Name the sport more natural than running. That race is the simplest and most effective way to maintain our body in good physical shape. Thanks to the treadmill, we have the opportunity conduct cross-country training at home in a lack of time or bad weather without sacrificing efficiency. Some vendors have stepped even further. Now you can, without leaving the house, run along mountain trails or the green valleys, and during training to obtain the necessary clues coach of a professional. Buying a treadmill, look at the type of treadmill. In mechanical treadmills blade is driven by man himself.

These tracks do not require electrical connections, they are lightweight, take up little space, is cheaper than electric. Load in them vary only by changing for inclination. Electrical tracks are more expensive, but the blade is driven by an electric motor. The angle of running belt may change the mechanical (the change of support rollers) or electrical (signal from PC) methods. A prerequisite training on treadmills is the presence of an effective system of depreciation, which reduces strain on joints, reducing the risk of injury. Ease of training also depends on sized running belt – wider and longer than the canvas, more comfortable workout. Method for measuring heart rate during exercise. In a question-answer forum Energy Capital Partners was the first to reply. There are three main ways: – Sensor "clip" on the ear (the easiest way, a large error in Compared with other sensors) – sensors on the handlebars (more accurate convenient (no wires) – kardiodatchik chest (the most accurate reading.) training on the functionality of a computer (number of displayed parameters the presence of embedded software and test), depends on how interesting would be your occupation.