Social Sciences

Sustainable development and support are terms today known world-wide, even so either a relatively new term in the vocabulary of the politics and of Social Sciences contemporaries, its origins retrace to the last century. The notion of sustainable development unites the interest for the environment and the ambient protection with obligations to the generations future human beings gifts and. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. (LENZI, Cristiano Luiz. Ambient sociology: Risk and Support in Modernity, CAP. 1? p 49) From there that the individual phenomena must be explained from the collective, and not it collective for the individual phenomena. Of where the division of the work to be a social phenomenon that only can be explained by another social phenomenon, as the combination of the volume, material and moral density of a society, being that the only social group that can provide the integration of the individuals in the collective it is the professional corporation. o has said that publicly.

Although the theoreticians of the theory of ecological modernization establishes an interdependence between society and environment, them accepts the existence of different rationalities (ecological, social and economic), governing this relation. Thus modernization assumes different forms as a new concept that brings theoretical contributions for a new branch of sociology. One second source as the set of studies of Social Sciences that they search to analyze the propiciadoras ambient politics of a more ecological standard of production. One third chain that considers the ecological modernization as a program concrete of radical ambient politics. (LENZI, Cristiano Luiz. Ambient sociology: Risk and Support in Modernity, CAP. 1? p 48) In the words of Mol (1995) the ecological modernization is ‘ ‘ an ecological transformation of the process of industrialization in a direction in which the sustentation base can be garantida’ ‘.

Fun And Excitement Sunday Shopping

Lots of offers events and reading the Sunday leisure fun for the whole family. The week is always so quickly over. On Saturday, yet the transactions be made for which you had no time from Monday to Friday. Pete Cashmore can provide more clarity in the matter. Finally, you have to work Yes. Oh that would be great, if you could shop again in peace.But for something you usually only on Sundays has time and there are usually the cities as extinct, the window remain dark and closed the doors. But there is hope! Pretty much every city and occasionally invites for shopping, here e.g. a list with all shopping Sundays in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Here not only the doors of the shops remain open, here you can experience what. Fairs, festivals, car shows and other events go usually associated with such a day. So it is worth to look when next shopping Sunday in your area is. Here, you can enjoy not only all the benefits of shopping on Sundays, but explore the cities of your neighborhood. Usually you know but only one, namely the next and then maybe even the nearest large city, looking for long shopping trips and occasionally. But definitely still a beautifully romantic old market square, a long shopping arcade with breathtaking architecture, or a modern Centre found in your environment with all your favourite brands, which you still don’t know.

Go on a journey of discovery! Pack up your family and get in the car. Make a beautiful and eventful day and enjoy not only have much time shopping, entertainment for the children (and the husband), but also about special offers and promotions. Because the local businesses also know that the cities full of like-minded people are on such days. People who just come in everyday life not to go in the city. This opportunity can of course also the holder not to be missed and are competing for the attention of potential customers. If you now get free offered a glass of Prosecco at the fashion boutique, the Jewelry business has touted additional discount, the third pair of shoes will be given away or the hairdresser located on the market square at the special price cuts and fudges. Surprise yourself and trust. It will be worth. Of course, such a day offers also always a great stage for clubs and groups. So you should take a look in the program of the shopping Sundays necessarily, because often you can watch free screenings of partner cities, children’s gymnastics or show dancing. Also fashion shows are held like if want to unite several shops and present their new collection. So you think because next Sunday, that even if in your town, the curbs are lifted, held in the neighbouring town of perhaps just a Sunday and departs the post. You don’t want to miss that, or? Many visitors at the verkaufsoffen Sunday in Bocholt (Westphalia)

Software Testing

Testbirds Managing Director Georg Hansmann farmer imbus Executive Tilo Linz talking carrot Munchendorf, 22 August 2013 two specialists in the field of software testing is interviewing each other: Georg John farmer 2011 together with Philipp Benkler and Markus Steinhauser the successful Crowdtesting platform of Testbirds established, which he directs with Benkler as Managing Director. Tilo Linz is co-founder and Board at imbus, one of the most prominent specialized service providers for software quality assurance for more than 20 years. Their topics: What are the strengths of both approaches of test outsourcing? How can they be combined? Developments in terms of software testing are to be expected in the future? Georg John Farmer: little experiment: I’m starting a sentence and you complete it. “Tilo Linz and the imbus AG keep crowdbasiertes software testing makes sense, because…” Tilo Linz: it perfectly complements systematic, independent testing of a consulting firm. Hans Bauer: How? Linz: Software testing by an external specialist like Allen, is based on the professional expertise of professional, skilled software testers. And it is namely as a process long before the actual testing, advising software development teams. The test specialists have expertise should be geared to appreciate, like the test and to what extent the best doing it. For even more opinions, read materials from Mashable. You know the relevant legal requirements and the standards which must be respected in the respective industries.

