New Technologies System

New high-tech equipment designed to save time, money and significantly reduce costs for production, maintenance and repair of plumbing and utilities, as an industrial destination, and civil meet – rubber plugs for sealing, testing and repair of pipes and pipelines. Modern building technologies and construction of buildings make to keep pace with the times and support units, construction companies agree that the engineering services in a modern building are the most important. Propose an example in which the visually examine the need for modern means of testing the air pipes and economic benefits to a company that uses the latest professional equipment designed for this purpose, namely rubber tube plugs. Let us imagine for a moment that a large multi-storey building is ready to surrender it installed heating system and water supply, but the system must be tested for leaks, how? This is done usually very simple system has been filled water then employees are per-apartment and look at the pipeline for leaks, if there is no good if there is, water is drained, remove the drain, after which everything is repeated from the beginning. But there is a way to which it can avoided by testing the first three actions are performed during normal testing. It is to these ends of the equipment to test for leaks which includes a set of rubber plugs for pipes sections of different diameter, gauge, hose, mechanical pump or tank with compressed air. Company employee arrives at a place with a set of equipment which fits in a convenient carrying case, then the equipment is installed in system (more on that in another article) and actually injected into the heating system or water supply to air (please pay attention that in this way, with a burst or leak from the system and no flood damage to the interior of a residential building would not be as of damage will leave only the air) to a working pressure of the system. Waits for a certain amount of time, if the pressure on the gauge remained unchanged in all system order and ready for use, it should only be connected to the supply and return pipe. Save time, money and human resources to face. Here we consider an example of equipment we can say at the household level, but of this equipment – rubber plugs prmenyayutsya everywhere and on an industrial scale – a repair and maintenance of pipeline tank farms, oil and gas pipelines, heating, sewage and stormwater sewage treatment plants, in rescue operations – lifting cushions.