Somebody that is waited with affection front to that they recognize the value of a competent leader in fact! To evidence innumerable stories of the exploits of who loved everything that it was charged. It is a inenarrvel satisfaction. As those had known that it, – and the ones know that it personally – it gave for ready everything what he started. Nothing did not leave stops backwards. It involved to all of its team forming true mutires of which the results were always best the possible ones. The precision with that it played its tasks relieved headings next to its friends and collaborators beyond the recognition, – not of the authorities but of the population! This yes. Scholar, knew to recognize the value of this citizen who as much contributed as serving.

Come back toward the people and not only to whom they obtain its intentions with agradinhos and puxao of bag! How much to the qualities as leader, its faithful disciples who they say it. Servers whom they had known to use to advantage the chances for it offered. Workers who at different times had had its space to prosper as professional and as citizens! Each one with its individual talent had made of the situation ticket for what today they are. It had who of the pickaxe passed the Operator of Machines! As well as lubricator it got the command of Heavy Machine! Without counting the lies of life to all shared as poke of ears. Of that they last forever. So great wisdom that if to want to enumerate with certainty will give kilometers of road, as for it thought, opened and conserved. looks at that the tools and equipment of the time were not the ones that today are disponibilizadas.

Infantile Education

If we made a trip retrospect for the Infantile Education in Brazil, the decades of 70, 80 and 90, would find one walked sinuosa one between moments, conceptions, authors and pedagogical proposals. Still in years 90, even so the ingression of the women in the work market has increased amazingly, and many of them need a space so that its children are well-taken care of, the School of Infantile Education start to be recognized as place of ' ' educao' '. since then, each time more comes being modified the conception of that the destined Institution the Infantile Education, either assistencialista space, as came being thought since its roots about the French Gardens of Infancy. A leading source for info: Mikkel Svane. In century XXI, the conception appears of the indissocivel relation between educating/to take care of. Although many schools and professionals still separate to the moments ' ' pedaggicos' ' of the moments of ' ' cuidado' ' , as if the children could also separate the affective aspect, of the cognitivo and the physicist, currently, the Infantile Education comes if consolidating as seek area. The interest in this area has been extended, what it favors the formation and perfectioning of the pedagogos for the especificidades of this work. From research, it comes being refined the form of understanding of the world of the children, and its necessities, activities, tricks, attitudes, etc., then they start to be rethink the spaces of care and education of the small pupils in the schools of Infantile Education. If to think about the important quo is the first experience of insertion of the children in the collective spaces of Infantile Education, and in how much its consequences remain ' ' vivos' ' during all the pertaining to school life, we need to understand the aspects distinguish that it and to search forms to become it a positive experience. Either for the necessity to have ' ' a place for deixar' ' , because they want ' ' social conviviality with others crianas' ' , or because really they believe the importance of the insertion of its children in contexts pertaining to school, many parents trust its children to the educators, and wait of them attitudes that will help the children to be developed.

MySQL Software

Checks the consistency of the OpenCms database, where all identified problems, a report is created (or optionally repairs these problems). By using this tool, you can resolve the most common issues that would lead to an inconsistent state of your database in OpenCms. The latest OCEE version 3.0.2 is a compatibility update for the new OpenCms, 8.0.2. Alkacon OCEE adds features to OpenCms that are required for the operation of OpenCms in medium or large companies and for data consistency, security and failover are highly important. The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions are available as a licensed software product of Alkacon Software GmbH. Alkacon is leading to the development of the Open Source core OpenCms responsible. OCEE is a purely binary software distribution, i.e. More info: Mikkel Svane. the code that packages not available OCEE-.

Alkacon OCEE is installed on the standard OpenCms system. OpenCms is a professional, easy-to-use website content management system by Alkacon Software. OpenCms helps users worldwide to create appealing Web sites quickly and efficiently and to administer. The fully browser based user interface features configurable editors for structured content with defined fields. Alternatively, but also content can be created with a built-in WYSIWYG editor, which is similar to popular Office applications. A comprehensive template engine ensures a corporate layout on the entire Web page and the W3C standard for all content. OpenCms is based on Java and XML technology. Can the software in an open source environment (E.g.

Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL), as well as on commercial components (E.g. Windows NT, IIS, BEA, Run WebLogic, Oracle). As true open source software, OpenCms is royalty-free. Alkacon Software: The Alkacon Software GmbH in Cologne is the driving force in the development of OpenCms. Alkacon Software offers its customers training, support and add-on products for OpenCms. For customers, this means extra safety and comfort in the use of OpenCms in mission-critical systems.

