BitDefender Antivirus

BitDefender warns of new phishing attack on PC Gamer Holzwickede, April 12, 2010 some players of online role-playing game world of Warcraft (WoW) are currently seeing with a special quest faced. The attackers against which to draw is in the fight, but attack the gamer from the outside with sophisticated spam and phishing campaigns as BitDefender Antivirus experts found out. The new trick of cyber villains: Via email the user be prompted via a link to update your WoW account. This link leads however to a fake website where a Trojan horse hiding. Here is to the player as usual log and various personal information. The extreme popularity of the online role playing game with several million users arouses the attention of spammers and phishers. The log in functions used to access your personal account, are the tool of cybercriminals. Because the recently launched phishing campaign uses in particular Visual presentation of fraudulently WoW website.

The fake log-in page, which appears after pressing the spam links, sees the WoW original confusingly similar. The user log in as usual and answer all questions (email address, password, secret question if forget the password etc.), which are allegedly necessary to update the account, without suspecting the risk behind it. \”The corresponding spam spammers lure with WoW-mounts\” carry the subject title mounts application trial \”. Mounts works on world of Warcraft aficionados\”as a signal word. Because according to game description it involves special mounts, which the player can purchase in order to be sure in the online world of fast fortbewegen.

The spam mail a tempting bait so offers the free purchase of such virtual mount per request. To make the application, the user must questions all, provided it after activation of the links. He did this, the fake site confirmed him even, that the request made by him successfully was. Instead of a new mounts\”the WoW player but gets a new Trojan\” gift.