Assistance In Applying For Subsidies

Even small companies can benefit from the funding pots the subject of subsidies and their application is ubiquitous in larger companies. Small companies often lack the human resources to deal with this topic. First you need to find out which business tasks there is funding, and then you must work through forms, you often don’t really understand, and which alone read through and fill out takes more time than you by the hoped-for savings over actually has. The development banks of countries and the investment promotion agencies in the cities and counties inform about the possibility of specific concerns. But personnel lack the resources here to assist with any application. Thus it comes often, that funding has not knowingly be requested.

Jurgen Stegemann knows this topic. Through his activities as a support consultant at the NBAnk, the investment and Development Bank of State of Lower Saxony, it was his business for years, to inform owners with a specific concern in a personal conversation about the existing funding opportunities. Often turns out in these discussions, that the entrepreneur didn’t know what all can be eligible for funding. There are also grants for investment and training of employees or including funding for innovative measures, etc. in Lower Saxony, Germany in addition to promoting settings by people. An overview what are the possibilities to get as a company participating in the funding check of the consultancy Sanga in Langelsheim. Here, the company makes some brief information and using this information from accurate information it receives what funding opportunities are.

Thus, it is already informed in advance and can take appropriate action when the Forderfall occurs. A small fee is charged for this check, is tasked with the company only by really interested clients. But the service starts here. The consulting firm Stegemann namely also concretely helps application. She takes over the complete submission to the signature. It queries the required information at the company. This provided a fee of usually 5% of the amount invoiced, however this Bill becomes due with the approval letter. The company therefore has no costs if the application is not successful. Howard Schultz has much experience in this field. As Jurgen Stegemann comes from the industry, he knows where and how he must submit the applications and when it is worth it to make proposals. Therefore, to the risk generate first no own revenue for him is manageable. Ultimately it comes in most cases at the end of the win-win situation. The company receives the requested funding, then the consulting firm also receives the reward for their work, and finally also the small firms get their share of funding. For more information, see