April Crisis

ECB responds to the economic crisis with a small gap from the U.S., and they do not let such a broad “plan of salvation. They started the crisis, and they will finish it. I note that according to the saying Trichet, at a recent speeches, their plan is the “enhanced softening credit conditions,” rather than “quantitative easing”, which is practiced by the Fed. Japan. Initial anti-crisis program included the following points: to improve the environment, improving living standards, financial development. It’s simple and concise.

The only thing that kept Japan, so this is a very fast growing rate of the yen, which is only in the recent time, more or less started stabilize at around 100 yen against the U.S. dollar. In April, Japan announced a new anti-crisis program and contributed to its embodiment of the package volume of 15 trillion. yen. Were also corrected the basic direction of crisis management program, which included tax cuts, provide emergency funds to sustain jobs and support the unemployed. China. What can I say about this mysterious country, so this is that someone would be spared a crisis, but for China, this problem seems to be not a problem in itself. China’s anti-crisis program consists of stimulating domestic demand, and strangely enough increase in domestic consumption from month to month speaks for itself.

GDP at the beginning of the crisis has slowed to 6.3%, but then continued its growth. To fight the crisis of China spent $ 4 trillion. yuan, which is about 586 billion U.S. dollars, and not exclude the need for additional injections into the economy. Large reduction in Chinese exports has also been noted and have been all the programs on its increase. It is noteworthy that China also attaches considerable importance unemployment, and the bulk cash infusion is precisely to combat it. China reacted swiftly to the economic crisis, and perhaps one of the first show is actually the first shoots out of it. Recall that China is the largest “glass Banks which have accumulated U.S. dollars, although the internal politics of China carries out the program of gradual of deviation from the “green pieces of paper, at least for the example calculations with Japan in local currency. Russia. Itself Russian anti-crisis program impressively large scale. We will try to contact you to allocate only its main points. Social protection, social security, protection of old jobs and creating new ones, saving industrial and technological potential of the economy – these are measures that are included in the first echelon. Activities to strengthen domestic demand in different directions and the reduction of administrative barriers to business is as well as in other countries, urgent action to combat the crisis.

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