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Many years of partnerships with manufacturers, customers, and employees bear a large part of this success. Augsburg, 02.07.2012: SOS software service celebrates beginning of July the 25th anniversary with a big corporate event and many special offers. Within the last years, the SOS software service GmbH has developed the largest purebred software distributor in the German-speaking countries. SOS software service GmbH is the leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 25 years successfully on the market, dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 manufacturers are supported. Marc Gloning, Managing Director of SOS software service, remembers: we have always the market conditions adapted. Influences from outside and goals that we had set ourselves moderation, have driven then us, where we are now after 25 years. I like to look back on the beginnings of our company and remember the way we have taken so far.” A software supplier all manufacturers the SOS software service is currently working with over 60,000 articles from approx.

700 software manufacturers. The portfolio is updated daily, so that current prices, new releases, price fluctuations, etc. for customers are optimally balanced and maintained. The portfolio is expanding to other articles and manufacturer. The reason for this unusually high diversity lies in the understanding of the self: SOS software service that specialises in obtaining any software. The range does not end when certain products or manufacturers, but evolves daily. A customer asks for a software, which is still not enabled by default, procured these SOS software service, she delivers and picks it up at the same time in the range.

The next request is then served from the standard program pursuant to this article. We are the supplier when it comes to the subject of software procurement and licensing. Hardly a company still cares for expensive software raising themselves. The cost of which is much too expensive. Here we come into play. With 25 years of experience, we can obtain any software and take care of the legally proper licensing.”Mr Joaquim Moreira says dos Santos, CEO, SOS software service GmbH. manufacturer development for producers who want to enter or expand their market share in the German-speaking market is SOS software service as a reliable distributor of software available. With a huge range of resellers SOS can fully cover the market software services, to place new technologies or new products in the market. Where the trained and certified sales team available, which sits close to the customer is first and foremost. Any sales activities are supported by specifically planned and professionally implemented marketing campaigns. In addition SOS customers are connected, software service via various interfaces to the ERP of the Distributor which allows a close and easy collaboration. Figures, data, facts today is the SOS software service as a pure Software distributor in the German-speaking countries set up and a proper balance: 35 employees, distributed at three locations delivery of the entire German-speaking IT channel 700 clean manufacturer 60,000 maintained article software procurement of over 2,000 manufacturers per year online shop with ESD immediately delivery first online product configurator on the market individual delivery and payment agreements, project financing, leasing, etc. Around the anniversary, the SOS software service offered attractive special offers of various manufacturers.