Points indiscriminately into a house project was a lot. Kitchen sink, guest bathroom and shower on the first floor, bathroom with sink and toilet – to second. Also, the owner provided a sink in the garage, he said, "the dirt at home is not drag, and a separate tap for connecting sprinkler system on the site. So that the peak water consumption has turned out not less than 3 cubic meters hour. Based on the draft layout piping and the number of points indiscriminately, using a computer program, we calculated the required parameters for water-lifting equipment. Catalogue chose a particular brand of pump, suitable for all characteristics. Thus, the downhole pump sqe in full accordance with installation instructions loaded into the bowels of the earth.

Other sites included in the water-lifting equipment (vosmilitrovy membrane tank and Automation, which controls the pump) were installed in a heated basement. And from there made the whole layout of the house. It was decided to perform plastic pipes Altstream with an inner diameter of 1 inch (2.5 cm). It is worth adding that as the valves Vitaly, a great lover of sports cars, chose the ball valves Bugatti. As he says, not so much because of the big names, but because of the legendary reliability.

With regard to choice of faucets for kitchen and bathroom, here Vitaly rely on the taste of his wife. Searching the Internet and reading the forums, the woman decided to choose grohe. Ceteris paribus, this German manufacturer is a world leader in its field. Clean as a tear baby already completely finished equipping a new home and celebrating with his large family house warming, Vitali faced another problem, which before and never thought. At the unassuming look and taste of water, rising from an artesian well, seemed quite clean. However, according to the analysis of ses revealed that up to modern standards, it does not SanPiN falls short. Since the house live small children who are especially sensitive to water quality, the father of the family had to think about the cleaning system and water treatment. Firstly, it was necessary to get rid of the mechanical impurities (sand), which may be harmful to appliances and faucets. Also for human health there is nothing useful in the dissolved gases (hydrogen sulfide) and an excess of iron and hardness salts (calcium and magnesium). Finally, no more than would have been, and disinfection of water – getting rid of pathogens. Searched the entire internet far and wide in search of information, Vitaly finally settled on an effective, though not cheap solution – a multi-stage filtration system. Many domestic firms collect a similar system based on components such prestigious Western manufacturers like Aquapro, Ecowater or Clack. As a result of close contact with Aquatechnology specialists in the basement appeared outlandish design, consisting of aeration columns, filter , filter-softener and ultraviolet sterilizer flow. It can produce per hour for more than two cubic meters of crystal clear water – not only delicious but also useful. Yes, the device is an autonomous system of water supply for the country home – an expensive undertaking. For urban comfort in the bosom of nature, over with clean tap water have to pay a lot of money. But investment in comfort and health of their families always pay off. Press office ooo grundfos "

Shopping Online

How quickly, almost precipitously entered our lives online. And already our children and our mothers confidently shake button, sending a letter, seeking a new retseptik reading the article. And how much less it became personal, free time for women, even compared with the measured life of our parents. We have no time to go to the movies – we download movies, once we read – we watch the news on the network, we have no time to buy – we order in online stores for almost everything. Yes, it is still fairly new phenomenon for Russia – online clothing store and shoe seems to be firmly entrenched in the lives of women and the large cities and remote villages. Active woman and rabotatet, and educates children and watching the house, and helps native, often also leads an additional job or business, and distance from work to home and shop more, and, therefore, time for the classic trek to the store is not so much.

And how annoying it is for the lost time allocated per day for a visit to a clothing store and go home with nothing. Much easier to sit in the evening at the computer and order the desired . there is a fair question – and how fitting, and not suddenly bring that size, but if you do not like it or not this color? "Of course, there's always a choice for the buyer – whether to take a courier online clothing store ordered thing ichi no. But you want to be approached. So we offer a few advice to those who order clothes online stores. 1. Carefully read the description – of what made the thing, what size range (if you have the extreme dimensions of this series, – there is a chance that the thing will not work – and will not compare with anything – just no more or less), and who the manufacturer of the garment.

2. Call or write the store manager and ask for clothes-fits whether or not a garment to your specific height, the volume of the chest, waist and hips. Ask whether the material is stretched, whether there is a part of lycra or elastane. 3. Pay attention to the clothing of the Russian manufacturers – often now, our clothes are sewn quality, soundly and correctly, than the cheap Chinese or Turkish. All Russian manufacturers adhere to standards developed based on the size of Russian women is 4. Always read the online internet clothing store, how the exchange or refund. After all, as it happens – we'll buy the thing-like, but at home we look – not the same. The store kind of thing will be within 7 days after purchase, the same law applies to online clothing stores here only have to pay a visit to the courier (but save money and time on his trip). 5. ask for opportunity to bring the two neighboring size – one so fine. And the opportunity to order two or three models to choose from, so do not wait for the second time a courier, if one model is not liked.

Home Theaters

Home theater projectors in this category includes a 16:9 and 16:10 (with the ability to display 4:3 and 5:4), demonstrating improved quality of video images and low noise fan. The demonstration of a computer image. So, you have to determine to which group belongs desired projection. To further the choice of model was simpler, let's get acquainted with the fundamental characteristics of projectors, each of which is particularly important for specific applications. Main characteristics – it is the luminous flux, resolution and contrast. Luminous flux Luminous flux – one of the most important performance projections. The higher light output, especially with large screen sizes can operate the projector and the lower the requirement to darken the room. Unit of measurement of luminous flux is the ANSI-lumens.

Now mikroportativnye projectors weighing 1,0 – 2,4 kg have a luminous flux of 1200 – 2500 ansi lumens – enough for presentations in the negotiations or during seminars and training sessions, video viewing in smaller rooms. Heavy-duty thread 3500 – 6500 ANSI-lumens are models weighing from 3.5 to 15 kg – they can be used in large conference rooms and even movie theaters. When selecting the projector needed to calculate the value of luminous flux to the following factors: the desired image size, dimensions and shape of the room where the projector will be installed, as well as the nature of ambient light. For example, a large but very dark room, you can get big and bright image Using a projector with a relatively low luminous flux.