The Proper

Nobody deserves this, will be had that loving in them and accepting them, it will be for what we are and not for what we represent to be accepted and loved. If somebody has that to like me, it is for what truily I am and not because ' ' dramatizo' ' a paper of what I am not and I do not feel of truth. It has many scars in my heart, as well as in all the hearts, where, many of them I already forgot. But I know that for many human beings they will not be never forgotten and that also they will not be pardoned. Hurt, sadness, desire of revenge are to take poison and to wait that who made in them badly dies (Skeaspeare) Modification of the author. I know that in its chest it has many hurts, as well as I know that it has justice desire.

Justice, leaves that the proper person receives what gave, hurt is a mist that goes covering all the other feelings that we have of better. it hides in such a way, as much, that arrives one hour that we do not know more nor what we feel because is all disturbance, hidden and our lives become bitter, sad and without hope. Hope a word that means for me something that we want but that many times we do not fight to have I never left to have what I desired because was not only in the hope was there and made I paid to high prices yes I paid I them he would pay and them again never I repented myself you are welcome that I made much less of what I left to make. You can me say that I was idiotic she-ass and for having disappointed me some times, you say I you that I was happy, because I lived all intensely the moments without thinking tomorrow about one that she can not exist and nor in a past that already died I lived and ready I want to still live all good things that not yet I lived I want to feel things that still never felt want to be somebody a human being that is remembered with affection. WE ARE BORN TO BE HAPPY AND TO BRING HAPPINESS TO THE OTHERS NOTHING MORE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE My soul will not only take nothing of this existence that of good and bad that I lived I learned and this nor the death to take off will go me That all its days are excellent that its eyes learn to look at it sky and to see the largeness of this universe and mainly that we are nothing in relation it and therefore must use to advantage the possible maximum of what we also have because everything is loaned, the proper life That my love is present in each thousandth of second in my life as well as always was in its and you never enxergou, exactly at the moments that was certain it was not and there I discovered that it was more present than never. as it never was before