Structured CRM – Process: An Email, A Phone Call, A Job

GSD software mbH extends CRM – functionality to the campaign management module Stockheim Neukenroth which provides upper Franconian software manufacturer GSD software mbH its new module DOCUframe campaign management before. Companies and agencies can use this module to better plan direct marketing campaigns, conduct and measure. As easy as heading casually maintains, the user does not of course the order. Not with the new module DOCUframe campaign management of GSD software mbH. But the way is significantly easier to order if it is supported by reliable resources. “CRM can be so simple” CRM is a buzzword, a complex construct of opaque processes is often associated with the. GSD software with process-oriented campaign management CRM software proves that CRM can be quite simple in fact.

“A possible process that paves the way to the customer, can be the combination of an E-Mail followed by a phone call. In case of favourable, a new job is as a result of this CRM process to beech. “, explains GSD Product Manager Roland Santos.” GSD software mbH the GSD software mbH is an independent medium-sized company with about 80 employees. It is a leading provider of integrated business software solutions for the medium-sized businesses in Germany. “Integrated” means, GSD offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of self-developed, precisely coordinated solutions in the areas of ERP / ERP, DMS / CRM, finance and accounting and reporting to. By their openness, the GSD products work extremely well with systems from other manufacturers. Claim of the company is helping customers reduce of existing island solutions and to advance in establishing a comprehensive, timely solution. Contact GSD software mbH Andre Kirchner Ludwig town str. 95 + 97 96342 stock home – Neukenroth phone: + 49 (0) 9265 / 955-0 E-Mail:

Content Maintenance

Content maintenance plays an important role in today's world. Regularly updated content from search engines is making on Internet sites that have been long time no longer updated. Professional Content Manager and Content Provider specializing in care and offer different benefits in this area. It must first class, exclusive content not to be expensive. The absolutely cheapest way to view the contents of his site is up to date "User Generated Content." This refers to content that is created by users. Not only is this kind of content usually free but it offers another advantage: it saves much effort and time that you write should be to spend their own articles and texts.

Therefore, forums and blogs have one key advantage: the user can actively participate in the events and write their own contributions. Thus the website is updated and more and more content will end up on Google and Co.! This laborious work is offered by professional content providers removed. A detailed content advice may also be of decisive advantage. In a content advisory will specify which articles, pictures and other content should be placed in any manner and in what quantity and number. Leave it to chance, they could later regret. Those who intend to establish a profitable should consider Communty also to hire a professional provider for paid posts and blog posts. Because no user likes to write in an empty, inactive forum. Let initial filling your forum "and develop a strategy that will help you get your community going. Once that is done, you take off your visitors for most of the work: the creation of fresh content.

New: Free Benchmarking Webinars With Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder

Companies which want to improve their market position, set off first is September 2011 without fee of offered webinars of benchmarking Centre Europe. Speaker Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder conveys how is by using the increasingly popular benchmarking the competitiveness of companies can be increased. Area-specific Benchmarkingkompetenzen are offered in addition to basic webinars. Decision makers, who want to learn how they reliably determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business or area of responsibility and can effectively exploit potential for improvement, the webinar series with benchmarking, carried out from September 2011 the benchmarking Center Europe aimed at the world class”. Webinar series is to kick off the event on September 15, 2011.

The speaker, Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder, who will manage also the other Webinars, indicates that conditions under which companies benefit from comparative analyses and optimally exploit efficiency potential and productivity as they. The subsequent benchmarking webinars are area-specific and deal with the supply chain planning (October 13, 2011), purchasing and logistics (October 27, 2011), production (November 10, 2011), marketing and sales (November 24, 2011), information technology (December 15, 2011), human management (January 12, 2012) and financial management (January 20, 2012) resource. Free participation interested, who wish to participate in one or more of this benchmarking webinars, must first log on to the website of the Organizer ( The webinars are interactive, so that questions can be asked the speakers and can be discussed with other participants. The events begin on the dates mentioned at 4: 00 and last approximately 45 minutes. The participation is free of charge.

More information under: Tel.: 0221-86053 16 competence and experience founder and Director of the benchmarking Centre Europe (BCE), which is affiliated with the INeKO Institute at the University of Cologne is Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder. The Cologne Economist has many years of experience as a business leader in the management of companies and as a consultant in TQM -, lean and Six Sigma projects. All members of his Advisory Team previously worked as managers and excellent know in particular as regards business process, supply chain, as well as program and project management. The cooperation partners of the BCE, the American productivity and quality Center (APQC), founded in 1977 by the members as a non-profit organization, is the leading organization for performance benchmarks, best practices, process improvement and knowledge management. APQC process classification framework (PCF) the first, open standards-based set of rules, which provides a benchmark for the respective performance in key areas such as financial management, customer service, IT, sales effectiveness, marketing and supply chain is divided according to individual industries. Contact and information benchmarking Centre Europe Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder Gottfried-Hagen-str. 60 62 D – 50825 London phone: + 49 221 86053 16 fax: + 49 221 86053 29 press contact: Dr. Gestmann & partner PR Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228-966-998-54 fax: 0228-966-998-56 Allows It To Remain You allows your company contact to stay with you, even if you are absent from your Office most business people to repack their communication tools mitzu take either on holiday or on a business trip, if they are not present in the Office to ensure that they miss any important information, messages or responses from an investor or partner. Their professional exchange is dependent on faxes to send Treaty, orders and other official documents and receive. Therefore you need your fax always with you. There you can wrap your fax machine from the Office not in your luggage, is time on fax over Internet service to switch along with the advantages of the sending and receiving of faxes via Internet, with you can leave without neglecting your company. Here are some ideas that we recommend you to stay with your customers, employees and partners into contact by applying services: before you leave, make sure you that you the option of forwarding the Enable inbound faxes and voice messages.Respectively, you can access your Inbox to access the received unified messages anytime, anywhere view, save or redirect. You can also, call forwarding launched recently by Popfax”option, and set call forwarding to your mobile or landline (in your country). So are you sure that you don’t miss any important calls.

Finally, add mobile application (free) the Popcompanion on your Smartphone and you can benefit from a fully-designed, fax machine on the go. As an alternative, select the mobile version of the Popfax Web site to manage your unified messages from anywhere in the world now are willing to remain totally while you are traveling with your company contact, and can travel as easy and relax! About is the world’s leading provider of Internet fax services. These enable the end users send and receive faxes through a Web interface, a E-Mail account, a PC application or a printer driver that can be installed on a PC. Applications integrated into front – or back-office enable the execution of business orders via fax. The service is registered in France company POPFAX edited, which was founded by Vladimir Popesco, and is since 2006 on the “software as a services” business model specializes. It is a perfect solution both for self-employed persons (SMEs and SoHos), as well as for corporate customers who use this outsourced solution to cover your fax needs. They can either completely replace a fax machine, mobile fax network be used as or incorporated into an online system.