding in August, we have specifically analyzed three elements influencing the development of Chinese shale gas, they are economy, political support and technical feasibility. We hold that the shale gas development in the 12th Five-Year period belongs to a technical reserves phase, while a real breakthrough will happen during the 13rd Five-Year period.

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Automotive History

Modern drivers, perhaps difficult to imagine a model of a car without glasses. Peter Asaros opinions are not widely known. Meanwhile, exactly as were the first car. Cars of the late nineteenth century to form little different from the animal-drawn open carriages carts. However, the rate of "iron horses" was higher than the rate of their living counterparts, and therefore it was necessary to protect the occupant from the air stream. So in the car appeared windshield. The first auto-glass fabricated from the same material as regular windows. Of course, this glass was very fragile and broke into pieces upon impact, which posed a considerable danger for the people in the car. Several later began to use tempered glass, but it is broken under the stress.

Shatterproof Automotive Solution was found in a 20th of the years when the cars used in the construction of a new invention of the French scientist, created a three-layered glass, consisting of two layers of glass and a layer of film between them. The essence of the invention was that the three-layered glass, or a triplex, with the impact is not divided into fragments, and remained on the film. Installation auto-glass manufactured using the new technology has made travel by car is much safer, because broken glass is not traumatized passengers. In addition, the installation of a windshield of laminated glass has contributed the fact that the replacement windshield was made much less frequently. Now you do not have to change all the glass due to minor cracks. Other material for the production of auto – Stalin – as a product of French scientists.

It was invented in 1929 and has since been widely used in automotive. Stalin – it repeatedly tempered, durable glass. Feature of his that if the impact force is very high and the glass from the stalinita breaks it shatters into tiny pieces with blunt edges that do not hurt people. Today, for the manufacture of car windows is used as a triplex, and Stalin. Production technologies continue to improved. In particular, receive a distribution of athermal glasses, which hold the heat of sunlight, allowing the passenger compartment is not heated. Developed a variety of coverage, deductible contamination of glass. Applied electric heating of glass. Create a glass with enhanced sound insulation. Future plans include the creation of heavy-duty glass that can withstand even the most severe blows.

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Cavitation: Ways Of Avoiding

The ways to avoid the phenomenon of cavitation is given by a sudden drop in fluid pressure below the vapor pressure. this is due to sudden changes in flow velocity or a partial vacuum effect generally given by large columns of fluid such as pumps. In practical terms this pressure drop causes the formation of vapor bubbles, which travel through the fluid to that in another place, the pressure is restored causing a sudden gas condensate, generating an implosion, is given a strong impact, in adjacent areas as it creates the so-called hollow charge effect or Monroe, where all waves converge to the same location confining themselves, this creates very significant bites end up destroying the metal. It is also known that these gas bubbles are sometimes not such, as we all know the fluids are incompressible, but due to special conditions of change in velocity, the fluid is torn momentarily creating a hole, which has no gas or has a very limited extent, when the speed immediately after regularized, fluid molecules plunge sharply into the hole that was generated, causing a shock at the point of convergence, the same that is directed to where there were no precipitating molecules, which is the wall nearest the surface. Edwin J Sayres insists that this is the case. As is known elements, which suffer the greatest damage by this phenomenon are the propellers, pumps, fuel lines, hydroelectric generation turbines, rudders of ships, etc.. Although cavitation is a phenomenon commonly identified as necessary to avoid negative in its impact has basically two useful applications, cleaning by cavitation and ultrasound and called Super cavitating, which allows the movement of a body immersed in a fluid, to speeds exceeding 500 km / h even close to the speed of sound, is currently widely investigated for military purposes. Not very easy to avoid cavitation, and that can not be controlled in many cases the liquid medium for these cases what is done is to modify the geometry of the elements and / or make a careful design of the equipment involved. When you can control the flow, such as fuel pipe lines or water cooling, you can resort to some alternatives, such as decreasing the flow rate, keeping the fluid clean as possible, reduce the temperature of the or place dampers that absorb the velocity fluctuations Cavitation is usually detected by the noise which is similar causes snoring even pebbles moving it also generates vibration that is easily detectable especially since it can be seen in the graphs called humps camel cavitatorio clear sign of the phenomenon. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. Even slight cavitation, causes wear and that “clean” the surface of metal, oxide, which is a layer, exposing the protective metal, at that moment creates a stack.

