Average Education

The space and the dedicated time to the education of the substances as Geography, but also History, Sciences, mathematics, in its courses are restricted to the little time that fits to approach disciplines them to all specifies, what it occurs in such a way in the teaching formation as in the performance in the basic school. One evidences, therefore that the professors who act in the Initial Series do not have significant knowledge of what it would be important to work in Geography; they do not obtain to work with the concepts of Geography due to knowledge of its meaning; that the abilities necessary to work with geography precariously are constructed and that they do not constitute in its set the ability necessary to become Geography a significant content for the children; These constataes they are made by the proper professors who have great difficulties to carry through the work, therefore are qualified in its formation through the teaching courses (level of Average Education) and in the Graduation of Pedagogia, that has the characteristics above related. the documents show it disciplines that it specifies, in the case of History and Geography, is about Social Studies. Viacom understood the implications. Asked to a coordinator of a course of Pedagogia on As Ensino de Geografia in the course happens it answers thus: ' ' Through the curricular component Beddings and Methodology of Ensino de Social Estudos in the Initial Years of Basic Ensino, offered in 5 semester, under 90 horria load of hs.' ' Exactly with the orientation of you discipline that them you specify must be worked as such, in this level of education still if it has stipulated the Social Studies as the curricular component that in such a way takes care of the area in the teaching formation as in the school. To follow asked on which the summary the reply it is: ' ' It aims at to know and to analyze the theoretical beddings involved metodolgicos in the education processes and learning in Social Sciences in the Initial Years of Basic education, as well as, to understand its place in the pertaining to school resume, considering alternative pedagogical compromised with the construction of the slight knowledge of time, space and social relations articulated to the understanding of the historical reality and cultural' '. .