Properties Problems Associated

When cooking at home, during roasting products, housewives used such traditional products such as sunflower oil, butter, and much less ghee. However, the use of each of the these products bears at least some negative aspects: use of unrefined liquid oils (sunflower, corn) leads to the fact that the oil in a frying pan forms a rich foam, sizzling, very much smoke in the event of overheating oil leads to its degradation, toxic and carcinogenic substances; use when roasting products refined liquid oils spared virtually all of the above listed shortcomings, however, as in the case of unrefined oil, when heated the formation of trans isomers of polyunsaturated fatty acids comprising oils, which are attributed to the carcinogenic properties. At still more highly overheated oil decomposes, producing toxic to the body substance acrolein. application for frying food butter is also associated with a number of difficulties in its use. When melting leads to the formation of foam, a large amount of spray (pollution of surface plates, countertops). During direct cooking is often the case sticking of the product. Contact information is here: BCD.

Due to the characteristics fatty acid composition of butter in the frying time, a noticeable decrease in its amount, the oil evaporates. Together with fried products in a human body falls and oil which took place cooking, and therefore cholesterol, the harmful properties of which are widely known (leads to cardiovascular disease). Ghee is excellent for cooking, for its browning, but not without blemish. The main disadvantage of this product is definitely worth the cost to carry it. As is known, ghee obtained from peretaplivaniem butter through its multi-stage remelting, and separation from his various components. In the end, after all these stages, the output of ghee from butter is 70-80% of the initial mass of oil, the result of the high cost of the product. We can not think about another major drawback of all these oils: the high calorie content. For people who care about their weight is very important parameter. Roasting and stewing foods is better to use professional frityurnye and melted butter, free of the above deficiencies.