Give Flowers

Often come to the flower shop, you can not choose the right bouquet. I would like to propose that the men are a few simple tips for choosing and giving flowers. – Give flowers unexpectedly. Do not wait for a certain day and do not look for a reason. Give flowers for no reason and cause. So your beloved will be pleasantly surprised and bouquet will bring a much more positive emotions than the expected bunch on a certain day.

– Do not forget about other flowers can be Gifts for any occasion, any day. Your loved ones will appreciate this concern. If you give a bouquet of sweetheart as a token of your feelings and she certainly expects you gifts, the mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter did not expect you to such unexpected gifts, and will be happy to double. – Try to impress. Try not to repeat. There are so many colors.

Roses come in many colors, not to mention the varieties. Every time you can give different flavor and thus each time to please his favorite of the new. Typically, most women like flowers delicate shades. – Flowers never bored. A gift of flowers is never banal. Flower arrangements are very diverse, and each flower has its own charm and uniqueness. Florists constantly invent new flowers, new compositions. A gift of flowers will always be to the article and you'll always be able to please the recipient. – To give flowers to the soul. A woman may feel, and give you flowers with all my heart or just doing a favor. Try to give flowers with feeling and will be rewarded. – Refer to a professional florist is very difficult to choose bunch without knowing the basic rules. Florists will always be able to help in the selection and composition. Choosing colors can be difficult for the uninitiated males. Fortunately, you can always use professional help. Consult a professional florist. It tells you how to combine your flower arrangement with a sense of her personality.

Herculean Garden

The form of the waterfall can be arbitrary. d) Dry creek, as an alternative this reservoir is extremely high demand in our conditions. Skillfully done, the dry creek creates a feeling that the water in it just dried up, and the occasional rain will return him to life. Depending on the size of the stones (sand) and the way they lay, he will imitate and a quiet stream, river and mountain photo 6. Technology for creating such a stream is very simple. Lined with a bed pad poured sand or gravel and rake to make a drawing in the form of waves and ripples.

Lack of a dry creek one – from time to time have to restore the picture to fill up the sand (gravel) and spray the surface with water. – the third most important attribute of a Japanese garden. Their selection and arrangement – Herculean task, requiring knowledge of complex laws and regulations create sada.V Japanese garden should dominate shades of green, gray and brown colors. Bright colors interfere tune in to the quiet mode, so the colorful perennials have to give. Should focus on the contrast, the game shapes and textures, light and shadow.

Preference should be given a low, evergreen plants. Just need to put pine sakura photo 7 (or similar to her plum or cherry), and Japanese maple (with elegant palmate leaves, densely reddish in November). For a Japanese garden will suit: juniper, yew, willow, euonymus, barberry, rhododendron, azalea, magnolia, peony, chrysanthemum, fern, host, various cereals, and also used to decorate ponds and iris lotos.Pri compilation of tracks should be considered shades of green: the darker is better placed in the background, and light – on the front.