The first smartphone

The first smartphone was designed by IBM in 1992 and was called Simon. Was shown as a concept product that year at COMDEX expo. He was released to the public in 1993 and marketed by BellSouth. Apart from being a mobile phone, it contained calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, address book entries, email, send and receive FAX and included games. I had no physical buttons to dial. In place using a touch screen to select the contacts or the finger to create facsimiles and memos with an optional stylus. The text was entered with a keypad included in the predictive display. By the standards of today, the Simon away from a serious low-end phone.
The Nokia 9000, released in 1996, was listed as a communicator, but it was arguably the first in a line of smartphones. The Ericsson R380 was sold as a “smartphone”, but I could not run native applications of third parties. While the Nokia 9210 was arguably the first smart phone operating system, Nokia continued as referring to the communicator.
While the Nokia 7650 (announced in 2001) was referred to as a “smart phone” in the media and is now called “smartphone” on the Nokia support site, the press called it a phone for the photo field. The term gain credentials in 2002 when Microsoft announced its mobile operating system, then known as “Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone 2002.”
More than 1000 million cell phones with camera will be sold in 2008. Smartphones with full support for e-mail represents about 10 to 100 million units.

Usability News
The main factor for the phone users to choose a new mobile phone is its ease of use.
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If the global economic downturn can be credited with a positive result, it is the realization of the cellular tech giants that they can no longer afford this struggle.
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555 million subscriptions to GSM Technologies in America at the end of first quarter 2009
Taiwan-based Acer launched a series of smart phones for the Asia-Pacific region, yesterday, to bridge the gap between its popular netbook business and handheld company. Managers said Acer was banking on her experience as a leading brand computer to get a share of the ever-crowded smartphone market ….

On mobile devices and embedded systems

LG Viewty Smart photo. LG Viewty GC900 Smart Update function is the Free cell phones LG Viewty KU990, a Motorola cell phone that LG has sold over 6 million and half units. The new LG Viewty is a mobile Smart multitactil wireless providers capacitive screen is 12.4 mm thick and weighs 90 grams. Incorporpora a camera, 8 megapixels complemented with a smart shot to HTC facilitate implementation of good pictures by analyzing the mobile phones scene and adjusting the adjustment camera settings. Java applets are cell phones programs embedded in other applications, typically a Web page that is displayed in a browser.
import java.applet.Applet
import java.awt.Graphics
public class Hello extends you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans Applet (
public void paint (Graphics gc) (
gc.drawString ( “Hello, world!”, 65, 95)
cell phones )

cellular phones Hello World Applet

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The ruling import tells the Java compiler to include the java.applet.Applet and java.awt.Graphics classes, to be referenced by name without having to put the full path every time you want to use the source code.
Hello class free phones extends (extends) cellular providers to the Applet class, ie a subclass of it. The Applet class allows the application to display and monitor the state of the applet. all the plans include free cell phones The Applet cellular phone plans class is a component of the AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit), which allows the applet to display a graphical user inteterfaz cellular phones or GUI (Graphical User Interface), and respond to events generated by the user.
Class I overload the method paint (Graphics) inherited from the superclass container (applet in this case) to access the code to draw. The method plans paint () gets a Graphics object that contains the graphic context to draw the applet. The method paint () method call wireless phones drawString (String, int, int) Object Graphics to display the string Hello, world! at the position (65, 96) drawing of the space Nokia allocated to the applet.
The reference to the applet is placed in an HTML document using the label. This label or tag has three attributes: code “Hello” is the slider phone name of the applet, and width “200” height LG “200” sets the width and height candy bar phone respectively of the applet. An applet cellular coverage also can be accommodated within an HTML document using the object, or embed, but the support offered by Web browsers is not uniform.

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This May 30

This May 30 will take place on Mobile Camp Mexico, where through a series of desconferencias be talked about all sorts of topics concerning the development and application design for mobile phones. The appointment will be at the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, which is located at: Av Ricardo Flores Magon No. 1, Col. Nonoalco-Tlatelolco, CP. 06995 Del.Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Distrito Federal. This event is organized by Forum Nokia and the Tequila Valley community are invited and tooodos. Place, date and other data bored Date: May 30 Time: 9:00 am Place: Av

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