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Skrivanek group after erfolgreihcer examination receives ISO 27001 certification Berlin, 14 January 2013. The translation company Skrivanek will receive after a successful audit of the ISO certificate 27001. This is an international standard for information security management system (ISMS) of companies, which is the protection and confidential handling of data in the foreground. Data are among the most important values of a company. Especially in the service sector, large amounts of customer data be stored, transmitted, and processed. A careful protection of this data is essential in times of increasing cyber crime and represents an important quality feature for a company. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robotics and gain more knowledge..

Attacks on company computers are no longer a rarity by now and this affects small and medium-sized enterprises. In the translation sector will work daily with strictly confidential data, which of course means a great responsibility for translation agencies. A theft of data on new products or new technologies can lead to market displacement of a company in the event of an emergency. In addition to the attacks from the outside, not the risk potential should be underestimated but also by internal errors and accidents. It is therefore crucial, including physical disk on which your confidential information are to be kept in a lockable cupboard, to protect against possible fires, and to check the equipment and facilities of the Office to be regularly serviced or replaced.

Astrid Hager, Executive Manager of Skrivanek Germany and Belgium, addressed the ISMS have long and intensively involving their employees in the process: information security is a process, which must be continuously planned and monitored. Only in this way a continuous improvement can listed. Measures in infrastructure and technology of offices are crucial criteria for the protection of information, awareness and responsibility in each individual employee but not no less crucial. The ISMS is a process in our company, which is taken into account in every step and works only in cooperation.” Companies that rely on a strictly confidential handling of their data, should when choosing your partner and supplier to the ISO 27001 certification. About Skrivanek translation agency Skrivanek presents itself as a global and innovative company with quality-oriented and trendsetting concept.

Cordelia Strategy

Readers can download the tools to develop and implement a strategy from a Web page. A hand and working paper on the topic of strategy development titled strategy guide”has published at Weka Business Media AG, Zurich, the Swiss strategy advisor to Ignaz Furger. In the book the owner of David strategy consulting and partner are 360 pages, one Zurich, the staff and decision makers in the companies practical guidance for the development and implementation of corporate strategies. He explains to them how a strategy project is set up, and guides you step by step through the strategy process from analysis to the planning to the implementation. It is the declared aim of Cordelia: the reader or user shall be enabled to do so, to develop own strategies for your company, to submit to the decision and to implement. d all about the problem. Therefore the author has listed instruments and templates instructions, forms, and templates on a separate Web page also made all in the book. From there, the reader can This download, adapt to their needs and use for their projects. The book of strategy guide”is structured as follows.

In the first chapter, David presents the different approaches of strategic management classic military technocrats until to the approaches of Porter, Hamel and Mintzberg. In doing so, he places a focus on the approach of Hans Ulrich, which sees companies as open, productive and social systems. In Chapter 2, David deals with the basics of strategy development, before he sets out in Chapter 3, what are the advantages of integrated strategy development of the employees actively participate in. In Chapter 4 the experienced strategy consultant and developer, explains the many years worked for the Management Centre St. Gallen was overview the different phases of the strategy development process and the roles of those involved. He places a special focus on the decision-making process. After each phase, who represented, how and what must be decided before the next Attack phase is taken. In chapters 5 to 12, Furger enters intensely on the individual phases of the Strategieentwicklungs-and implementation process.

While he is a sort of timetable on the hand readers how they successfully shape this process in their companies. This means that explains amongst them, what are the key challenges in the various stages; Furthermore, which must be given conditions, to meet with success. Also, the tools are presented, which are used in this phase. Also the concrete approach is described in detail. So, the user will receive”among other scripts for the workshops, which take place at the stage in question. In addition, there are templates for the agenda of the working sessions and checklists for tasks to do that. All these tools can download it along with other information from the Web page strategieleitfaden.ch and adapt to their needs and complement. In chapter 13 the reader of practical tips on the topic of communication in strategic projects that will receive before Furger concludes “once again ten theses formulated, why the employees the best strategists” are and it is worthwhile to integrate these into the strategy development process. “It is a central thesis: the more staff at the strategy development are involved, all the more smoother and faster implementation runs as a man does what he believes, and he is convinced by a realization that he himself has drawn up.

