The Computer

If there is permanent motivation in students achieve communicative skills that teachers require that they are creative and innovative; Here there can be no excuse that the teacher says school where work is very poor there is nothing didactic material I’m working with nails; the teacher with good methodological strategies, leveraging human resources that has at its disposal and puts children to develop their own working material. Has to be careful that the student does not fall into the mistake of stopping the reading and writing processes them and give in to the mother of all vices laziness with a misuse that usually give them new technologies where they considered much easier to copy and paste a text by internet which produce it by their own abilities. Not unknown that the new information technology encourages access to knowledge and that for such achievement is needed that the teacher between this fashion and to direct them to good use. Bawden mentioned in his review of the literature on this topic, that: technological literacy includes (among other features): know what are the functions of a technology such as, for example, the computer, must choose between their functions to find the application appropriate to the task facing at a given time 12.Many studies have been geared towards uses of technology, especially computer and the Internet to support the learning of reading and writing. For example, Coiro explores: the particular characteristics of read on a web page and the difficulties that are presented to the reader who has to learn to respond to different types of hyperlinks within the text, that they sometimes distract from the main text and sometimes provide information that helps your understanding. She emphasizes that required different strategies for reading comprehension of this type of texts and thus to assess whether the hyperlink is used or not.