Control Panel

It is also possible to appear a warning about the use of the computer in mode Insurance, to which you must give click where it says if. Once started in safe mode, what remains now is to reveal hidden files. Before doing so with this quick guide, you must pay attention because you must reverse the process, since when finished cleaning, the hidden files should be hidden as well. The path is: click Start > my computer > tools > folder options. The path is in Windows 7 and Windows Vista: start > Control Panel > folder options. Henceforth, in any operating system Windows is equal. In the Options window’s folder, click the view tab. In the advanced settings box, we look for the option that says show hidden files and folders, mark it with the mouse and must stay with the green dot in the bubble.

In the same box on advanced settings, you must go below and look for the following two options: Hide protected files from the operating system (recommended), and – hide file extension for known file types. Both options will be marked with a green hook, which you must uncheck and leave the boxes blank. Here also should get a warning window, which you must confirm. Ready, click on apply and OK and close that window. They are already hidden operating system completely to expose all the files and folders.

You can corroborate it into my computer, where you will see a number of files or folders as in State of shadows, indicating that they belong to the hidden system files. Now yes, cleaning has been said. In this state of your computer, you must take advantage and scanner your computer not only with anti-virus software, but with the antispyware, antitroyan and if you have CCleaner also you must pass, as well as the cleaner registry cleaner. The result is impressive.After cleaning, must reverse the process of hidden files, marking what had cleared, by unchecking what you had marked and restart the computer in normal mode. If you browse on the Internet several hours daily, it is highly recommended to do this cleaning on a weekly basis, because many web sites send cookies from tracking computers that visit them and they are also stored in the hidden operating system files.

How To Optimize Your Computer

There is a wide range of software for optimization of your PC. There are also different techniques to optimize your computer. Before choosing how we optimize the computer must take some considerations, but the most is whatever benefits we provide and which is a software that has high internal features within the product. Of which are listed as follows: – to correct and heal the empty entries in the Windows Registry – You must create files / folders from backup to System Restore a – Scan with the need to automate scheduled tasks – should be repaired PC Automatically or Manually – Programs should be organized in your Home PC – Software must be a reliable, 100% Safe and free from Virus – and it is important to be easy to handle. All programs that serve to optimize your computer to basically work the same way-to analyze and eliminate record errors. What we need is to inform and to discover which software cleans out the records and is better suited to our needs tp wipe useless files and junk files that they can do vulnerable to need to comply with the following characteristics. – With regard to cleanliness.

– To make a tour of the hard drive, delete duplicate files and entries in the Windows system registry. – With regard to the adjustment. – Change and optimize system settings and increase its performance. – With regard to the files. – Divide, collect, encrypt, decrypt and delete files permanently. – For the Windows settings.

– I defragment the hard drive and files. – And in the optimization with a single click automatically run cleanup drives, Windows registry and Internet settings. Among others. In conclusion should be a useful software for optimization of the PC safe. Feel free to inquire about one of the existing and can be a useful idea.

School Authority

After all, his authority may is more than a dozen employees (depending on the size of school). Here is manifested and psychological skills, and character and leadership ability. It is no secret that, to every person needs its own, separate approach. Just a psychological approach is needed literate art director and in other areas. For example to prove to their superiors that the institution needs to be ordered specifically for this artist, who is in the plan.

Not looking at, what the price for this artist is very high, it is necessary to prove and assure management that it is, what should your customers or guests, and most importantly, an investment profitable. That the work will not go into negative. And then there is a new stage. Embodiment of his thoughts. This is advertising, contracts, search sponesorov, material handling, subjects, respect for riders, design, negotiation, pricing, equipment, lighting, sound Vobschem thorough organization of the event, paying attention to every detail.

More No wonder they say – "Like a ship call, so it will float." Stylistics institution is a major factor in its success. Here is very much part of nuances. Starting from the interior of the institution and ending musical accompaniment. By the way this implies your contingent. Restaurant, nightclub, bar, cafe go to the place which they consider themselves close in rank, or the desired atmosphere of the institution. Ie if representative of the movement "redneck" decided to rest, he would not go to an expensive restaurant or nightclub doroguschy, and peep into the first eatery.

Clean Technology .

I would like to express their vision for the future, what technology will come to us, which way will our civilization. These issues concern everyone who is a little thought about the future. From the beginning We will understand about what we have, our technology in general, now backward, and it harms not only the environment but also ourselves. Millions of cars emit a lot of toxic substances in the big cities it becomes difficult to breathe and they are wrapped always suffocating smog. Our factories and power plants and pollute and poison our rivers lakes and soil. Outdated and space technology, the output of goods into orbit costs a lot of money, but the flight to stars becomes impossible. Destroying the environment we put ourselves in a situation where we all need to make a choice, the choice can only be one, or we will face great difficulties, or we change our technology without destroying the environment of our habitat. And of course the choice falls on those technologies that will not pollute the environment. Such technologies appear to be more to penetrate our lives. By this technique applies to all engines with zero emissions. And one of them and I want to introduce you: This engine is a heat engine, it is lightweight, it has a minimum of moving parts. Uses the sun's energy, but Unlike the solar panels can operate at night. It can be put on the car, ships, submarines, aircraft and even the spacecraft into orbit with the cost of output of goods sharply decreases.

Optimize Windows

Zagruzku loading system slows down service “Background Intelligent service.” In fact, it does nothing useful, it can safely start otklyuchit.Zaydite-do-type msconfig.Pereydite Services tab, locate the ‘Background Intelligent Service‘ and remove galochku.Posle reboot you will see a significant increase in load. 2.Otklyuchaem avtozagruzku.Bolshinstvo torozit systems due to the large number of programs in memory (especially with 256 and less). Basically this is the program that you really are not needed in memory (well, installed the program, and every writer wants to be a program loaded at startup Windows, although it may inappropriately). This action will reduce significant memory consumption. How can I check?. After starting Windows, call the dispatcher tasks and posmorite protsessora.Ona loading should not exceed 4-5%.

Zadumatsya otherwise be on the optimization. 3.Otklyuchaem extra sluzhby.Vot list services that can be disabled if you do not need:-Task Scheduler: Responsible for the launch of certain programs at certain times. For example, you can adjust to every day at a certain time run ‘scandisk’ or ‘defrag’. If such a function not needed, then this service can be disabled. -Messenger: Receives and sends messages sent to the administrator.

If there is no network administrator, you can disable it. -Protected Storage: Protects valuable data, key users. Prohibits unauthorized access. If there is no network (including Internet), or do not care about security, this service can be disabled. -Computer Browser: Updates the list of computers on the network. If you do not have a local network, you can disable. -Event Log: Deals with the fact that keeps a log of system and software developments and events in the security system.