Diamond Drilling Holes In Concrete Construction And Repair

Often happens in construction need to manufacture openings of various geometric shapes in monolithic and concrete structures, walls and ceilings. These technological openings and openings just required when installing utilities. The holes are necessary for the implementation of installation of various pipelines, electrical and fiber optic cables, laying boxes ventilation, air conditioning systems, heating, installation of equipment for the establishment of systems of microclimate and laying others, the important communication systems. Drilling concrete, brick, concrete or monolithic structures of various specifications – difficult and complicated work. When using the old methods of manufacturing openings using pneumatic hammers and drills appear many uncomfortable and irritating factors for environmental infrastructure: high noise levels, harmful vibration, concrete dust, and piles of construction trash, the possibility of collapsing walls. Yes, and treatment of concrete the old tricks will not make a smooth opening of a given diameter which will be a sad look on a background of already produced decoration. Mikkel Svane often says this. Currently, to solve such problems, is widely used technology of diamond drilling, the use of which solves all the inconvenient moments of making holes in construction materials: drilling while minimizing labor force and time, no risk of damage to structures. The possibility of manufacturing a large number of holes in the shortest period of time.

Cutting and diamond drilling of concrete has a number of technological advantages over the old ways of making holes for installation of utilities through walls and ceilings. Diamond drilling holes in concrete provides accurate, round holes do not require treatment in a wide range of diameters – from 20 millimeters to 1 meter. Diamond drilling holes does not preclude the presence of concrete structure reinforcement of various sections or other metallic elements – all these fragments is easily cut, and the output is the opening round. Drilling Concrete Diamond Core drills possible to produce holes with a depth of more than 2 meters, which can not perform some other technology. Diamond does not create awkward moments for serving staff – works are accompanied by low noise and vibration, and dust clouds when cutting is removed with running water. Depending on the specification bit (Core drill) you can edit not only concrete, but drilling holes in marble, ceramics, asphalt, granite slabs and bricks.