Robert Mezinha

Good night, mezinha wanted! It forgives not to have before come to visit Mrs. I could not. He was a little confused with everything what he happened. But now I am well, and I came to show the Mrs. so that it is certain. I am in the company of vov Lucila, mezinha. It is excellent and takes care of very well of me. It was received who me when I arrived of change.

It cannot come today with me, and asked for that I said that it loves very to all vocs, and that she feels much homesickness. It said that daqui little we will be all together again, but meanwhile does not happen, that they follow in front with faith in God, our father and protector who never abandons in them. Mezinha, I know that you mine has cried very of homesickness. Oh, mother, do not need this not, its bobona! I am excellent, I see. He does not lack nothing to me. I am calm as it never stows before. until my pains had passed, mezinha. This is not wonderful? I feel myself new in leaf.

I felt pain since that I was born, I am not, dear mother? Mrs. always took care of of me. I am thankful, I saw to it very? Mezinha, not to feel pain is a so good sensation. I passed now in the room of my brothers, before I came to see to it. As they had grown mezinha. Marcia already is a young woman and Robert a youngster. I know that vocs they are taking care of very well one of the others. I know that very they are joined. Mother, them very goes to be happy, believes. They go to be somebody in the life and to full to it of pride, Owner Maria. goes to also give many grandsons to it, that they go to run for the house all, fulling this here of much joy. Mezinha, I need to leave now, but I want that he knows that my thought is always in Mrs. Love I you very. I go to delay a little to come back to visit to it, but he does not think that abandoned I it. I never would abandon to it, mezinha. Nor Mrs. nor to my brothers. We only need to wait a little, to congregate all again the family. It sleeps, mezinha. It rests. I know that you she is very tired, and therefore I go to make it an order: – Mezinha, does not need to visit my tomb every day. Mezinha, does not need!

Bussiness Forecast System

For those who use the prognosis as a base envelope that prognosis becomes pursuit? For that they use the prognosis like a point of comparison against the prognosis generated by some other means, the percentage of pursuit of the level of exactitude of the prognosis is smaller generally. Supposing that the prognosis generated by some other means is the one that prevails, 71% only realises a pursuit to him at the exactitude level and 29% only do on the statistical forecast. This is interesting, especially because the statistical forecast is used like a validation of the prognosis generated from another means. For that they use the prognosis like a point of comparison against the prognosis generated by some other means, on which prognosis becomes the pursuit? With the purpose of to understand why the pursuit on the level of exactitude in this scene is generally low, it would be necessary to investigate used means or techniques to generate the prognosis.

For example, it could be that for some organizations this it is a process with low level of formalization or perhaps that prognosis more than a plan is in fact one goal of sales. Recently Bussiness Forecast Systems I present/display to webinar in which Eric Stellwagen vice-president of Bussiness Forecast System shares their vision of because the importance of realising a pursuit at the level of exactitude of I foretell and some keys of how doing it. Within the main reasons to realise a pursuit at the level of exactitude of the prognosis they are: To improve the prognosis process: The pursuit of the level of exactitude of I foretell offers the opportunity to do of the process of I foretell a process of continuous improvement, additional to this it allows the organizations to know that it adds of value and that no. To include the performance goals: The pursuit to exactitude level helps to understand if the obtained exactitude is aligned I put with it of performance of the organization.

Systematic Theology: A Small Introduction

Systematic theology: The Systematic Theology is, strict speaking, the systematization and defense of the express doctrines in the symbols of the church. The expression Systematic Theology came to be understood as ' ' systematic organization of teologia' ' . The objective is to present a clear and organized vision of the main subjects of the Christian faith. Thus, the systematic theology takes the material supplied for the Biblical Theology and Historical and it in sequence arranges it logical under the great headings it theological study. Charles Ryrie, explains that ' ' The systematic theology correlates the data of the Biblical revelation as a whole, systematically to show the complete image of the high-revelation of Deus' ' .

Libanio argues that ' ' systematic theology as brought up to date intelligence of the data of the faith, does not occupy mere in repeating the dogmas, but in becoming understandable and significant the immense patrimony of the life and reflection of cristos' ' . First the great manual of the theology occidental person in direction systematic was organized by the theologian and scholastic philosopher Peter Lombardo (1100-1160). Known as ' ' Four books of sentenas' ' , this workmanship was organized when Lombardo lecionava in the University of Paris for return of century XI. The workmanship is formed by a set of citations/sentences of the Parents of the Church (Patrstica) together with texts of the Sacred Holy Writs. Divided for topics, the first one of four books dealt with the Trindade; as, of the creation and the sin; third, of the incarnation and the Christian life; the room and last book, on the sacramentos and the last days. With effect, the sentences of Peter Lombardo had soon become one of basic books of the medieval philosophical culture, serving of guide for the sprouting of other theological and philosophical works until century XVI.