Soil Degredation

Among the factors that affect soil degradation is erosion caused by rainfall, known as water, causing the formation of gullies (ditches that are produced specifically in soils that have slopes, where they cause the product to drag rainfall flows make increasingly larger dimensions are the same), these gullies rapidly accelerate the degradation. . Filed under: Ali Partovi. Therefore we propose the use of the same to produce silage. Speaking candidly Energy Capital Partners told us the story. Silage as a method of forage conservation and utilization of surplus resources as some have a broad future in the present for feeding dairy cattle, and generally for the rest of the herd, especially if this is going to use their own gullies that form in soils. Silage originated in the 1700s, carrying out this practice of food preservation initially by Algerians and the Spanish. These men kept the leftovers from previous years when their harvests were bountiful in abundance, so did those years that surprise attacks on villages were very common (the time of the conquest), implying that their inhabitants had to leave the people were returning after their food intact and well preserved.

Since then and until now has been doing this practice but with a strong scientific interest and so productive. While the practice of ensiling foods today are not very widespread or deeply rooted, it is undeniable practical use, especially in these times when efficient and diversified use of resources is a necessary and indispensable issue in any company for the health of your economy. In addition to the technique which will explain the use is evidence that can make the gullies in the soil where the degree of erosion is high, which can serve as silos for silage making and are therefore able to stop the ongoing process erosion in them. .