Mobile Equipment

Such exhibition equipment can be reused. For exhibitors with economical budget with the active participation in promotional and informational activities most relevant mobile stand POP UP. You can purchase mobile POP UP design and display it as often as in all cities and countries. The use of such stands – ideal for those who frequently participates in exhibitions and for whom the important convenience and ease of transportation installation design. Home semantic load carried by a stand – is to create a consumer advertising and the visual backdrop for the presentation of their products. It uses equipment such as light boxes and panels, and visual images are placed on the graphics canvas, stretched on light metal frames. After an exhibition graphic panels and stored in a twisted tube or suitcase until the next exposure.

Fold-up stand is a modular system, that is its basic element is a composite tablet modules (cells). Cells are called the frame of aluminum profiles, which are inserted in rigid graphic panels, surface of which is used for placement of advertising information (brochures, catalogs). By connecting the cells together can build a stand of almost any size and compositional forms. The modules are connected using a special mounting of the hinged type. This allows the cells to have different angles, resulting in a Fold-up design takes the stand stability.

Between a vertical connection modules bent almost 360 degrees. We also offer services for large format printing, mobile exhibition of technology, design, prepress, digital and offset printing. If you regularly make presentations and participate in trade shows, if you need to make your speech really was on a high technical level and made a strong impression on the audience, rent a projector or plasma screen will allow you to the easiest way to solve this problem. Are almost no areas of life where it had not used a modern presentation equipment. Conference rooms, bars, restaurants, hotels, training centers, offices – that only a small part of the list of those places where today you can see the projector or plasma panel. Our company has accumulated vast experience in carrying out activities that are involved so if otherwise necessary equipment. Our experts will help you quickly realize the selection of appropriate equipment and place your order. Our equipment will allow you to get extremely bright, rich and clear image. In addition, if required, we provide sound equipment for events, as well as necessary accessories – source image (computer and video technology), laser pointers.