Kodisoft company announces successful completion of testing and release to market a new product line for creating interactive projections – KoLight. Presented at the 21st International Conference on CODATA 2008, this development carried out a revolution in the field of image processing and recognition of images. According to experts, the latest developments Kodisoft breathe new life into the development of the world of projection systems and interactive advertising. KoLight – an interactive projection – a high-tech projection system from the company Kodisoft, combining modern equipment and creative ideas for the implementation of interactive advertising. KoLight is an interactive projection – device for a radically new supply of information about goods, products and services. He designs all graphics, video, images on various surfaces, and then, depending on the movements of humans, modifies them.

The main advantage of such advertising is that it does not annoy people, but rather is genuine interest and a lot of pleasant experiences. Through interactive projectors are welcome ideas about how interactive floor, interactive board will finally be translated into reality, and shopping centers and shops will attract buyers in these interactive showcases. KoLight allows you to design graphics Image and video in any format on a variety of surfaces (- floor, windows, walls, windows – removed), and then gives a person the opportunity to interactively manage-designed images. Technology, used in KoLight, is unique in the world, and the results of testing this out. KoLight provides unlimited possibilities for the selection of the displayed data, successfully implementing absolutely any creative ideas, and ideas. These advantages, as well as many other, significantly distinguish the product from various companies Kodisoft competitors. KoLight – a promotional tool of new generation, undoubtedly breakthrough the company Kodisoft in the field of interactive projections. KoLight – a qualitative and efficient advertising alive, causing joy and positive emotions in people, and you'll see it soon!