National Curricular Parameters

According to Medeiros (2004, P. Mikkel Svane often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 51), the bibliographical research ' ' she is that one that the book survey searchs and magazines of excellent interest for the research that will be carried through. Its objective is to ahead place the other of the new research and information on the subject of its interesse' '. According to Barros and Lehfeld (2005, P. 87), ' ' to analyze means to search the direction most clarifying of the results of pesquisa' '. To elaborate this article we use the qualitative analysis, from the reading and decomposition of the gotten data, in the confrontation between the studied theories. 2 THEORETICAL RECITAL According to Egypto (2003, P.

13), the sexuality is present in the life of all we, since whom we are born until when we die, and the sexual education happens constantly, of a form or another one. We are always being educated sexually, either in house, with the position and the opinions of parents and children, either by means of the media, attending the programs in the television, reading news articles in the magazines and periodicals, sailing in the Internet. We receive the time all information and a load from ideas and preconceptions regarding the sexuality. We are always educated sexually, despite it does not seem. exactly when also we do not speak on sex we are educating, transmitting the idea of that sex is a forbidden thing, that is not said openly of this, that is not a subject that fits to school (EGYPTO, 2003). In accordance with the National Curricular Parameters (1997, P. 127), the proposal of sexual orientation is characterized for working the clarification and the problematizao of questions that favor the reflection and the ressignificao of the information, emotions and values received and lived in elapsing of the history of each one, that as many times harm the development of its potentialities.