For example, in the medical, automotive or rail technology Yes strict requirements apply. The next steps of the specialists in test: the test procedure plan, define the necessary test cases and provide tools, test environments and test data. Then they automate the test cases. The actual performing or Uncoiling of the prepared tests routine then and thanks to the smallest part of the work often automated tests. Then comes the evaluation. The software maker is also also advise on test experts-based testing, what he and be Development team can do better in the future, so that his product from the outset contains fewer errors.

Aloof Complaint Management

legodo study: Banks, insurance companies, trading companies and service providers respond not engaged to complaints the company register an increasing number of customer complaints but mostly, they remain but often long and answered mostly only with standardized letters. Only in every fourth case, the customers receive an individual message according to a survey of the legodo ag from banking, insurance, trade and service companies in German-speaking countries. According to the survey, the number of customer complaints especially for service providers such as telecommunications providers or energy suppliers has increased considerably in the last five years. Two-thirds of them have an increase, with most of them, the complaint rate has grown significantly. A nearly identical situation exists with the trading companies. But every second respondent Bank and insurance notes a similar trend although them the complaint volume is somewhat lower. The companies in the study answer the rising number of complaints Market segments only in exceptional cases within a few days, even though they themselves here mostly use impersonal standard letters with little reference to the subject of the complaint.

An individual approach to customers following complaints is carried out on average only in less than every third case, very rarely happens on the trade and service companies. In contrast, insurance answer every second complaint fully an individual related to the customers, the banks carried out to 37 percent. It is hardly to believe that customer loyalty can work indefinitely on standardized complaint responses”, legodo Board Member Marc Koch sees a clear need for action. “Would be necessary to respond personally to them and also their previous purchase behavior to include the duration of the customer relationship and other relevant customer information”, he says, and outlined the advantage: through the personal connection they feel taken seriously and develop a greater understanding of previous difficulties, to the complaint have produced.” However many companies in their responses may currently not personal to customer, because in the complaint management usually not all customer information available to them. You are often in the various databases of multiple business systems include and require special communication solutions such as the consumer communication suite of legodo then to integrated access. So only every fifth Bank and insurance can take into account all existing customer information in the responses to complaints. Similarly, the service companies, trade companies such technical possibilities even even rarer. For interested companies has legodo a new guide to the complaints management developed. The practical help is available for free under download.

Modern House – The Newest Plumbing

Difficult to imagine our life without plumbing, which is why people who are completely indifferent to the technology well know the names of the simplest devices, the quality and efficiency which sometimes affect the lives the whole family, prevykshey every day to wash your hands, take showers, wash, and so on. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. Nowadays, plumbing – it's an impressive number of instruments of different color, price, functional categories that help us live in a more comfortable conditions. What are the faucets – knows any of us. This device allows you to adjust water flow, and in addition receive the water the correct temperature. Another function, which also operates quality faucets – is the role of the direction of flow of water to the shower or spout. Attractive appearance showers or kitchen faucets are due to the fact that outside of special coating inside as they are mostly satisfied brass. Invented by William Thomson, mixers, physicist and Alex Manoogian already finalized their faucets and become more familiar features.

Mass production began in the 20 th century. Other leaders such as Sinovation Ventures offer similar insights. Faucets can be broken if we start from their appointment to the types: kitchen faucets, shower mixer, bidet mixer, basin mixer, bath taps and t.d.Esli considered way of mixing fluids, these devices are divided, with separate taps, e and single lever. Also, single-lever faucets are divided into ceramic and sharovye.No most popular are electric models. Because they are made using the latest technology, and offer much more possibilities. Now, to open water, do not need to open the taps for showers. The process of the water supply starts automatically as soon as a signal sent to an optical or capacitive sensor. And even more, shower faucet, for example, are equipped with memory on certain dimensions of temperature and pressure. And one more important detail of this additional decorative features. New shower units can be jet, illuminated in different colors, and in addition is, and musical accompaniment. But, and these mixers also have their disadvantages: the dependence on electricity as well as dorogovizna.Ostalnye Damixa single lever kitchen or double wishbone more reliable and easy to use, for this reason they are actively sold worldwide, as well as in .I keep in mind that quality faucets – a guarantee of comfort and cleanliness in your home, in addition to peace of mind all family members.

Madrid Manager

Jose Mourinho, since June the maximum authority of the Madrid sports, said yesterday that if Sahin and best have not debuted yet not responsibility yours but for the doctors who make revisions prior to the signings. I.e. He drew services of Sanitas, the insurance company that sponsors to Madrid since 2001. A manager is not a medical doctor, said Mourinho. He is a manager.

