Education Online

They descerrajaban in the SUR journal the other day a story that had a headline, at least, eye-catching: education surf, but whose foot prayed even more conspicuously online training reaches more than 55000 malaguenos students already. Reading this made me wonder: how many students are there in Malaga? In 2008 there were 135000 undergraduates in all Andalusia and according to the article, from Malaga University 800 attended subjects exclusively online do those 800 are very far from the 55,000 of which speaks in the intro not? Rereading the article, of course, large numbers not listed by any part, and it is those 55000 malaguenos students emerging from those who have been in the virtual campus of the UMA; no doubt cannot be called to this online training. If that relates, as well collect from iMasterD, online training company, to all students who are learning a new language or doing online Excel course, course of Word or similar courses they required of a good management of the online system, but with a learning curve impressively low due to the ease of certain online platforms. Scroll advantages without a doubt, the flexible timetable, prices are more reasonable and which is not necessary. This the online option is reinforced by new digital formats and a growing demand for professionals seeking to complement their training to be able to follow up his professional ladder: Office Automation, design, languages and even opposition. AOL does not necessarily agree.

Likewise, those who could not complete their training in other fields are also in the online vented to the labor crisis that exists today, since it has been proved that those with better formal education get better jobs and last longer in the companies. The UOC, a sample can be a quality training without attending classes; that at least show their titles, as they have become a reference in the sector and he only teaches its courses through the network. And as shown, a button, as were 47270 people which formed over the internet in this Spanish University. Alina de Almeida may help you with your research. University digital platforms, a seed in the UMA (University of Malaga) speaks with mouth big that digital platform, where teachers turning notes and other students download the information teachers need to convey. jcvyjRXC’>Central Romana. In addition, is a semi-public forum where questions and problems are turning so that the answers are accessible to all students, so the information flow is constant in time and in the manner, always accessible. But that isn’t online training, while it is true that it is a very very good advance.


And, accordingly, we can ask contractor, why such figures in its contracting estimates, based on some calculations. This is regarding the choice of podryadchika.Vybrav contractor, and will control the document under which you will be working with him (Contractors estimates), you begin construction. Now with the help of investors' estimates, you can plan and control all (from large to small) stages of construction duration, cost, labor resources, consumption materiala.Esli you require contractors to do estimates on RESN, the investor estimates you need for planning funding, procurement it.d. If you admit that contractors do estimates without reference to RESN, then estimate investor you need just to check your podryadchikov.Davayte see whether the customer based on these rules, or you can rely on calculations without reference to rules RESN (also known as' the Urban rates'). For more information see Nicolas Keller. The estimated cost of the unit of work (1 m3 of earthworks, foundations 1 m3, 1 m3 of wall panels, etc.) is determined by compiling unit prices. Unit prices are compiled by the unit of work or designs, adopted in normah.Raschet estimated without reference to rules made by the contractor RESN enlarged, often with a "general numbers" (for m2, for all the work, etc.). What is (what works, what materials), and what duration of all the works of such a calculation is impossible to understand. It is impossible to estimate how much or how little the contractor asks whether all the work he has taken into account, will there be enough money for the contractor claimed the alleged operation. Swarmed by offers, Mikkel Svane is currently assessing future choices.

Technological Advances

In the present world used an impressive number of strong materials. Science and technological advances have given us an improved metal, plastic of various types. And yet civilization continues to deal with rocks tree at a level that few have decreased over the past centuries. Any type of wood so popular because it would seem insignificant in the mass, it pleases the eye with an enviable reliability. Most strong competitiveness of the material in the cottage building, because the wood is weak electric current pass, heat and sound.

The wood is easy to handle and connect. The usual tree, taken in the garden, not in able to apply human potential in all positions. To begin such an expensive material we recommend to handle. Each tree before it reaches the market is in such a room, where he handles sawmill. In this way, a real implementation of a complete set of works that are needed before bringing the tree to a working state. Sawing round wood sawmills, using the most famous practical way woodworking.

With a minimum quantity of waste bandsaw allows to obtain the maximum yield of wood products. (As opposed to Robotics expert ). Entrepreneurs and companies to help acquire the right to market items such as rods, bars with low costs. Band sawmill modest size and minimal electricity spend and estimated inexpensively. Woodworking is required in order to ensure the trunk round, flat shape. Formed on a log all necessary holes, with one approach and one set of instruments that allow not to set the new log and save the efforts and finances. Treated with cylindering woodwork lately gain significant popularity because of their wide variety of built homes. Directly on the shop floor pronumerovyvayutsya trunks, which allows the construction team to build houses as designers. Design of wood every degree complexity is acceptable to build with logs generated by the geometric profile. You can build houses and saunas, barns and other special buildings for their drawings, without limiting yourself. The main thing is not to be nothing to worry about fallen trees, because on the latest technologies finishing the smallest amount of debris. Any type of wood, processed as desired, can be used to complete the construction of houses or component design. The most expensive and beautiful furnishings are exclusively of fine wood. Veneered doors and windows made of wood are used for many years and decorate the house any. Only trimming machine gives us the possibility to create type trees, available for later use. Do not forget about the roots. Wood is much more akin to the individual than the plastic or metal. Live in the range of things from the tree is even better.

