Decoration – concepts customised Heilbronn/Leingarten, 07 July 2011: the Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Europe’s largest shipping home for Visual Merchandising, offers an unusual variety in individual decoration materials and concepts for your year-round range design. Different materials and surfaces, influences from the different cultural circles and the latest colour trends have been incorporated in the current collection. Your prior positions are visualized and implemented by individual decoration to customized decoration concepts. Get expert advice and support from concept to implementation as a planning tool for your assortment planning. Through many years of experience, we can handle all materials and customize your desired color trend article.

A wide colour range of current trend colours are available for the fiber glass products available. A Baroque, ornamented with lion heads, magnificent throne is a decorative highlight in every color in their product range. A gold verfrem-deter Moose or a green stag life size are just as conceivable as an ice blue moon in XXL size, or a silver Penguin in the blue Arctic. Also a man large Nutcracker in exclusive colour scheme draws attention to your product range. Read more here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Magnificent and opulent colors are always a highlight and draw attention to themselves. If you have your own wishes and ideas for the arrangement of your goods, you name it: we implement. Our services can you get from the idea to the design and production to building and shipping as a complete package or individual actions. Bobby Sharma Bluestone oftentimes addresses this issue.

We offer also promotional items such as paper bags, balloons or Bijou labels with your company for customer loyalty. A professional full service”from the window to the Center decorations is the Heinrich Woerner GmbH as a competent partner to the side and realized your Dekowunsche. Let yourself be inspired! Plan and your individual ideas, contact us at an early stage so that in time can be implemented. At the Worner-online-shop, you can get a first impression of the diversity, individuality and quality of products. Whether seasonal decoration, special offers, or complete store fittings easily browse and order around the clock. On request, we deliver your goods within 24 hours. The offer of Heinrich Woerner GmbH convinced and invites individual design options. Look under or order our catalogue of autumn winter 2011.

Scandinavian Fashion Of Minimum

Fashion from Scandinavia is the latest trend in fashion minimum fashion enthusiastic with their urban, elegant, expertly with the attention to detail-designed models the self-confident woman of today. Bright colors, noble materials and skillful cuts make the Nordic fashion label growing in popularity. Danish designers focus on femininity, otherness and cool nonchalance. Dermot McCormack: the source for more info. Minimum stands for portable, extravagant models that make every woman to star in the night life, excellent quality and reasonable prices. The knitting – and shirt fashion, which high kill can be in their uniqueness of women’s hearts is suitable for everyday use. Robert Bakish brings even more insight to the discussion. Trendy cardigans with deep V – neckline, blouse, combines with the noble minimum make the woman in the Office also the eye-catcher. Transparent or colourful models can be found here as well, as the purist urban and more classic models, which can be combined with each other wonderfully. You may want to visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone to increase your knowledge.

Also the minimum jacket there in a vast selection. Whether as elegant short Blazer, the winter jackets in many colors and styles, with fur collar and warm fed, provided with small details like concealed zipper or logo patches on the sleeves the minimum presents jacket, the right thing is for every taste and occasion. The minimum jacket is strikingly colorful, or in trendy colors such as Brown, olive and black the ideal complement to the other models of minimum. The minimum jacket is made from high-quality materials and high-quality and are still affordable. Minimum mode offers comfortable casual Chino pants, shorts or jumpsuits in such subtle cuts and colors, emphasizes female feminine and sexy, and yet casual, let their wearer in a very unusual look creative and inpiduell the unique style create. Minimum the girlish and playful, focuses on femininity and refined, that makes fashion the minimum. Minimum mode knows how to tailor the models of women directly to the body, without flourish, yet as a catcher. The Danish designer of minimum show with the minimum mode, the minimum jacket and all their models, that every woman the location is feminine, sexy, unique and extravagant to present themselves.

Can Recycling Is

“Every can counts scored 2013 new records In the fourth year of each box could count”, nearly double the initiative to the beverage can recycling in Austria, their public presence and achieve a new record with 19 million contacts. Mikkel Svane pursues this goal as well. “Because it’s fun” or cans crushing, future creating “is inspired on facebook commented. The Embassy is not only commonly seen, but arrives, is lived and more widespread. An active community exchanges on the ground and on the facebook page, post photos, works with, dance the CanCRUSHRhythm, CRUSHt and collects cans for recycling. “” Each box creates with wit and good humor is one of “a new awareness for recycling cans, because behavior change in the heart, not the head will take place,” white initiative Director Dorothea junk. every can counts exactly is there on-site, where many doses are consumed such as on music and Sport Festival, parties, swimming pools, shopping streets…, to create new rituals right in the action, which the recycling to make a matter of everyday course of beverage cans. 2013 was for every can counts above all in the characters of major festivals, the initiative was so strong here represented, like never before. On 3 major festivals: Olawale, wake of steel and Red Bull Beatboat funny photo contests, interactive games and CanBikes ensured a good atmosphere.