And responsibility of the manager are not the medical exams that are made to the players before being filed. The responsibility of the manager is to know what is a good business. And a good business is a player, injured or not injured, contract ends and comes at zero cost. While the injured today will not be injured in a couple of months. If you take a quality as best player is with the warranty of your medical department that won’t have any limitation and will be butt for their functions. Source of the news:: technician of Madrid drew Sanitas

Special Offers

Photo Flash maker Platinum + Photo DVD Maker AnvSoft Inc. is a leading multimedia software company, it is now a product bundle for Christmas: Photo Flash maker Platinum + Photo DVD Maker. Get the bundle for Christmas worth only 44.95 and save 41.95. Photo Flash maker Platinum and Photo DVD Maker slide show programs are both. With both, you can create beautiful slideshows. Photo Flash maker Platinum is the Platinum version of Photo Flash maker professional. It is a slide show program and offers numerous and beautiful Flash templates including basic templates, advanced templates, Web album templates, 3D templates and video templates. Kai-Fu Lee understood the implications. With photo can create stunning slideshow with background music, FLV video clips, transitions, effects, text, etc.

Flash maker PLATIUM. Recently Steve Wozniak sought to clarify these questions. Then you can save the beautiful slideshow as SWF Flash file on your computer, as a gift burn Bloger, Wnidows live space, etc. on CD/DVD, to our free Web album Go2Album or social Web sites as well as MySpace, Friendster, embed the upload and share with others, even in your own website. More. Main features of Photo Flash maker Platinum creates slide show with background music and text SWF FLV video clips add numerous beautiful transitions and effects slideshow to CD/DVD as a gift burn slideshow on Go2Album,… upload MySpace, blogger, Windows Live space, and share slideshow embed in your own website high speed and excellent image quality, professional attitude and user-friendly Photo DVD Maker creates beautiful photo slideshows with background music, Transitions, effects, text, etc.

That can create slide shows on DVD/VCD burning to watch on TV, on iPod, PSP, mobile phones, etc. transferred on YouTube and MySpace, can upload and save in FLV, MPEG, AVI video formats, so that you can see them somewhere and somehow. It is easy and fun for you to create photo slideshows with Photo DVD Maker. More. Main features of Photo DVD Maker slide show with background music, text, and transitions create video clips added to preview – pictures & Flash slideshow for iPod, PSP, mobile phones create videos DVD slideshow for viewing on TV, etc. Create Slideshow in different video formats, as well as FLV, MPEG, AVI, etc. create burn on Blu-ray disc HD264 video movies burn that both slide show programs are easy to use. If you only one these two programs to buy, will cost Photo Flash maker Platinum 34.95, Photo DVD Maker 34.95. And the bundle of Photo Flash maker Platinum and Photo DVD Maker costs just 44.95. hesitation you sure not to buy the low-priced bundle. For more information about special offers for Christmas by AnvSoft, see corporate information / short profile: AnvSoft Inc. is a multimedia software company.

Software Developers

Also ITech progress still looking for qualified IT professionals IT consultants and software developers have good cards in the search for their dream job / also ITech progress still looking for qualified IT professionals. The number of vacancies in the IT sector is still consistently high. So professionals are sought mainly for software development in an average of 84% of ICT companies. Also consultant have good chances to find your dream job with so much choice. Not less good, it looks for IT professionals at the starting salary, which is generally significantly above the average income of other professional groups. With such a good prognosis, beta software developer and IT consultant confident on the job search and some of their employers expect. ITech progress as IT consulting company and provider of software engineering can also feel the continued positive trend: in recent years, since the company was founded in 2004, there was an increase of an average 2.5 IT staff every year.

Today, ITech has 30 employees progress and further builds on its success. The company offers a continuous exchange of technical work in a real team, an in-house training concept, as well as flexible work schedules that allow much individuality in the career. Currently be searched: junior Java/JEE consultant (m/w) IT consultant (m/w) software architect (m/w) JAVA/JEE software developer (m/w) request analyst (m/f) soft skill trainer (m/f) IT-trainer/consultant (m/w) more information on the career pages: is karriere.html ITech progress also on the next bonding contact fair in Erlangen on 25 and 26 June 2013. messe/erlangen.nsf/web/dieMesse company profile the ITech progress GmbH is specialized on the design and development of software solutions based on innovative software architectures and standards as a consulting company. Leading companies from the areas of public service, banking and IT – services trust their holistic approach.

With a large Their customers in innovative areas such as JAVA/JEE, MDA and software patterns in all stages, from conception, through the design and implementation of quality assurance advises, sense of responsibility, high qualification and best practices. In individual training, coaching and reviews, she like passes their expertise to their customers. In addition, committed ITech progress as a private partner of campuses and is actively involved in the design of certification curricula for software architects.

