Sociological Method

Considering globally, the cinema is before more nothing a fact, and while such it places problems for psychology of the perception and the knowledge, for the aesthetic theoretician, the sociology of the public, the semiologia geral.' ' (METZ, 2010, P. 16) 2. SOCIAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CINEMA the term ' ' representations coletivas' ' it was created by Emile Durkheim, with intention to separate the social thought of the individual thought. The main objective of Durkheim was to affirm Sociology as science, breaching with the ideas and the common sense, presenting it with an object of study and a method of analyzes applicable. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. In its intitled workmanship the Rules of the Sociological Method, published in 1895, are pointed the concept and the main characteristics of ' ' fact social' ' being they: previous and exterior to the individual, coercive or general and collective. Arriving the conclusion of that the social fact is a thing, and the object of study of Sociology. Learn more at this site: Viacom. ' ' All way is fact social to make, settled or, susceptible not to exert on the individual an exterior coercion, or still, all way of to make that it is general in the extension of a given society e, at the same time, possesss a proper, independent existence of its manifestations individuais' '.

(DURKHEIM, 2007, P. 13) Leaving that it exists a distanciamento clearly the object of study of the sociology and of psychology enters. The studies of the collective conscience fit the sociology that affirms that the social reality only can be understood by means of a study of the laws and representations of this collective. The analysis of the social life consists of creating a speech of scientific matrix that if bases on the diverse collective relations. Individual and society are placed in specific spaces for the durkheimiana optics, in order to become objective more the study of the all that forms the social reality, leaving of the confusion of existing relations between the beings compose that it.