Portuguese Language

Following the reasoning of this author, it is observed that: It seems that the first reason for this ‘ ‘ sofrimento’ ‘ it is in what it is, at the same time, cause and effect of the crisis where if it finds the communication written: to little effectiveness of the writing education in the schools and the lack of specific training for the scientific writing, decurrent of total disreputation where the written language as half efficient of communication fell. Today, ‘ ‘ falam’ ‘ the statistical numbers, data, the photos, the graphs, the Vts (FEITOSA, 1991, P. 12). Finally, it fits to infer that, when the moment oportuniza the reflection concerning the reading and writing, if cannot leave to pass unobserved that an action precedes to another one.

For Freire (1988), the reading of the world always precedes the reading of the word. This means the individual to perceive its like entorno, understanding the events that in it elapse, interpreting them its peculiarities for, later, assuming itself of the writing on the understood one. However, good part of the schools, therefore of the alfabetizadores and professors of Portuguese Language, a general, not if intent way to this necessity and despite of the critical ones, they arrest it the view of grammatical rules, not prioritizing the understanding of the space where the individual lives and this of in the distance understanding between the triad ‘ letters, words and textos’ , a time that stops reaching the platform of the reading-writing, these three levels need to be worked with more acuidade, preventing, for certain, that people arrive at the banks of the universities who demonstrate little domain in the field of the written and said language.