Temperature Regulation

You can also do to regulate the temperature in the room, taking into account your own schedule. In order to save electricity system allows you to program certain schedule your floor. For example, you go to work, on vacation or just go to sleep, given the program the thermostat lowers the temperature of the heating and the time to return home or wake up, he again warms the air and pick you up the warmth. We touch technology installation of such floors. Note that this type of heating system will not spoil the beauty and uniqueness of your interior as well as "warm floor" placed under 3-5 cm thick concrete screed and thus become invisible to your eyes. The basis of this system is heating cable that converts electricity into heat. It fits around the snake perimeter of the room and, as mentioned above, the "hidden" under a layer of concrete.

During operation, the system heats up the concrete screed, which in turn gives off heat to the environment. An important point is how should be a good cable to the floor could last for a long time. Of course, you must select a heating cable, where the inner vein may be of nichrome, brass, galvanized steel or other material constitutes know-how of the firm. And around the veins should be an insulating material consisting of two to four layers, which not only prevent any strain or cable, but also reduce electromagnetic radiation, produced by this system. For the almost complete absence of electromagnetic radiation, in addition to single cable, in practice, also use two-wire cable because the magnetic fields both lived relatively compensated. Besides working with bipolar cable is much simpler, since there is no need to cable to the top of its installation, as they do with solid. Using the "warm floor" can be as basic and Combined, that is, together with other heating elements, such as radiators.

GUSo Close Strategic Partnership

The GUSo GbR and the d.velop AG have agreed on a strategic partnership. Gescher/Dusseldorf. After the successful cooperation of the two companies for the accident insurance fund Rheinland-Pfalz, where the enterprise content management (ECM) solution d. 3 of the d.velop AG m was easily in the new development GUSo integrated, this partnership is the logical next step. KIRAN develops, implements and manages software for the statutory accident insurance. The new development GUSo will as a pilot project together with the proven ECM solution d.

3 by d.velop at the accident insurance fund Rheinland-Pfalz in normal operation used. The d. 3-integration proceeded without any problems disclosed by the APISchnittstelle of d.velop. The GUSo GbR eleven carriers of statutory accident insurance are involved in 10 accident insurance institutions of the public sector and a trade association. Using the GUSo software around 2,000 workers of the partners serve more than 16 million policyholders and about 290,000 enterprises, schools, kindergartens and Universities.

A million accidents are processed annually with the help of GUSo software about 35 per cent of all accidents in the area of statutory accident insurance. With GUSo we have a partner with extensive experience in the area of statutory accident insurance”, d.velop is happy Board Christoph Pliete. The GUSo team knows the modern accident processing, the legal needs and practical difficulties in the everyday life of the accident insurance institutions. Together with our expertise in the ECMMarkt and our customer-oriented solutions this strategic cooperation for both partners and last but not least the customer will bear fruit.” KIRAN contacted the d.velop AG on a reputable company: for many years, more than 2,000 customers use the ECM solution d. 3 including the German health insurance fund, the Basler Versicherungen, the city of Munich or the Universitatsklinikum Tubingen. D is also GUSo. 3 internal use. With the partnership, GUSo d.velop is technology partner. Both companies are a product-related marketing reconcile and regularly exchange information on the topics of market development, solution development, customer installations. About the d.velop AG: The established in 1992, d.velop AG headquartered in Gescher develops and markets software, document-based business and decision-making processes optimised in organizations. In addition to the strategic platform d. 3 of a modular enterprise content management (ECM) solution developed the d.velop AG ECSpand services product line and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, which complete the functional areas of ECM and DMS. This provided new opportunities to make everyday work easier and more effective. ECSpand core features include importing business data, process-oriented summary file structures, the visualization and format-independent display, as well as the revision-proof storage on certified long term storage media. The substantive quality of the projects based on the knowledge of more than 300 employees of the d.velop group (d.velop AG and d.velop competence center) as well as the approximately 100 worldwide partners in the d.velop competence network. This value was over 610,000 users at more than 2,000 customers. Board of d.velop AG is Christoph Pliete. The company maintains a close partnership with the digital art museum DAM in Berlin and is founder of the ddaa awarded since 2005 (d.velop digital art award).