International Calls: Peru

International calls between Peru and Spain are more affordable than ever thanks to new promotions that are launching some phone companies. You have at your disposal a wide range of products that will allow you to significantly minimize the cost of your calls to Latin America. Then we will know some of the many ways:-your direct line: through this system, who calls you from Peru (or any other country in Latin America) pays the communication as if it were you calling a local number. -Virtual Pin: Serves to reload your card and receive more minutes for calls where you want. -Cards prepaid: Latino cards have a cost that part from 6 euros and offers a limited amount of minutes to call (eg. Peru: 300 minutes). You can make the payment through credit card or PayPal via the web, so it is more than easy to manage the balance of your telephone consumption. So if you do not wish to receive surprises in your next phone bill, decide for any of these options and start enjoying more bonus minutes or unlimited calls.

Electronic Commerce

Since access to the Internet have become more affordable and popular, people have been trying to take advantage. Many people are successful, many are still trying. There are plenty of scams out there that promise instant riches for just $ 137. The seller of this scam will show proof that their method works by revealing your bank account. Of course, this works for him, but his bank account is not proof that their ideas you will become rich.

It just goes to prove that he is willing to cheat to make him get his money. Why was not going to be rich?, Is taking $ 137 just to tell their story. What is your story? Probably something like creating an electronic book on the market and watch as your money grows. He will tell you, for you to create your ebook, you will pay $ 97 to download the software to create an ebook. To market your ebook, you must purchase your marketing plan for $ 197.

It’s so simple like that. Wow, are not you rich yet?. This is very similar to the old mail order scams about stuffing envelopes. How many people fell for that trick? How did it work this scam? Well someone who pays $ 24.95 for their brochure on the benefits of mail order. When you get the brochure, you know so you can make money, you have to get people to send $ 24.95 for a brochure about the benefits about filling sobres.por mail.

National Curricular Parameters

According to Medeiros (2004, P. Mikkel Svane often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 51), the bibliographical research ' ' she is that one that the book survey searchs and magazines of excellent interest for the research that will be carried through. Its objective is to ahead place the other of the new research and information on the subject of its interesse' '. According to Barros and Lehfeld (2005, P. 87), ' ' to analyze means to search the direction most clarifying of the results of pesquisa' '. To elaborate this article we use the qualitative analysis, from the reading and decomposition of the gotten data, in the confrontation between the studied theories. 2 THEORETICAL RECITAL According to Egypto (2003, P.

13), the sexuality is present in the life of all we, since whom we are born until when we die, and the sexual education happens constantly, of a form or another one. We are always being educated sexually, either in house, with the position and the opinions of parents and children, either by means of the media, attending the programs in the television, reading news articles in the magazines and periodicals, sailing in the Internet. We receive the time all information and a load from ideas and preconceptions regarding the sexuality. We are always educated sexually, despite it does not seem. exactly when also we do not speak on sex we are educating, transmitting the idea of that sex is a forbidden thing, that is not said openly of this, that is not a subject that fits to school (EGYPTO, 2003). In accordance with the National Curricular Parameters (1997, P. 127), the proposal of sexual orientation is characterized for working the clarification and the problematizao of questions that favor the reflection and the ressignificao of the information, emotions and values received and lived in elapsing of the history of each one, that as many times harm the development of its potentialities.

Industrialized Computers of Today

While the former, appeared from the 60s, based his teaching in the printed text distributed to students by mail, the latter reaching its peak in the ’70s and ’80s including also expanded its arsenal of print, audio and video cassette broadcasting, television conferences and the use of computers. In parallel, the learner advisory activities in person, by mail or by telephone. It should be stressed that it did not envisage the use of computer networks. In a question-answer forum Viacom was the first to reply. This is consistent with the characteristics of an instructional system defined as Industrialized Peters, in which the main processes of Design, Production, Assessment and Evaluation are performed sequentially and with a tendency towards overcrowding in terms of the student population served. Such industrialization also means a certain distance of the education system regarding the student as a person.

Apart from the positive elements intrinsic to the Multimedia Modular model, he says Fabio Chacon, high rates of student dropout, low achievement levels, obsolescence of instructional materials that are difficult to change because of rising costs, low interaction between students and between them and teachers. One of the main reasons which he attributes these problems is that the student must work alone, with little opportunity for monitoring and mentoring. On the other hand, if it is to increase interaction strategies based on the tutorials, the distance program is very costly and poorly differentiated face teaching. Telemann Model. In response to the problems of previous models, began to envision a new generation of Distance Education, which may be identified further the instructional process, there is a permanent interaction between people to support the learning process, information Return to the learner is almost immediate, the amount of resources that teachers can have is unlimited and costs per student are lower.

