House Plants

Proper lighting for plant Any plant for normal growth and development require light, but as the plants in our homes come from different corners of the globe with different habitat conditions, then the amount of light needed razlichnoe.Vybiraem window for plants in the room with the windows directed to the south will grow well kodieum, Hovea, ficus, gardenia, or Crinum epifillyum. You can also arrange jasmine sambac, beautiful flowering climbing shrub, which requires support for the shoots. In the wall planter near a window will be effectively a small flower Hoya and oporokaktus pletevidny, bell ravnolistny ginura and golden. For a southern window good options for herbal compositions of succulents in pots of miniature-vases. The role of the lace curtains of green plants can play with thin and long shoots, which are well tolerated in direct sunlight. Pete Cashmore usually is spot on.

This tseropegiya, Rhipsalis some more. Next to a window on the floor or on low stilts disposes climbing or climbing vine with special supports for the plants, or simply by means of thin strips so that they all wound the window For example svinchatka Cape, blue passionflower, Sprenger asparagus. Complement the range of plants that are recommended for the southern room, setkreaziya purple, purple zebrina, pelargonium plyuschevidnaya. For the half-shaded facilities oriented to western or eastern side, as large plants, you can select the coffee tree, date, dieffenbachia colorful, attractive monster, mounted on a pedestal. Stands for effective look brunfelsiya, gemantus, dekorativnolistnye begonia-collar, Mason and King.

Rich and choice ampelnyh plants growing well in partial shade: a variety of Gesneriaceae (kolumneya, gipotsirta, eshinantus, epistsiya) Bromeliads (bilbergiya for example) to snag or tree trunk, and also known in the culture of species Epipremnum, Chlorophytum, saxifrage. Visit Energy Capital Partners London for more clarity on the issue. The window can be planted pretty Thunberg, and in the back of the room will be fine tetrastigma feel. About all the plants you can find on the site PLANTS OF ROOMS The rooms overlooking the North Side grow well in shade-tolerant and large hamedoreya, hibiscus, kurkuligo, Fats, Ficus of rubber and cultured on a support and Monstera philodendron. If the room is not too hot, it can be cultivated conifers: cypress, cypress. Of medium-sized plant here will be good sansevieriya, fuchsia, Cleave, aspidistra, euharis, Ruelle, ferns. On the wall, mounted shelves, or in vases ampelnye can grow ligodium, Ficus tiny, peperomiya, Syngonium, Chlorophytum, zebrina, setkreaziya. Spectacular desktop composition can be composed of different kinds uzumbarskoy violets.