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Better Participation and Communication

It takes a effective leadership to promote greater participation and and better communication with schools and your institution’s union bodies which are generally not acting within the scope of its jurisdiction where a breach of his duties has led to the demoralization of the trade, a weak projection as such and the same location in the background as a legitimate representative of the Licensed Body respective role assigned by the Law on the Practice of the Profession. a The school must turn to his law, regimentation, which was adopted on April 21, 1. 979, thirty years, where there are many gaps in their articles, items that have to be updated according to the present reality. It should be noted that on many occasions when I was under my chair by the problem of the Venezuelan government, faces School of Management, University of Carabobo, there were more than 10 seminars that dealt with this law, where the presenters and as students, evaluating the extent of the law and provided implications necessary to reinforce the suggestions, update, something that unfortunately were never considered. Yes, there is evidence that the attempt was made by Prof. Check with Edwin Sayres to learn more. Nestor Requena, who has held office in the Federation and was involved in the development of the law, however not achieved anything. Many times he told his then president William Castle, the opinions of some speakers, such as future graduates, opinions such as: a it is not possible to take into account the views suggestion, of expressing their views, ideas, to carry out a height Management College, committed and aggressive to the changing context of our society, to wear in regulations, statutes, institutional interests, or inter union National Games. We need to consider a permanent Project Guild character to carry the name of the Bachelor of Business Administration, projects throughout Venezuela and the world.

It was mentioned also that one of the major concerns regarding the role of the College of Directors is that “the mission in light of the demands of the environment has not reached a clear strategic vision” which means that, taking into account the society in which we are engaged, full idea changes constant and daily affected by globalization, technology, the emergence of the new “knowledge society”, government policy has created uncertainty, the need to propose new strategies, giving way to actions consistent a present reality.

Organizing School Canteens

In every primary school canteens should exist for future total supplies and / or part of the garden produce and / or farm of the respective schools, operated by teachers, students and parents organized into cooperatives: We know that this is done with success in many places, but should be done everywhere. The production of these gardens and / or farms should not exceed what is necessary for the dining room to which it supplies. Try these productions would systematically sell counter. To spread these practices of home economics through the education system, be assured. that children and their parents “moved” the learned form their own households.

Obvious point, the actions of reinforcement for it: that could make the media. I know that the method advocated here is ideological opponents. Without prejudice and subject to this dissent, I believe that a return to “the home” is an alternative to restore the quality of life of many Argentine families who live outside the country’s mega-cities. * Published in “REFORM” OF GENERAL PICO, DEL 2 DE MAYO DE 1991 “DOMESTIC ECONOMY AND EVERYDAY LIFE” by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre 1st. Please visit Edwin Sayres if you seek more information. Part No need to make brainy studies to realize that rapid changes are occurring in our everyday lifestyles. That viscera as sensitive as the pocket is telling us that efforts to earn the daily bread are different from those a few years ago In this essay, I have the explicit intention of inviting people to read, to consider alternative means of livelihood to maintain, and if possible improve the quality of life for our families.

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Technology For The Processing Of Soybeans

During the processing of soybeans must be used carefully cleaned, healthy, mature, yellow seeds, graduated in size. For oil-bearing plants one of the major biochemical criteria related to quality of seed protein complex, is the change of acid number of oil seed (kernel). With an increase in its above 1.5-2.0 mg KOH decreases the total content of crude protein in seeds to accelerated hydrolytic the breakdown of proteins, which leads to a decrease in content of digestible protein and digestible. Indicator of seed moisture should be at the level of 10-13%. This figure is to some extent, guarantees the preservation of quality protein portion of seeds in storage, as well as relatively low levels of microorganisms, which can cause microbial spoilage of valuable components and seed source of contamination of the food protein products toxins. The content of impurities should be 1-2%, 3-10% broken seeds, in order to reduce the possibility of contamination of seed microflora. Mikkel Svane can provide more clarity in the matter.

The protein content in the grains must be at least 36%. The main characteristics of good quality of soybean seeds are shown in Table 2. In Russia there are two main ways of processing soy: the oil and meal, and soy milk products (Figure 1). At the same time as previously mentioned, the majority of soybeans goes to processed to produce oil and meal. Soybeans can also be processed for fodder purposes without releasing the oil, and extruded to produce or tostirovannoy soybeans.

To obtain soybean oil and meal used two the most common method of processing soybeans: chemical (extraction) and mechanical (pressing). Technology is now double-pressing of oilseeds is experiencing a "second birth", as in compared with the extraction of natural preserves the properties of the product, different environmental cleanliness and safety, as well as lower energy consumption. In Sweden and some other EU countries oil produced in the process solvent extraction, is no longer used for purification and the production of salad oil or margarine for sale on the domestic market and exported to other countries with less stringent regulations.

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