Bayer AG Client

(Online article) – centraconVirtualization makes the desktop management more flexible and economic (Leverkusen, March 10, 2008) virtualization will according to the market analysts IDC already in a few years the very obvious image of IT belong to. The market researchers at Gartner also see this trend and made a special need in desktop virtualization. They are forecasting that the classic PC applications within the enterprise will soon belong to the past. Even the Butler Group has determined in a recent study that the company increasingly dedicated to a service-based approach for software deployment with the help of virtualization technologies. Beneficiary is in particular the client management, because with the help of this technology a modular administrable landscape is generated, which significantly reduces the resource and produces a significantly higher flexibility in the design of the infrastructure at the same time. But users will benefit because faster and responsiveness with the required applications are supplied”, says centracon CEO of Robert Gallant.

Also, the company could secure significant benefits for themselves because making virtualization cost savings were possible in the client management by up to 70 percent and his organization clearly more flexible leave. The consulting company specializing in innovative client architectures centracon has developed for this purpose a solution concept. centraconVirtualization”frees the company from the previous infrastructure dependency and makes available applications according to individual needs as a service. Both users with fixed workplace and mobile user receive locally provided their desktop and server applications this solution without your own installation. At the same time, centraconVirtualization supports”the strategic intentions of companies to build a future-oriented client architecture modular applied procedure.

The classic architecture concepts cannot offer such a modularization”, describes Galstyan a central difference. CentraconVirtualization”the company but with the flexibility, to carry out a gradual migration of the infrastructure and first of all introduce virtualization technologies for specific groups of users or individual organizational areas”, he outlined the openness to demand entwickelbare possibilities. This the infrastructural processes of change would be in such a way, that no complex strains of working conditions caused by the migration projects. Also the investment burden be stretched with a modular-based innovation strategy for the management of the client”, is called a further advantage of centraconVirtualization gallant”. About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon. Our advice covers in addition to the classical optimization and standardization of Workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, through process and automation infrastructure to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.

Announce Strategic Partnership

Interaction of market-leading technologies important contribution for a smart and order processes integrated management of fleets. ++ Joint press release by software AG and TomTom WORK itCampus ++ Leipzig and Darmstadt, November 17, 2009? Software AG, a leading provider of infrastructure software for business processes, and TomTom WORK, which are the B2B Division of TomTom, is now available as strategic partners work closely together. The know-how of both companies should be bundled with the cooperation to develop a total solution for the intelligent, integrated management of large fleets. Software AG has webMethods product suite’ the world’s leading technologies for the optimization of business processes. TomTom WORK offers simple and innovative solutions for management and control of vehicle fleets of all sizes. In the framework of the strategic partnership of the two companies, these competencies should be merged now. Goal is to enable a holistic integrated approach to the Fleet management to develop and implement together, which takes into account all the order processing business processes and it includes also unforeseen events such as accidents and vehicle breakdowns. The jointly developed concepts and solutions are aimed especially at companies where the field represents a core element of their business model.

The Leipzig software and systems house itCampus, that since April 1, 2009 is a subsidiary of software AG, makes an important contribution to this partnership. itCampus works two years closely with TomTom WORK on the surface design for TomTom WEBFLEET\”, the online solution to the fleet and order management. Ivo Totev, Director of global consulting services of software AG: companies want to optimize their processes using modern and flexible solutions. The cooperation of two market leaders, TomTom and software AG, enables customers, to employ holistic solutions that reduce costs and increase the quality of service.\” Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director TomTom WORK: We look forward to the future cooperation with software AG.

