Library Science

The case method has a correlation of technical and methodological one at a time, has been successfully applied in many academic disciplines, among which, particularly stand out the law, medicine and management. Herreid (1997) asserts that in law the new decisions, new cases and new rights are set on old decisions; Meanwhile, in medicine, the application of the case method is not very different, a correct diagnosis is constructed from mistakes. The same Herreid (1997) argues that in the Administrative Sciences cases are entered to have a practice or simulation experience and then apply it in the real world of business. The case method can be widely used in the field of library science and information, whose character is multidisciplinary science. We can take as an example areas relating to the management of information, information ethics, right to information, information technologies, policies of information, studies of users, among others. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Many of the above-mentioned subjects cannot grow if they do not take into account or enrich themselves or with a case.

Magazine Library Journal of the American Library Association is a noteworthy example. This magazine has a section called How do you manage where are analyzed and discussed controversial cases taken from the own professional environment. The use of cases is also frequent to resolve ethical dilemmas, Hannabuss (1996) indicates that it is a valid method in the teaching of ethics, it plays a fundamental role among students with different intellectual, moral and professional levels in matters of ethical relevance in the library and information work. Evolution of the case Garvin (2003) method makes a historical recounting of the case method, notes that pioneer was Christopher Columbus Langdell, who attended Harvard Law School from 1851 to 1854, there he worked as a research assistant and librarian at the same time, his main skill was investigate and make summaries. In 1870, the Harvard President, Charles William Eliot, recommends to Langdell to initiate the application of case method in the University.

Russian History

In our country, robots are not yet "won" the farm permanently, but on many farms they are already close to that. For example, in November 2008 in the company "Rus" Perm region was opened dairy complex at 1.5 thousand head of cattle. The milking parlor is a rotating platform with a concrete coating – Carousel Global-90" German company "Westphalia" – where are the cows. Operator carries out its work operations in one place, as moving platform itself to animals. After the end of the milking machine is automatically disabled. Under most conditions Ali Partovi would agree.

According to experts, the process of milking, not to worry about the cows, because the equipment works very delicately. Another new approach to the care of animals used in this farm – milking is the music. Already noticed that the cows prefer the classics. The new approach has at times increase productivity: in particular, the operator no longer need to walk from one animal to another. Modern technology allows more careful with the final product.

For example, the milk is always stay fresh, used milk coolers: here it goes through pipes directly from Burenok, accumulates in a thermos and cools in seconds to 4 degrees. In fact, today we can mechanize virtually all processes. On Many Russian pig units have already implemented automated systems kormorazdachi. The operator should press of a button, and the food starts coming in the trough-feeders. Manually filled only trough for the piglets, because they need individualized care. Watering system of animals can also be automated. In this case, in every cell of low pressure troughs are installed. Their work reminds the tap off water on the train: the animal's nose presses, and moisture is supplied in the right quantity. This advanced approach not only improves productivity and provides good results, he radically changed the notion of work in the countryside. After all, whatever you say, but work on the computer much more pleasant and more prestigious, especially for young people. "People in the village are used to work on the farm – it's like that link. It always has been. But now the idea of farming is changing. And it work the same milkmaid is perceived as a prestigious job ", – says Olga Katasonova, main livestock farms in the village Nekrasovo Beloyarsk urban district (Sverdlovsk region), which also uses the latest technology 2. Thus, construction of modern agricultural decides not just economic but also social problems, restoring people's interest to work on village. And without this, a country like Russia, simply can not exist and develop. 1 2

The Future Of The Cities

When we spoke of important cities come many things at the top to us, perhaps but first of all of them it is exactly those great large cities that overflow infrastructure population of a brutal form by all the places and districts that they have. Perhaps it is not a too buclica vision, but he is really most usual. In addition, there is a very direct relation between more important rivers of the world and all this series of really prominent cities of the world, of being of another way would not have as much emphasis in these aspects, and in fact, everything would be rather easy. He is peculiar like the rivers have given life traditionally to all the populations that have wanted to stand to their side to continue with their life. For that reason it is not to be strange, that for example the first cities of the world, already were constructed between rivers, is not peculiar if we thought that they were small nuclei but with great nautical representation and a rather attractive technology, about this sense, fits the possibility of relating these effects of direct form. Even so, those cities were not later the cities more populated with the world perhaps and for that reason it surprises to think where they arrived or where they remained those that now if they are it, like those that in the past could disappear these will be able to do it in this eventuality. This not must to worry us, since at heart the future of the great cities of the world it does not stop having a very direct relation with the options that we personally want to have for this reason, in our vital stage of development, far from being a preoccupation we center our energies in living the day to day. Original author and source of the article.. More information is housed here: Steve Wozniak.