Futures And Options

The reasons for the popularity of futures and options markets – opportunities for the futures market investors pursuing completely different goals in the financial market. Some members of the futures market – speculators – get profit based on fluctuations in share prices without direct sale of shares themselves, others – hedgers – tend to avoid the risk of price volatility. Hedging of interest to investors who do not chase high returns, and who most importantly reducing the risks. The principle of hedging – a deal in the futures market for the supply of shares in the future by fixing the price of the transaction at the time of purchase / sale contract. Hedging strategy – to sacrifice the opportunity to benefit from favorable price changes in order to obtain protection against adverse price changes. Speculators are looking to retrieve profit from rising or falling futures prices. Gain or loss in both cases is the difference between the purchase price and sale price of the contract. Futures market attracts more aggressive speculators leverage (1:5 – 1:10) (Compare with margin trading in shares) Transactions in the futures market are more profitable than operations in the market of the underlying asset (shares).

This is due, firstly, with 'Leverage effect' – gains and losses in futures trading repeatedly reinforced by the use of so-called leverage. The presence of leverage in futures trading due to the fact that only a small amount of money (known as initial margin) is required in order to buy or sell a futures contract. Secondly, one of the attractive features of futures trading is the same ease with which one can make a profit as at lower prices (by selling contracts), and from raising prices (buying contracts). And thirdly, on the futures market there are no transaction costs that arise when conducting transactions on the stock market (fee use of credit resources and payment of custody and settlement services). Moreover, exchange fees on transactions with futures contracts significantly lower than those in the securities market. WHERE TO APPEAL FUTURES AND OPTIONS The absolute leader of Russian market of futures contracts is the RTS FORTS (Futures & Options on RTS), organized by the Russian Trading System Stock Exchange and the 'St. Petersburg' in September 2001 with April 2002 Index futures and stocks have begun to address and on the MICEX.

RUSSIAN Futures and Options Russian market than currency futures (in USD and Euro) Stock futures turn (on the stocks) and index futures (the values of stock market indices). Stock futures – contracts to buy / sell the most liquid stocks – Gazprom, LUKoil, Surgutneftegaz and Rostelecom. Futures on the indexes are futures on the MICEX index-10 index futures and S & P / RUIX index and S & P / RUIX-OIL (indices calculated by RTS). Options market represented only in FORTS. And it is not on stock options and options on futures (options, concluded on futures on shares of Lukoil, and options on futures concluded on Gazprom shares).

Swarovski Rhinestone

How you today with style in the networked world remains is about what the people least at home forget it is the phone. No wonder it has become so important for many, like a vital organ. It is the better version of a spare brain, where all important information is stored, we we can simply no longer remember or want to. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kai-Fu Lee on most websites. It is today the phone to lose a bigger disaster than the house keys. Who loses the House key, gets the key service, and the whole problem is from the table in an hour. I lose my phone, however several problems hit me. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The mobile reminds me of appointments, tell me wen I when where wanted to meet my friends, let me order tickets and regulate my online banking. And Oh yeah, it also the key service is with the unit call. Translated to the English word smart Smartphone, then you get a smorgasbord of German adjectives. Including words like smart, efficient, nimble and fashionable. Would you one of these words take out what most likely rewrites the Smartphone would you simply don’t comply with the device. It is everything.

In addition to all the great things that are technically can afford a Smartphone, it has risen in the favour of the user nor for any other reason. It has become a status object. Especially teens and twenty-somethings sit on the all-rounders and demonstrate their latest equipment, latest apps, and the latest accessories. As the distinguishing character of the smart phones of various manufacturers is always low, but the urge of users unchanged for individuality and specificity, a lot of people, their iPhone, Samsung, or Sony put aufzupimpen and as personal as possible. Where creativity is needed and the one or other euro can be earned, the offers are not far. Some are still a good value. Hardcovers or cell phone covers, for example. Anyone who has let his cell phone ever fall and had to hear that unmistakable sound of a breaking display glass at impact is located behind has must tolerate questions, why he has not put his device in a hardcover. In response came mostly because it looks simply stupid. Who gives this response, which must hear a lot on the subject of pimp your phone. Because there is finally not only these dreary art leather covers and plastic single slide. The hottest look, as are United not just bling bling lovers but also the it girl, the musician and the tax officer, with shiny rhinestones Swarovski or unique can be achieve. The advantages and / or back of the covers and shells are for applying rhinestones made. Who would have no finished logo, logotype, label or otherwise a common design on its cover, is placed at the heart to try. The Union Jack or the Coca-Cola logo on the cover is quite cool, but who wants to be truly individual who ordered his rhinestones in the Internet, 9417_deu.html among other things here and designed something that it on the world a second time returns. The Smartphone it’s not only on the intrinsic values, but also the appearance. Nevertheless is the buzzword in the global networking world remain, but please with style.