The Hydrodynamic

Due to the high frequency of the flowmeter Darkont (+ / -0.03%) when used in the complexes or PCS GPS-monitoring of transport after a few measurements and comparing the actual values of fuel consumed at idle (or at small cost) and measured with sensors can be further improve the accuracy of differential accounting by entering the correction factors in software. If you believe that this accuracy is insufficient, we will produce for you a system consisting of two flow meters and adder-differentiator RT12, with multipoint calibration over the entire range of measurements. The accuracy of this system is within + / -0.2%. Pressure drop flow in the oval gears. Hydrodynamic flow resistance based on different measurement principles, of course, is different. Have the lowest flow based on ultrasonic, electromagnetic, mass (Coriolis) principles under which practically does not interfere with the flow of fluid. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. With regard to the mechanical flow meters – it's blade and turbine meters.

For a number of constraints they can not apply in all industries, and unsuitable for accurate determination of fuel consumption in transport (actual accuracy for them – from + / -5-7%), which gives according to (2) 60-80% error in the differential based on these measurement systems. Practice has shown that really efficient in systems for measuring fuel consumption gauges of two or three types – the rotating plate (piston), swash plate and gear – in general or on the oval gears. Flowmeters, designed to measurement of small (up to 200 – 500 l / h) flow rate in long mode, are made only in versions with a rotating plate and the oval gears. We compare these two types of flow meters in terms of hydrodynamic resistance, which they create in the engine fuel system. Flowmeters with rotating washer creates resistance to the flow of diesel fuel (depending on its size) within the 10-100 mbar. Values for flowmeters oval gears a bit higher – from 10 to 450 mbar. This means that the flow on a rotating puck to the minimum height for diesel fuel receipts "gravity" is about 10 cm, and for flow in the oval gears 40-50cm. Is it much? For comparison – the standard pressure due to the fuel pump swap (TNND) is 2,5-7,0 bar, it is necessary, including compensation for the hydraulic resistance created fine filter fuel as it is pollution (up to 1,5 bar). Thus, the pressure generated by pump toplivopodkachki more than enough for inclusion in one or two meters (with differential system for measuring fuel consumption). The higher value of the hydrodynamic resistance to flow of oval gears due, including the manufacture of highly accurate measuring elements (gear and cameras), excluding the so-called the effect of "leakage", which is characteristic for the flow on a rotating puck when the flow at small washer remains stationary (not counting in progress), and the fuel passes through the meter unreported. Flowmeters on oval gears fix any minimum flow rate at a slightly higher ratio relative tochnosti.Eto is their undoubted advantage.

New Technologies System

New high-tech equipment designed to save time, money and significantly reduce costs for production, maintenance and repair of plumbing and utilities, as an industrial destination, and civil meet – rubber plugs for sealing, testing and repair of pipes and pipelines. Modern building technologies and construction of buildings make to keep pace with the times and support units, construction companies agree that the engineering services in a modern building are the most important. Propose an example in which the visually examine the need for modern means of testing the air pipes and economic benefits to a company that uses the latest professional equipment designed for this purpose, namely rubber tube plugs. Let us imagine for a moment that a large multi-storey building is ready to surrender it installed heating system and water supply, but the system must be tested for leaks, how? This is done usually very simple system has been filled water then employees are per-apartment and look at the pipeline for leaks, if there is no good if there is, water is drained, remove the drain, after which everything is repeated from the beginning. But there is a way to which it can avoided by testing the first three actions are performed during normal testing. It is to these ends of the equipment to test for leaks which includes a set of rubber plugs for pipes sections of different diameter, gauge, hose, mechanical pump or tank with compressed air. Company employee arrives at a place with a set of equipment which fits in a convenient carrying case, then the equipment is installed in system (more on that in another article) and actually injected into the heating system or water supply to air (please pay attention that in this way, with a burst or leak from the system and no flood damage to the interior of a residential building would not be as of damage will leave only the air) to a working pressure of the system. Waits for a certain amount of time, if the pressure on the gauge remained unchanged in all system order and ready for use, it should only be connected to the supply and return pipe. Save time, money and human resources to face. Here we consider an example of equipment we can say at the household level, but of this equipment – rubber plugs prmenyayutsya everywhere and on an industrial scale – a repair and maintenance of pipeline tank farms, oil and gas pipelines, heating, sewage and stormwater sewage treatment plants, in rescue operations – lifting cushions.