Assistance In Applying For Subsidies

Even small companies can benefit from the funding pots the subject of subsidies and their application is ubiquitous in larger companies. Small companies often lack the human resources to deal with this topic. First you need to find out which business tasks there is funding, and then you must work through forms, you often don’t really understand, and which alone read through and fill out takes more time than you by the hoped-for savings over actually has. The development banks of countries and the investment promotion agencies in the cities and counties inform about the possibility of specific concerns. But personnel lack the resources here to assist with any application. Thus it comes often, that funding has not knowingly be requested.

Jurgen Stegemann knows this topic. Through his activities as a support consultant at the NBAnk, the investment and Development Bank of State of Lower Saxony, it was his business for years, to inform owners with a specific concern in a personal conversation about the existing funding opportunities. Often turns out in these discussions, that the entrepreneur didn’t know what all can be eligible for funding. There are also grants for investment and training of employees or including funding for innovative measures, etc. in Lower Saxony, Germany in addition to promoting settings by people. An overview what are the possibilities to get as a company participating in the funding check of the consultancy Sanga in Langelsheim. Here, the company makes some brief information and using this information from accurate information it receives what funding opportunities are.

Thus, it is already informed in advance and can take appropriate action when the Forderfall occurs. A small fee is charged for this check, is tasked with the company only by really interested clients. But the service starts here. The consulting firm Stegemann namely also concretely helps application. She takes over the complete submission to the signature. It queries the required information at the company. This provided a fee of usually 5% of the amount invoiced, however this Bill becomes due with the approval letter. The company therefore has no costs if the application is not successful. Howard Schultz has much experience in this field. As Jurgen Stegemann comes from the industry, he knows where and how he must submit the applications and when it is worth it to make proposals. Therefore, to the risk generate first no own revenue for him is manageable. Ultimately it comes in most cases at the end of the win-win situation. The company receives the requested funding, then the consulting firm also receives the reward for their work, and finally also the small firms get their share of funding. For more information, see

Sales Strategies

Most manufacturers of capital goods to displace 2013 primary competitors. This shows the expert barometer of sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner. What sales goals top priority in your company 2013?” It wanted to know the management specializing in the investment goods industry and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partners (PS & P), Ilsfeld near Heilbronn by manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers. Therefore, she conducted called an expert barometer survey by response to this topic. With her, each participant could call three objectives.

288 Sales professionals participated in the survey. The expert barometer showed: 2013 their revenue and earnings targets to ensure that 17 percent of companies want to acquire targeted new customers and competitors customers. 15 Percent would take better advantage of their existing markets and customers and new markets and target groups open up another 12 percent. This means according to company owner Peter Schreiber: 44 percent, nearly half of all the available measures, fact-based companies existing solutions and existing suppliers to replace with own offerings. It underlines also the low percentage for the introduction of new solutions and products: 8 percent. Increasing sales efficiency and enforce better prices follow these three objectives focused mainly on displacement in fourth and fifth place, by fewer discounts are given. Both targets are specified with 9 percent.

Signals according to Peter Schreiber, that many sales organizations is not aware what leverage already improved 1 percent or worse rates have and give less discounts such as yield-enhancing the subject”acts. To motivate the sales staff in this matter and to train the sales expert, pays for itself very quickly”. 2013 To increase sales and earnings, surveyed manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers with only 8 percent think a forcing of the sale of spare parts, or of the Sale of services. “This amazed, because in a study marketing of services”, carried out by Peter Schreiber & partners with the University of Mannheim, the majority of companies pleaded for it, substantially to increase the share of sales and earnings of the service business in part to 30 to 50 percent of the total. According to Peter Schreiber rightly that much revenue and profit potential lies in professional services marketing for many sales organizations”. The tail under the sales targets called the PS & P experts barometer is adjusting or increasing the prices with only 7 per cent. According to Peter Schreiber, reflects that most sales organizations at prices proceed little strategically and conceptually. Therefore, they see a high risk to alienate customers and may even lose, and not the chances for customer loyalty and increasing customer certainly contained by a strategically clever planned price adjustment this primary. More info about Results of another PS & P experts barometer, as well as of various studies of the University of Mannheim with Peter Schreiber & partners are interested on the Web pages and. You can contact directly Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, (Tel.: 9696-8, email:).