Modern Auto

Motorists can now get the latest HGV on different brands of machines on a daily basis. Was very convenient to do so through various specialized websites that display all the information. Your attention are all the new car market, technical and qualitative parameters, description of different models, the comparative characteristics and many more. Motorsports provide information not only about domestic producers of cars, but also many world-known brands, so if the information is needed about Mitsubishi or Mazda, you should go to the appropriate site. Feature articles by literate experts, will tell in detail about all stages of creating a new model and its testing using special equipment (just testing is an important and crucial moment in the creation of the machine).

Choosing a car – this issue is very crucial, which requires a serious approach, but, unfortunately, is not always enough time trying to get around the city all car showrooms, in this case will most Car Market the best option. Fortunately, today there is no need to go to the other side of town to view all suggested in this market the machine. Now, any motorist can log onto the special website consider the currently available offers and choose the most suitable. This way you define for yourself a few suitable options, and only then go on show cars. Usually, on such Car Market presents detailed technical characteristics of the car, as well as his photography. No matter what brand or model of machine you are not needed, (Nissan and Opel), or perhaps you are not going to buy a new car, in any case Car Market Internet networks – a huge selection of various cars.

Project Library Digital Colombiana

After a year and a half living in the air, the Colombian Digital Library brings together today about 27,000 titles of virtual consultation for those seeking academic and scientific production of the country’s universities. page registers between 5,000 and 10,000 visits a day. University Autonoma of Occidente, Icesi, Santiago de Cali, Rosario, Savannah, national, Minuto de Dios, Salle, North, autonomous from the Caribbean, Eafit, Medellin and Antioquia constantly climbing your material to the portal, which is open access. The largest digital offer focuses on magazine articles: some 20,000 are part of the bag’s content library, of which 14,000 were contributed by the National University. Follow the thesis: 1,750 and 95 percent of them are produced by undergraduate students; Eafit contributed 1,100 and the Universidad de Medellin, 270. The remaining material is cultural, artistic and literary content.

Users, simply, digitan by word or term key topic of your interest and the system returns the results of your search quickly, says Edwin Montoya, Eafit University and coordinator of the Project Library Digital Colombiana. The material you access 24 hours a day, free of charge. The texts of thesis and articles are displayed in its entirety. The thesis that there we deal with all areas of knowledge and to facilitate their incorporation into the network we adopt the policy of accepting these works only in electronic format, and not on paper, says Margarita Lisowska, Director of the library of the University of Rosario and participant in the construction of this project.At year end, it emphasizes Lisowska, expected that 50 universities with their respective productions might be added to the digital library. We will track more consulted to know where academic interests move articles and theses.

The goal is to index all academic and scientific production that will be possible, Montoya stresses. Even, it is already under way the creation a library Digital Latin American project led by Colombia, and which eight countries would part. It is expected to start operating in 2013. The Colombian Digital Library has the support of the Ministry of national education and of the national academic network of advanced technology (Renata). Taken from: the original author time and source of the article

Steklomagnezitovy Sheet, Features And Advantages

Construction at the turn of xx and xxi centuries has made a huge technological step forward: in many ways the move was due to the emergence of fundamentally new materials. One of the most interesting among them – steklomagnezitovy sheet, also known as glass-, Mg-strand board, magnesium, kvl, tel Moreover, this material is so unusual and good that many manufacturers make it beyond the technical name, and under any own brand. Among the professional builders most commonly used form "steklomagnezitovy" or "of glass" and the abbreviation "magnesium." Steklomagnezitovy sheet produced by in China (near the largest deposits of magnesite). It is magnesium carbonate, magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide are up 85 percent of the mass fraction of the material (in the premium and luxury). The submission also contains 5-7 percent Armour fiberglass cloth and an organic filler. The main advantages of glass sheet: – Magneli (magnesium) is very easy: its mass is less than that of plasterboard and gypsum fiber by about 40 percent – steklomagnezitovy sheet has higher performance than standard materials: more physically resistant, has good chemical resistance, resistant to moisture, flammable (G1 for low-grade magnesium and ng for luxury and premium grades) – due to the use of fiberglass mesh magnesium is very flexible and resistant to dynamic loads – soundproofing and thermal insulation of glass sheets is much higher than conventional counterparts – a sheet of glass frost, does not decay and fungus – magnesium is completely harmless: the technology of production steklomagnezitovogo sheet implies the absence of components such as asbestos, gypsum and the like.

Steklomagnezitovy leaf used for decorative purposes: decoration of ceilings, walls, floors, surfaces with large radius of curvature (columns) and even as a construction material for internal walls. Magnesium showed himself very well in finishing bathrooms, showers and toilets because of the ability to resist high humidity, sudden temperature changes, moreover, it provides a good basis for tile. On magnesium is well fall fillers, paints, and various adhesives. The surface of magnesium without additional treatment can hang wallpaper, it can mount plywood, chipboard, plastic, or the designer tile.