Production of shaped tube developed in virtually any manufacturer of metal products. Tube profile has a wide range of applications in construction, production of building structures, agricultural engineering and other industries. The use of tubes in the production of core building structures has several advantages, leading ultimately to save metal, and therefore, money. The pipe is made of electric-profile profiling method of round billets directly in the line of welding mills. It provides high precision pipe dimensions.

Profile pipes produced without heat treatment. Quality control of the weld is carried out non-destructive testing instruments. Technical requirements according to GOST 13663-89. Pipes are distinguished by the form of the cross-section: common tube (ring section) and Steel steel tubes (square, rectangular, oval, flat-tube). In this article we consider the region of square and rectangular. Profile pipes are made of steels: St2, St3, 08kp, 10,20 and low-alloy 09G2S, 17GS (GOST 1050-88 and GOST 380-94).

The mechanical characteristics of pipes with GOST 13663-86. Rectangular and square shaped tubes are used in the construction of: Shopping complexes exhibition halls Stadiums and sports facilities Industrial buildings Warehouses masts, transmission towers and cell towers trestle towers, bridges, elevators, cranes, etc. The use of rectangular and square steel profile tubes is effective for the construction of tall buildings (metal frame) and long-span structures. The main types of shaped tubes Building shaped tubes are used as fasteners, pillars and columns: 1. Columns of buildings, including – light tsentralnoszhatye 2. Building a farm (the band, grating, etc.) 3. Communication to cover 4. The vertical columns of links on all types of buildings 5. Elements of wall fencing (girders and Rack fachwerk) 6. Elements tall lattice structures (power lines, radio tower, cell tower) 7. Frameworks Chimney 8. Bridge construction (for communication, grids – use special steel bridge) 9. Frame elements 10. Any Svjaseva elements in housing 11. Industrial Gallery (CHP, steel mills, power stations, hangars, etc.), etc. The advantages of using rectangular and square steel tubes in the core construction are: Reduction of metal objects (such as when used as a savings of metal columns in the order of 25% compared with I-beam) Increased speed and convenience installation erected buildings and structures Increased corrosion resistance of steel (compared with other types of long-rolled steel) Ensuring compliance with sanitation standards, ease of sanitizing and disinfecting Providing fire protection and fire protection standards compliance, ease of handling special equipment Cold formed, electric-shaped tubes can effectively replace traditional types of construction steel beams, channels, angles. Ability to use a wide variety of design and architectural solutions for the creation of modern forms and proportions, etc. Builders Abroad decades prefer square and rectangular shaped tubes. The modern buildings of metal, glass and concrete (high-rise apartment buildings, offices, banks, sports facilities, etc.) that adorn most of the cities for abroad, were built with square and rectangular steel sections.