Steklomagnezitovy Sheet, Features And Advantages

Construction at the turn of xx and xxi centuries has made a huge technological step forward: in many ways the move was due to the emergence of fundamentally new materials. One of the most interesting among them – steklomagnezitovy sheet, also known as glass-, Mg-strand board, magnesium, kvl, tel Moreover, this material is so unusual and good that many manufacturers make it beyond the technical name, and under any own brand. Among the professional builders most commonly used form "steklomagnezitovy" or "of glass" and the abbreviation "magnesium." Steklomagnezitovy sheet produced by in China (near the largest deposits of magnesite). It is magnesium carbonate, magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide are up 85 percent of the mass fraction of the material (in the premium and luxury). The submission also contains 5-7 percent Armour fiberglass cloth and an organic filler. The main advantages of glass sheet: – Magneli (magnesium) is very easy: its mass is less than that of plasterboard and gypsum fiber by about 40 percent – steklomagnezitovy sheet has higher performance than standard materials: more physically resistant, has good chemical resistance, resistant to moisture, flammable (G1 for low-grade magnesium and ng for luxury and premium grades) – due to the use of fiberglass mesh magnesium is very flexible and resistant to dynamic loads – soundproofing and thermal insulation of glass sheets is much higher than conventional counterparts – a sheet of glass frost, does not decay and fungus – magnesium is completely harmless: the technology of production steklomagnezitovogo sheet implies the absence of components such as asbestos, gypsum and the like.

Steklomagnezitovy leaf used for decorative purposes: decoration of ceilings, walls, floors, surfaces with large radius of curvature (columns) and even as a construction material for internal walls. Magnesium showed himself very well in finishing bathrooms, showers and toilets because of the ability to resist high humidity, sudden temperature changes, moreover, it provides a good basis for tile. On magnesium is well fall fillers, paints, and various adhesives. The surface of magnesium without additional treatment can hang wallpaper, it can mount plywood, chipboard, plastic, or the designer tile.