Learning English Today

We are in 2010, internet continues to grow and the language English is becoming increasingly more indispensable. There are many lagoons in our country on this subject, always a little has scared us having to learn another language when we talked about perfectly our and communicate in our environment that gives us the win. But, now the speech is no longer having to learn it because they impose us, it is always more need us to be on time and not stay as stones when it appears on the screen of our computer to any page that is written in English. Already the echo that do us need learn it is the first step towards success, if something is always motivated will make things more easy, then in the small things of every day amazing can do something to improve our English without hearing us. We started with Television, we use both every day, insurance have language selection to use Menu functions, therefore .eligir English as a language. After a week or two we’re going changing also the language our expensive mobile phone, all have English language in your Menu. Already estamo to good point, now We take our GPS or MP3 and do the same. Our clock, if you have one, also we bring in English language and so our photo camera or our video camera.

After 2-3 months we started with the party hardest, we use our computers operating systems if possible in English, the programs that we have or we went down also. I’ve echo, I guarantee that my vocabulary has increased a mogollon’s words and not cost me much fatigue. OK we are ready to use Internet 100%.


To get a perfect and professional finish makeup, it is important to follow a few steps; Let’s see what are these steps to apply makeup in a clean and professional manner. The first step for any makeup is well prepared skin; It is one of the steps more important since this can we either fix the product. We must start with a moisturizer and an eye contour. To get a look good face immediate we apply a pre-basic. The next step will be to implement a make-up base. We will elect the same skin tone base, the purpose of the base is unify the skin, this will apply a makeup base, can be fluid, compact, mousse according to the needs of the skin and the level of coverage you want; how much more fluid is the base more natural will be the result.

Another important when it comes to makeup step are corrections, this step could say that it is what distinguishes a makeup professional one that it is not the corrections must be perfect; We will correct the imperfections and dark circles with the help of a copyeditor. With the corrector We will correct any pimples, spots any imperfections of the skin. The next step is to fix the product that we have applied and prevent shiny throughout the day; to do this we will apply a layer of translucent powder. Translucent powder does not provide color all you get is well clarify skin; We will apply a soft layer on the entire face (also matizaremos contour area) the next step will be to apply a touch of color on the face, this will apply a touch of tanning powder all over your face and just below the cheek bone; with this step we will give contour and shape to the face. To give a touch of juiciness, we will apply the blusher; just where the most high of the cheekbone, we can apply tones like strawberry, peach, cherry, choral the next step will consist in makeup the eyes; to do so there are many options but the important thing will be to implement tones suitable according to the area of the eyelid that we are going to apply makeup. We will give a touch of light in bright tones just below the eyebrow and in the area of the tear; in the mobile eyelid you will be able apply any shadow; Since a nude or mink to a black intense; We have to choose the tones taking into account the moments of the day and the situation. Once we have already makeup eyes can not neglect the step of mascara it; It is a very important step to get an intense look. The next step to achieve a good makeup is makeup lips; to do this we will apply a lip bar. To get an effect of volume in the lips and a look juicy mouth apply a touch of gloss right in the Center the last step will be to enlighten, to do this choose an illuminator product to give light in the areas that we want to promote as the cheekbone, just below the brow, upper lip (if we want to give you volume) with all these steps you will get a perfect makeup step by step.

Construction Waste

At present, a mass of construction wastes in China are directly in open dumps or landfill without any treatment, which not only take up a lot of valuable farmland, but also cost a lot of land acquisition fees, trash fees and building funds. What s more, it causes great harm to the soil, vegetation and water. In addition, because there is a lot of construction waste mixing into the household waste in most of household garbage disposal plants, which seriously affect the service life of the household garbage disposal plants. Due to the high standard of the building of household garbage disposal plant, its running cost is also high. Therefore, the shortage of service life of the household garbage disposal plant is a huge loss for our country. At the same time, the long time stacking also has a serious effect on the environment and the air quality of our daily life.From the theory, the recycling rate of construction waste is very high, and the construction waste is a kind of renewable resources. Through sorting and crushing, the most of the construction wastes can be reused.

For example, after crushing, the brick, stone, concrete and other waste It can replace the natural sand, being used for bonding mortar, plastering mortar, and hitting concrete cushion. After being collecting, the scrap metal can be smelt for making new metal pipes. And the waste bamboo wood can be used for the manufacture of artificial wood. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of construction waste is an effective way to save the resources and protect the ecological environment. So in recent years, especially in construction, building materials production, environmental protection, and the relevant industries, the recycling of construction waste into to begin using, and have produced a certain amount of economic and social benefits. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous mobile crusher manufacturers and suppliers in China. With good quality and excellent performance, Hongxing mobile crusher has made great contribution to the recycling and reusing of construction waste.