Announce Strategic Partnership

Interaction of market-leading technologies important contribution for a smart and order processes integrated management of fleets. ++ Joint press release by software AG and TomTom WORK itCampus ++ Leipzig and Darmstadt, November 17, 2009? Software AG, a leading provider of infrastructure software for business processes, and TomTom WORK, which are the B2B Division of TomTom, is now available as strategic partners work closely together. The know-how of both companies should be bundled with the cooperation to develop a total solution for the intelligent, integrated management of large fleets. Software AG has webMethods product suite’ the world’s leading technologies for the optimization of business processes. TomTom WORK offers simple and innovative solutions for management and control of vehicle fleets of all sizes. In the framework of the strategic partnership of the two companies, these competencies should be merged now. Goal is to enable a holistic integrated approach to the Fleet management to develop and implement together, which takes into account all the order processing business processes and it includes also unforeseen events such as accidents and vehicle breakdowns. The jointly developed concepts and solutions are aimed especially at companies where the field represents a core element of their business model.

The Leipzig software and systems house itCampus, that since April 1, 2009 is a subsidiary of software AG, makes an important contribution to this partnership. itCampus works two years closely with TomTom WORK on the surface design for TomTom WEBFLEET\”, the online solution to the fleet and order management. Ivo Totev, Director of global consulting services of software AG: companies want to optimize their processes using modern and flexible solutions. The cooperation of two market leaders, TomTom and software AG, enables customers, to employ holistic solutions that reduce costs and increase the quality of service.\” Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director TomTom WORK: We look forward to the future cooperation with software AG.