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MaS360 Fiberlink’s software solution ensures the privacy of employees, own iPhones, iPads or Android insert devices in the profession MaS360 by Fiberlink with new privacy settings to protect of private data on mobile devices, Frankfurt am Main, 14 June 2012 iPads, iPhones and Android Smartphones have a trend initiated in the jargon with BYOD, (bring-your-own-device) is called. For many reasons, respect many companies want of their employees (or at least tolerate), to use their own Smartphones or tablets also for professional purposes. Some people however also wonders how far this employer has access to personal data stored on the device, including contact details, movement profiles, private messages or apps installed by the user. The future development depends so BYOD and thus mobile productivity to a considerable extent of, as strictly private and proprietary data on Smartphones can be separated. IT is intended to secure corporate data only on the professional area can access, while private data and apps remain accessible only to the user. Fiberlink, the leading provider of SaS solutions for a secure mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), now offers a feature that protects the personal data on a Smartphone also construed against access by the company’s IT the BYOD privacy settings feature. The MDM stalemate form of the manufacturer’s MaS360 has a simple, but very effective means to make personal information (personally identifiable information PII) on Smartphones and tablets for the IT inaccessible. The administrator selects only the desired “privacy settings”, MaS360 takes care of the rest. Thus, the long-overdue separation in proprietary and private data space is carried out. When dealing with personal information, corporate security policies and regulations for the protection of privacy can cause conflicts. That’s why many see Take the need to remove PII on both professionally and privately used devices accessing IT.