Strategies Properly Plan

Aplan receives A planning software strategy-portfolio innovation product Award 2008 “the Initiative Mittelstand Aplan A for the participation in the Innovation Award 2008 the Initiative Mittelstand with the Signet”Innovative product 2008″rewarded. The software strategy portfolio in the category of business software convinced the jury with its commercial value, innovation and their Mittelstandseignung.Dadurch the product clinched a place in the shortlist under more than 1600 applicants. To assess strategic business portfolio analysis is an unbeatable way to find out in what extent the individual products, programs, or services (strategic business units) in the medium and long term have opportunities in the market. The solution strategy portfolio supports exactly planned strategies. Drawing of graphics was tedious and time consuming, so far can be here soon in a portfolio graphic, whether planned or existing strategy has “Hand and foot”. In one, ideally 9-fields matrix, SGF’s are as balls represented. The position of the balls in the appropriate quadrant shows the placement of the products. Time series (black arrows) show a time meaningful planning.

Strengths weaknesses chart integrated in one can be to change the position of the SGF’s mouse click and played through different strategies. Last, but not least, features the latest version 3.7 trend. So, the career of a product or product group are visible in an image. Existing tables and portfolio graphics are imported simply via “copy and paste” OpenOffice.org/StarOffice or PowerPoint. The legacy strategy portfolio 3.7 was 2004 tested by the Fraunhofer Institute of industrial engineering and organization Sankar, the market study “IT support innovation management”. The study is based on a survey of 38 companies with 45 software solutions and represents functionality, system requirements and conditions. Excerpts of the study as well as graphics are available through. Gabriele Krause Aplan A software distribution

Job Hopping Strategy

The Job Hopping strategy – we see it positively! Romy Meyer has worked as a sales assistant, receptionist, Administrative Assistant, PR Lady and account executive. It moved between various industrial sectors, namely architecture, hospitality industry, justice, transportation and event organisation. So only temporary jobs, would she stamped it to an unstable employee, who knows or a particularly experienced media with great contacts? Job hopping is not viewed more as a disadvantage because people will just mobile and thereby acquire a wide range of skills and abilities, and also experience in various sectors. “All of these factors contribute to that an employee even appointing capable” is and a company can bring numerous benefits. Would what the next candidate? Ralf, designed a great advertisement of Mercedes, went seven months later a new shoe model, which was a real hit, adidas and lanchierte and a year later joined Yahoo and marketed the software to the user base to increase 40%.

The most people would make it from nothing, that this candidate constantly switched job. On the contrary, most people this would make rather like person, if only for a short time. Most of us will have probably not so many significant success in a such a short time frame, but surely you have at least some achievements, where you can be proud of. When it comes to the topic of job hopping, it is important to make statements that make sense. People want to not hear from you, that you have failed, or with other employees have not come out or have no stamina in a job.

Not every job a candidate will be able to present top performance, but a good CV writer can so write every job that he seems still very effective. Because every workplace change brings greater responsibilities, this leads also to a rise in the learning success curve. Three jobs is often regarded in two years by Rekruitern as the bounds of acceptability. If this limit is exceeded, employers expect a normally good reason for constant change. Switching to another sector can for questions about work-life balance as acceptable are viewed, but go in completely different sectors can one again as unstable Jobhopper stamped. For those who have worked abroad, multiple short-term jobs and career gaps represent a problem in a CV of less, which is considered by Rekruitern as a credible reason to have changed jobs several times. The time is important. If you change job every ten years, some companies might think that it lacks you dynamics. If you change every six months jobs, you might be considered a job for a longer period of time unstable and incapable. Recruitment is an expensive process, especially when you consider that recruitment agencies get a candidate to convey often three monthly salaries of a year salary. In every industry there is a period of time after the change of job is considered acceptable. With money you can not really buy the different experiences, candidates with different jobs in a position can bring. They could also shed light on how other companies work or operate as competing companies. Also, companies also know that candidates who had various jobs, are able to work in many different environments and cultures and therefore easily fit into the team.