Somebody that is waited with affection front to that they recognize the value of a competent leader in fact! To evidence innumerable stories of the exploits of who loved everything that it was charged. It is a inenarrvel satisfaction. As those had known that it, – and the ones know that it personally – it gave for ready everything what he started. Nothing did not leave stops backwards. It involved to all of its team forming true mutires of which the results were always best the possible ones. The precision with that it played its tasks relieved headings next to its friends and collaborators beyond the recognition, – not of the authorities but of the population! This yes. Scholar, knew to recognize the value of this citizen who as much contributed as serving.

Come back toward the people and not only to whom they obtain its intentions with agradinhos and puxao of bag! How much to the qualities as leader, its faithful disciples who they say it. Servers whom they had known to use to advantage the chances for it offered. Workers who at different times had had its space to prosper as professional and as citizens! Each one with its individual talent had made of the situation ticket for what today they are. It had who of the pickaxe passed the Operator of Machines! As well as lubricator it got the command of Heavy Machine! Without counting the lies of life to all shared as poke of ears. Of that they last forever. So great wisdom that if to want to enumerate with certainty will give kilometers of road, as for it thought, opened and conserved. looks at that the tools and equipment of the time were not the ones that today are disponibilizadas.