The action can exchange”at the Beatpatrol could 2013 again increase Festival, the recycling rate increased to 2012 40% more per festival-goers. For the promotion of 75 days informed every can counts in the year 2013 also media coverage. Which proved especially successful in every can counts – cinema spot, 9.7 million times seen in December 2013 of Austrian cinema visitors. 3 Million readers were reached with articles and ads from print media. Digital has every can counts further upgraded and is represented in all major social media channels; Facebook, Google + flickr and YouTube achieved global 3.5 million views.

The Latest Nail Design Trends

The website is always worth a visit. On this Web site is all about the tattoo and the piercing the Internet presence is perfect for all women, the value put on beautiful nails. There you can learn about French Nails, show your own fingernails, discuss with other users about the subject of nails and share tips. That wasn’t anything but still long, because as you find the best nail salons in its own environment or can enter his Studio. Also each new trend is presented on the website, the user can watch videos about nails and more. It was never so easier to find out only when a single source on a topic! Many women know French Nails, would also like to have them, but do not even dare to it and therefore often look a nail salon. It found plenty of tips and tricks on your, how you can independently make his fingernails and so also saves money.

With videos you have Way to go step by step to beautiful nails. Something for women, who rarely care for your nails! The category deals, however, with all her fingernails nails on this Web page. What kind of nails for example there, how to treat the skin, how to have polished the nails and files, as it strengthens its brittle nails and more. Very informative and therefore absolutely commendable. Some women look at her nails often, and if you see damage, they would like to know the meaning. With, this is no longer a problem. Any damages are named there and know where wife immediately what’s going on with their fingernails and how you can remedy. Really great but the service is that all user can imagine their own nails.

Quickly took the picture, uploaded and something written and already you can get from others marvel at the Web page. After all, women say always like to, what the operator of this Internet presence has taken into account. Users who look at the nails of others, can comment on the images and texts, which is of course also very nice. So, the adjuster will receive a response. The Forum on the website can be seen, never could read more about nails and discuss. This still is not enough, which should also the blog look, where time and again news are finding and various topics to the nails. Incidentally, yes every woman has ever heard terms around the nails, which don’t really know them. On you will find a glossary in this case, that all terms from A to Z explained well so that no questions remain unfulfilled. Really great and that is why only the shop of operator is listed at the end. The shop provides everything you need for beautiful nails. Because the shop through Amazon, the purchaser has security and can go shopping to your heart’s content and that at least there yes no closing time, which is just for women or mums advantage around the clock on the Internet. Because when it comes to the beauty, you would need to buy a finally under stress!

Swarovski Rhinestone

How you today with style in the networked world remains is about what the people least at home forget it is the phone. No wonder it has become so important for many, like a vital organ. It is the better version of a spare brain, where all important information is stored, we we can simply no longer remember or want to. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kai-Fu Lee on most websites. It is today the phone to lose a bigger disaster than the house keys. Who loses the House key, gets the key service, and the whole problem is from the table in an hour. I lose my phone, however several problems hit me. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The mobile reminds me of appointments, tell me wen I when where wanted to meet my friends, let me order tickets and regulate my online banking. And Oh yeah, it also the key service is with the unit call. Translated to the English word smart Smartphone, then you get a smorgasbord of German adjectives. Including words like smart, efficient, nimble and fashionable. Would you one of these words take out what most likely rewrites the Smartphone would you simply don’t comply with the device. It is everything.

In addition to all the great things that are technically can afford a Smartphone, it has risen in the favour of the user nor for any other reason. It has become a status object. Especially teens and twenty-somethings sit on the all-rounders and demonstrate their latest equipment, latest apps, and the latest accessories. As the distinguishing character of the smart phones of various manufacturers is always low, but the urge of users unchanged for individuality and specificity, a lot of people, their iPhone, Samsung, or Sony put aufzupimpen and as personal as possible. Where creativity is needed and the one or other euro can be earned, the offers are not far. Some are still a good value. Hardcovers or cell phone covers, for example. Anyone who has let his cell phone ever fall and had to hear that unmistakable sound of a breaking display glass at impact is located behind has must tolerate questions, why he has not put his device in a hardcover. In response came mostly because it looks simply stupid. Who gives this response, which must hear a lot on the subject of pimp your phone. Because there is finally not only these dreary art leather covers and plastic single slide. The hottest look, as are United not just bling bling lovers but also the it girl, the musician and the tax officer, with shiny rhinestones Swarovski or unique can be achieve. The advantages and / or back of the covers and shells are for applying rhinestones made. Who would have no finished logo, logotype, label or otherwise a common design on its cover, is placed at the heart to try. The Union Jack or the Coca-Cola logo on the cover is quite cool, but who wants to be truly individual who ordered his rhinestones in the Internet, 9417_deu.html among other things here and designed something that it on the world a second time returns. The Smartphone it’s not only on the intrinsic values, but also the appearance. Nevertheless is the buzzword in the global networking world remain, but please with style.